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  1. Wake up and it’s still snowing...36 hours in

  2. Madness wake up and is still snowing 

  3. Disney Saturday will be 6:30PM CT tonight... a hour earlier due to the US clocks changing before Europe

  4. Disney Saturdays!!

    Due to US clocks changing before ours in Europe Disney Saturday will take place 1 hour earlier CT time to maintain the same start time for me
  5. Gold or Nothing

    Set 9, Box 1 please
  6. Gift for everyone

    Recently got a new colouring book so thought why not share it with CT since its so stunning... so here you go all 63 pages scanned good to go... not sure if Toonarific still does colouring pages but feel free to add them
  7. Infinity Wars tickets on sale Friday just a heads up folks ;)

  8. CollecToons Screenshots 2016 & 2017

  9. NOOO I do not want more blizzards this weekend... 

  10. Disney Saturdays!!

    Smaller Disney Saturday tonight... im exhausted and have work pretty early tomorrow so I will be dropping the film link into chat pretty soon... feel free to share your own Disney episodes since I have left Katniss in chat to take note of interaction which will allow me to extract a list and perform raffles - around 15-20 odd (Luckily as I have no pen left to even write lists) If @TheWolfandtheRose is on later she may do some raffles tonight, those would be separate from any I do in the morning as well @dragonwolf you can try to wake me with metal music bit its not my thing
  11. Back In The Day on CT

    Urghh it was mind crushing (more so than now even) and with 1 monitor couldnt even multi task But hey fun times right Kitty
  12. Back In The Day on CT

    Ah those were the times with 1BP for a win and nothing for a loss... fun times watching LOTR and sding
  13. Of Cause CT Chat picked NOW to die.... 

  14. Disney Saturdays!!

    Road to Infinity Wars Over the next 2 months Disney Saturday will be having a Marvel takeover starting this Saturday with Iron Man and ending with Thor: Ragnarok late April This will lead into the US release date of Infinity Wars on April 27th Due to the number of films 17 in total there will be 2 events weekly until May with the normal Saturday event and a Monday/Tuesday slot (day depending on work schedule will have at least 6 days notice) @TheWolfandtheRose will co-host the Saturday event with myself whilst the other will be solo unless Kitty is available Due to the double number of event nights there will be a additional contest only for each month as shown below (Taking part in either day will count you for both toons) March April This weeks second event will take place on Tuesday 6th March at 6PM CT
  15. Shiny Mew

    It can be sold just you can not re buy from auctions once you pass the limit
  16. Might get home in 3 hours weather is insane heavy snow since 7AM and a blizzard due in 2 hours... nice to see staff are cared for at my work place...

  17. The bunny gets the pancakkkkeee :lol: 

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    2. Coolguy


      That was hilarious XD. I'm excited for the movie!

    3. XxGothsCanSmile2xX


      I laughed and cried so hard at that part!:laughcry: It was so hilarious yet tragic at the same time, but you have to admit, he was following the rules of the game.:lick:

    4. Sister Love

      Sister Love

      Really want to see it after that trailer. Was interested before but now I'm hyped!

  18. Disney Saturdays!!

    Going to hand these out another time since it’s way too cold feel like an ice cube so have retreated to the slight warmth of my bed
  19. Shiny Mew

    Checks auctions...
  20. Disney Saturdays!!

    Tell that to my employeers who insist I go to work
  21. Disney Saturdays!!

    Thanks going to hand these out tonight just incase my net drops out tomorrow in our forcasted blizzard (given its the UK )
  22. Easter Video Games Hunger Games

    Liete of Alent
  23. Disney Saturdays!!

    Oops thought I had added Moxie
  24. Disney Saturdays!!

    Feb List - 45 toons so add 50 to Disney Saturday
  25. Disney Saturdays!!

    I’m pretty sure your on the list for the first week will have to double check when I’m home from work
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