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  1. Wish there was a offer etiquette on CT being out offered by 1-5k on a 900k+ trade gets annoying... needs to be agreed on 5% or 25k

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    2. Xavianangel


      I honestly ignore offers like that on my own listings, when I do any at least. If it's a lowball, bare minimum offer, I'm not even going to consider that person for a sale anymore. 

    3. Sister Love

      Sister Love

      I treat offers like that as coming from people who do not want the toon I have up. Since they do not want it, why would I sell it to them?

    4. Jwoolman1993


      Yeah I have made a status like this in the past too champ. Totally understand. It irritates me. If I have a listing up and someone has a high offer of 50,000, and someone offers 50,100 or something stupid like that, I will end up just accepting the 50,000 offer bc clearly they want it more than someone who will just offer 100 up on it. It's called respecting the seller. 

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