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  1. I have a Leading the Rescue if you want it
  2. They're the Ear Hat Tokens from the Disney Magic Kingdoms mobile and desktop game. They're the things you need to collect to level up the characters. I love 'em!! Obvs
  3. Happy belated birthday, fellow Disney lover! Sorry I was too busy yesterday to catch you then, but hope you had a wonderful birthday! :D

    1. DisneyDaygo


      Thanks Rumple!! It was an awesome day!!

  4. Happy Birthday !! :bday2:

    1. DisneyDaygo


      Thank you so much DC!!!

  5. Ugh...nevermind. LOL
  6. Here's some pics from the game I thought would be a cool expansion set: Off the Hook Murch Flow Bisk Jelfonzo Pearl Marina Mr. Grizz Super Sea Snails Salmonid Steelhead Salmonid Chum Salmonid Smallfry Octocopter Elite Octoling Splatoon 2 Logo Purple Inkling Tenta Missles Zapfish Great Zapfish DJ Octavio Shielded Octotrooper Octoball Octosniper Octobomber Octostamp Octostamp DX Octoseeker Octozeppelin Octocommander Octoballer Octo Samurai Goldie
  7. Is there a list somewhere of all the Premium Only toons that have been released?
  8. Me too please! BEAST MODE READY!!
  9. Bumped up and updated! Help me out folks
  10. Where are the Golden Mario toons located?
  11. That's ok! I suggested that one too! lol
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