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  1. FFIX just released on PS4... Joys 1000 rope skips again :lol:

  2. Off to the football tomorrow night and then Kingsman 2 :D

  3. Praying theres no Shop 3 plaque as I'm working tonight

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      I think you're god. That was so last week! Oh right...they do bring out shop 3 plaques every week now...I remember like it was yesterday...*smokes cigar* oh yesss! Maybe next month? Shop 3, ftw!

    2. TheWolfandtheRose


      think you're good* lol! one little letter...

  4. The impossible happened.... Villa won a away game first time in 9 months

  5. Tonight for Disney Saturday we are watching The Little Mermaid 

  6. Is it just me or is auction bidding seriously lagging right now

    1. Tameran


      I wasn't there, but would make sense with how cheap the last 3 AO's went for.

  7. Pick tomorrows Disney Sat movie

    Heart = The Little Mermaid

    Like = Black Cauldron

    Trophy = Robin Hood

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    2. TheWolfandtheRose


      I tried to vote Black Cauldron for indie, but yeah. I'm sure not going to weep if The Little Mermaid wins...

      Like she won Eric's heart without saying a word. I mean, come on. It's all in the gestures.

    3. TheWolfandtheRose


      I would've picked Little Mermaid if not for Indie anyway.

    4. ken


      Picked the Sad Face because I'm not sure what qulifies as "liked" for the Black Cauldron >_>....

  8. So today UK democracy died... a vote passes allowing the government to pass any laws without a parlimentry vote bypassing any democracy.... the only other person to ever to pass a law like this was Hitler in the 30's

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    2. FredTheFish


      This world is heading that way, huh? Pretty scary out there right now.

    3. dragonwolf


      Who would be foolish enough to vote for that?

    4. smileygirl



      Some idiot. Like, why?!

      @Moana of Motunui

      Ughhhh, people are so dumb!! 

  9. Moana is officially expired, the first non anime set to fully sell out

    1. Abdizur87


      Wow that's crazy. O.O

    2. Joshfarias16


      Nice job, congrats! :) 

    3. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Now to find toons for a expansion :P

  10. Please no more S3 Plaques if your working Sunday your pretty much screwed

  11. Not ever day you see this.....


    2 major hurricanes back to back lining up, Irma looks massive wish people in Florida luck riding it out

    1. Moana of Motunui
    2. Abdizur87



    3. deepcanyon1


      we are packing and will be heading out tomorrow morning..only taking the things that i love the most..and my 2 sons , 3 grandkids, hubby, terrie, and my sons g/f and my other sons best friend...and heading to georgia..i have to leave all my disney things and all my collectibles that i have been collecting for 40 yrs..some of them..but they are not worth any of our lives..just hope we can outrun it..

      stay safe any other members that are in the path of this storm..been in florida since 86 and never seen anything like this one.

  12. Feels sad being back home after being in London all week, now to plan the next trip up there to see more West End shows


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    2. TheWolfandtheRose


      Did you get tickets for the future?

    3. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Im awaiting the next batch to go on sale and then im ordering a set for sure

    4. TheWolfandtheRose


      Lucky you! I know you're going to enjoy it! :D

  13. Wish all of CTs players in the path of Irma the best and hope it all goes as well as possible, message me if you are effected by the hurricane and I will include you in this weeks Disney Saturday list

  14. @Sister Lovegonna need your help now to save the Disney AOS

  15. Jennifer Lawrence came over and say hi to me, my life is complete 

  16. In Leicester Square watching a film and turns out the Mother premiere is there today, Jennifer Lawrence will be there :o 

    1. Xavianangel


      I expect your heart will leap out of its chest.

  17. Aladdin on the West End is magical, such perfection in its adaptation... I know @Jazzy would love it being the Aladdin fan she is.... 

    1. captainjack


      The tribute done by the cast after the disheartening news of Robin Williams' passing was fun and touching. Robin probably would have loved it. They do a great job on the show. I've seen videos, but I'd love to see it live.

    2. TheWolfandtheRose


      She HASSSSSS to love Aladdin because her mother named her after Jasmine (me and my imagination) and come on! Jasmine is awesome! How could she not feel flattered every time she watches Jasmine pet her tiger? Coolest pet ever! We should buy Jazzy a baby tiger for her next birthday!

  18. Thank goodness I'm not as Disney World right now with a category 5 hurricane bearing down on Florida

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    2. Coolguy


      "Sorry our ride [Jungle Cruise] is closed due to inclement weather. If you have a Fast Pass, your fast pass is now good for the rest of the day. Or you can use your Fastpass for it's time-frame at Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World, or Voyage of the Little Mermiad."

      ^I've said this so many times, it's engraved in my memory. But yeah, all outdoor rides will probably be closed during the hurricane.

    3. TheWolfandtheRose


      If they're not closed, will people fly off the rides? Probably will make them more fun/deadly!

    4. deepcanyon1


      i'm glad you decided to put your trip off also...i am on the west coast of florida..and theres not even water left in the stores at this we will either be boarding our place up and riding it out..or leaving the state til its over depending on what the next day shows as to a path..

  19. Wicked was amazing loved it so much, now back at the hotel and chill before Aladdin musical tomorrow

  20. Toy Story hype


  21. Why am I sat here at almost 5AM watching college football.... 

    1. IGPXCHAMP66


      Cuz its better than soccer:D

  22. Pick the film for Disney Saturday next week

    Like = Peter Pan

    Trophy = Beauty & The Beast

    Laugh = Snow White

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      It won't let me pick any but confuse or heart, so TROPHY.

  23. Tonight for Disney Saturday we are going down the rabbit hole


    1. Abdizur87


      Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk???? 


  24. I see theres a new rarity in game CCG Card *mind wonders*

    1. Xavianangel


      Ooh I wonder what it is.

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