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  1. Bumped up and updated! Help me out folks
  2. Where are the Golden Mario toons located?
  3. That's ok! I suggested that one too! lol
  4. I'm super geeked for BoTW! I see they already used the rupees I suggested in the arcade!
  5. Here's mine for this week! Dexter's Lab Code Only Taz-Mania Common
  6. I know some of, if not all of, the characters repeat, but I think the characters are crisper with more detail. Here's what I found Mario Donkey Kong Link Samus Yoshi Dark Samus Kirby Fox Sheik Ice Climbers Bowser Daisy Peach Jigglypuff Captain Falcon Ness Luigi Pikachu Zelda Dr. Mario Falco Pichu Marth Lucina Young Link Ganondorf Mewtwo Roy Chrom Mr. Game & Watch Meta Knight Pit Dark Pit Zero Suit Samus Wario Snake Ike Pokemon Trainer Diddy Kong Lucas Sonic King Dedede Olimar Lucario R.O.B. Toon Link Wolf Villager Mega Man Wii Fit Trainer Rosalina & Luma Little Mac Greninja Mii Brawler Mii Swordfighter Mii Gunner Palutena Pac-Man Robin Shulk Bowser Jr. Duck Hunt Ryu Ken Cloud Corrin Bayonetta Inkling Girl Ridley Simon Richter King K. Rool Isabelle Incineroar Piranha Plant Items: Banana Gun: Beastball: Black Hole: Bomber: Death's Scythe: Fake Smash Ball: Healing Field: Healing Sprout: Killing Edge: Rage Blaster: Ramblin' Evil Mushroom: Staff: Super Launch Star: Assist Trophy: Poke Ball: Master Ball: Smash Ball:
  7. Crap. I should have taken Shockers off my list. I got one of those gifted to me for Christmas! I'm sorry!
  8. I would love that! Offer what you think is fair for both! If you put them up on the trade board I'll offer with the two toons.
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