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  1. Moana of Motunui

    CT Pog Game 2

  2. 2 months ago to this very time England reached the World Cup semi hope we have that again someday 



  3. Moana of Motunui

    Once Upon a Time Hunger Games

    I'm debating between 4-5 characters who I love so much.... can I take Emile de Ravin sorry I mean Belle
  4. Legit interview question and answer from yesterday

    If you were on a desert island what 3 items would you take?

    "I would take Dora's Backpack"

    :lol: I just had to say it

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    2. moxie


      Yay Champ....congratulations! :thumbu: When do you start?

    3. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      I’m at the induction now please kill me I didn’t have coffee this morning 

    4. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      1500-2300 Sunday-Wednesday not too bad better than my old job given the pay is better, unlimited free bath bombs since its a cosmetics company :lol: and a set schedule every week so I know when im working

  5. Can't believe its 2 months today where we could finally believe in our team, one nation one team and our UEFA Nations League campaign starts on Friday against Spain


  6. Moana of Motunui

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Goodbye Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken part in Disney Saturday over the past year from it being started by @Xavianangel and then hosted by myself and lately @The Villainous Rumplestiltskin it has been fun to share our love for Disney with you all, this is not a goodbye and more a undefined pause in which one day this could potentially return. And remember
  7. Moana of Motunui

    How Do We Expand the CT Community?

    The best way to do that eventually would be a complete layout overhaul (the game badly needs one) and then you can incorporate a mobile version into the same design
  8. I must say the rarity colours in shops is LEGIT so helpful, its the small things that make the CT experience so much better

  9. Moana of Motunui

    Let's Make A Deal - CT Edition!

    I will be there but want to RSVP for one of the first few games cause time difference
  10. September 11th I wont be on.... im auditioning for Disney! 

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    2. IGPXCHAMP66


      Oh nice. Whoop azz

    3. deepcanyon1


      Good Luck..we live 1.5 hrs from there..been there many it you get to audition over there or do you have to come to the states?

    4. Sister Love

      Sister Love

      Yay, if that happens you won't be international anymore! And you'll only be one hour ahead of those in the Central Time Zone, instead of six.

  11. Moana of Motunui

    The Sorting Hat

    1st - Sith 2nd - RollingStones 3rd - dragonwolf Will transfer points tomorrow
  12. Moana of Motunui

    The Sorting Hat

    What House Are You? Today I did a retest and learnt that I have been sorted into the wrong house after 7 years I am not a Gryffindor and I am a proud Hufflepuff... sign up for Pottermore take the test and post your house below with a screenshot alongside taking the Patronus test and posting that also 3 winners will be picked in a raffle for prizes of 100k, 50k and 25k
  13. Moana of Motunui

    The Sorting Hat

    Closing this up in a couple of hours when I’m home from the football match
  14. Grandia remake got confirmed YESSSSS OH MY WORD TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY... sorry for the excitement its like my favorite game

  15. Moana of Motunui

    Don't Think (Pointless)

    This game is easy just dont think or be prepared for a spade to come out of the ground and slap you in the face OUCH. you have to answer the above persons question but with something totally irrelevant but DO NOT think and then post your own question. Simple right? What film is this from?
  16. Moana of Motunui

    Rate persons above avatar

    In this topic you rate the persons above avatar. So the new person who posts will rate mine and so on.
  17. Moana of Motunui

    Disney Saturdays!!

    @Xavianangel it will be 35 copies of each of these plaques
  18. Moana of Motunui

    Disney Saturdays!!

    August - 32 participants
  19. Moana of Motunui

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Yeah il just make the list for this month also since both nights have been done and add all at once?
  20. Moana of Motunui

    Golden Ticket Auctions

    I have mine picked out its in the process of being cut out and made ready can't wait to show everyone
  21. Moana of Motunui

    Easter Video Games Hunger Games

    I will take a Princess Peach plz
  22. Would you be amazing and be able to help me out in a few days to cutout a toon to claim the golden ticket pretty please


    1. The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      Of course, Dearie. How can I say no to that cat? Unless it's really Peter Pan a.k.a. my father, in which case, where's Pandora's Box when you need it?

    2. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Like your animated one would this be possible.. looking at the Rapunzel


  23. Now to debate over what I will trade my golden ticket for 

  24. YESS 95MIN equalizer with the last kick of the game still unbeaten this season UP THE VILLA

  25. Who else is excited for the Golden Tickets, I know I am :D 

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