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  1. thelastsith, Attacking Asuna
  2. I went Metal! Fullmetal!
  3. 825 pounder Investigate 311
  4. We need Obama LE's to please Raven. Let's make it happen
  5. 911 also investigate 311
  6. dragonwolf is in. Time to revive the #party bus!
  7. I just got an Excalibur the other day, but I would love to buy that Scythe Wielding Maka. Let me know the price. Thanks!
  8. Vampire Knight Seiren 10k Senri Shiki 10k Takuma Ichijo 10k Toga Yagari 10k Zero Kiryu 10k 50k total Thanks!
  9. Update bump
  10. Hurt maul
  11. I sell most doubles outside of base pokemon and re:zero
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