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  1. dragonwolf

    Double or Nothing 4: Is This a Sequel or a Reboot?

    Set 5 Box 2 please
  2. dragonwolf

    dragonwolf's Wish List

  3. dragonwolf

    dragonwolf's Wish List

    would you do 25k?
  4. dragonwolf

    dragonwolf's Wish List

    Update bump
  5. dragonwolf

    Morph Madness

    I am selling most of my extra morphs. Look through my arena inventory if you are looking to buy. Thanks!
  6. dragonwolf

    Disney Saturday Aug 4th

    The year was 1943. I was ordered into a dark facility deep under Washington DC. We were briefed on our mission by someone working under president Franklin D. Roosevelt. The team was myself, Maleficent and Pongo. Our goal was to infiltrate Nazi Germany and destroy their underground lab where they were doing human experiments. After our four our meeting, we were rushed on a plan headed for Germany. Once we arrived, we had to get in disguise. Maleficent and I were in Nazi officer uniforms and Pongo was our dog. We had successfully blended in and now our next step was to find were the underground facility was and get inside. Pongo used his ability to sense evil to find the entrance to get in. Now we had to find a way in. We waited for a scientist to exit and we knocked him out and stole his access card. We were finally inside the facility. Now that we were all inside, we had to figure out what the Nazi's were experimenting with and how to destroy the facility. In the first room, I went silently and quickly took out the guard with my knife. The next room didn't have much of anything so we moved quickly to the next room. In this room we saw it, the main experiment room. There were rows and rows of people in pods hooked up to tubes and various fluids. We were about to head to the next room when we were spotted. "Who are you and what are you doing here?", said the voice. It was a Nazi general I tried my best to cover our being there, but he did not buy it. He called all the personal in, and we were ready for a battle. I was able to to fight off the guards with my rifle while Maleficent and Pongo went for cover. After a huge firefight, I had killed most of the guards. Unfortunately, the Nazis had one more trick up their sleeve. They released the people from their pods. It turns out they were making aggressive zombie vampires that would obey their commands. The general ordered them to kill us. We had no choice but to use our last hope. Maleficent turned into her dragon form and the battle was on. She took out a few on them with one furious blow, but their numbers were overwhelming. Pongo was biting them while I tried to hold them back with my assault rifle. Eventually, the general had to retreat as we had nearly finished off all their Nazi experiments. It took us many hours, but we had won the bloody battle. I set the charges while Maleficent (back in her human form) and Pongo left for the exit. I started the timer and ran for the exit. I had just escaped as the charges exploded turning the lab into a fireball that destroyed everything. There was only one thing left to do, escape Nazi Germany and fly back home. (We fly off into the sunset).
  7. dragonwolf

    CT Pog Game

    Last as usual =P
  8. dragonwolf

    CT Pog Game

    dragonwolf for another round if there are any pogs left
  9. dragonwolf

    CT Pog Game

    dragonwolf is ready for round two
  10. dragonwolf

    CT Pog Game

    dragonwolf. POG me
  11. dragonwolf

    Left Center Right #2

    dragonwolf is ready
  12. dragonwolf

    July 2018 Releases

    New The World Ends With You HR in Shop1 Coco Atarashi http://www.collectoons.com/plaques/userlist.php?toonId=MTExMzY3
  13. dragonwolf

    The Smackdown Quarter Has Ended!

    Seven Deadly Sins and Tangled pls
  14. dragonwolf

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    Set 12 Box 1
  15. dragonwolf

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    Set 5 Box 2 pls
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