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    I throw razz berries at people to make them easier to catch.
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  1. Member Photos

    @TheWolfandtheRose I am exactly the size of a Pokemon card. I sometimes hide in people's wallets and then jump out when they go to pay and run off with their cards.
  2. Member Photos

    My time to shine @BROKEN raven123 Zapdos, as per request @TheWolfandtheRose And dabdos.
  3. Fantasy Football

    I won't be able to make the draft. I'm away this week...and also the draft starts at 2am for me haha. But I'm guessing it will auto select players for me?
  4. CT Murder Mystery Story Character Signups

    I'm in. Please can I be a 3ft mummified pharaoh with a trumpet for a head and rockets for hands? I also want to leave a trail of hoisin sauce behind me when I walk. Not intentionally, it just seeps from my feet for some reason. I'm definitely not a suspect as the hoisin sauce at the scene of the crime would give it away. I also want to wear a scarf with a novelty Christmas pattern stitched into it.
  5. CT's Greatest Detective Discussion

    The Poisonous Ninja Master isn't the killer.
  6. Fantasy Football

    When do we have to do this by? Hit me up with a link and I'll get busy. Vikings 4 lyf...
  7. Happy Birthday for yesterday bro

    1. Joshfarias16


      thanks for today my dude! ;) 

  8. Fantasy Football

    I'm going to pick by which kit I like best. So far it's between the Vikings or the Redskins. Now I've just looked at their stadiums. THE VIKINGS HAVE A GIANT HORN. THAT IS NO ORC HORN. VIKINGS 4 LYF.
  9. Fantasy Football

    The Aston Villa Jags?
  10. Fantasy Football

    This isn't real football is it...This is your special football. In which case, I'm interested. But I need a team to support as well... WHO AND WHY?
  11. Disney Saturdays!!

    I'm like Meg from Hercules because I have a super perky bottom.
  12. A Brit on a mission

    Bump. Let me know if you can help with my hopeless task!
  13. Survey! Help CT Find Sellers

    1. What is for sale in your collection? (Nothing, Singles, Doubles, Triples+) Everything has a price, just ask. (I'm pretty useless at replying though to be fair) 2. Are there any exceptions? (For example, no 101 Dalmatians) DBZ. 3. What Price do you sell cToons for? (Below Average, Average, or Above Average) I never really know the true values, it varies. If you're @BROKEN raven123 it's ridiculously above average though. Like 408% above average. 4. Do you give new players (less than 3 months old) a discount? For sure. 5. If a player already has a cToon, would you sell them another? (Yes / No / Other) I'm too lazy to check if they have it already. So, yeah. 6. If a player is "hoarding" a cTooon, would you sell them another? (Yes / No / Other) Sure. 7. Do you prefer points or other cToons? Points for the toons I want...or the toons themselves.
  14. Happy Boxing Day

    1. XxGothsCanSmile2xX


      I thought Boxing Day was the day after Christmas.

    2. Joshfarias16


      me too^

    3. Prebs


      Not in England. We do things differently.

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