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  1. baker

    Disney Saturdays!!

    "He did say he had a beak of steel"
  2. I'm selling All of these holy rares in the auction going off in 3 hours JACQUIN RIDING, Lou, Irma, Celery snack, Annie & tibbers, miss nana, vr-mode check them out and bid please 

  3. baker

    #PARTY Contest

    2+2 definitely equals the square root of 2 multiplied by 2 for which is than added by 2 for than subtracted by 2 which than divided by 2 is totes like 16 which is how old you have to be to drive a car which has 4 wheels yep its totes 16!
  4. Hey like screech did you see cool guys new topic for his party you should totally check it out and give it a try. Also like lets get the smackdown going anytime anywhere like ok dude!

  5. baker

    Time Machine Raffles!

    Yes! Wow this is crazy, thanks a lot!
  6. baker

    #PARTY Contest

    MasterSkydin with Zelda from Ocarina of Time because like who doesn't love Zelda from the best video game ever!
  7. baker

    austin3 Wishlist

    kid kami, super saiyan god goku, mecha frieza, powered up garlic jr., laughing gogeta, goodbye goku, zarbon, father son kamehameha, angle goku, power blast raditz, powered up golden frieza, resurrected frieza, vegetas ashes, whatever more dbzs i don't have just might take me a while to get the points for these unless reasonably priced
  8. baker

    #PARTY Contest

    austin3 is here. Like we should totally #party in Austin, Texas because everything is bigger and better in Texas
  9. baker

    Summer 2017 Smackdown Contest!
  10. baker

    Summer 2017 Smackdown Contest!

    In game name = austin3
  11. baker

    Austin3 Wishlist

    Powered Up Garlic Jr. Kid Kami Mecha Frieza Dabura Cookie
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