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  1. Looking for help with the Tangled set buying Rapunzel, Cassandra, Queen Arianna, Eugene, Pascal, VRs, CRs please let me know if you can help 

  2. Disney Sat May prizes have all gone out :) 

  3. Harry Kane you god 91st min winner for England closer than I thought tbh

  4. As mentioned in chat I will give away 5 million every single time as a contest at the FIFA World Cup for every match the USA win ;) 

  5. Brazil failed to win also talk about a weird day

  6. Mexico beat Germany didnt see that one coming

    1. Xavianangel


      What an embarrassing match. Now we gotta deal with that awful team bragging for the next 20 yrs

    2. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Germany were just terrible to think it could now be Germany vs Brazil in the Last 16

    3. Xavianangel


      They were. Boateng and Mueller were abysmal.

  7. Cant believe I forgot to donate last month :lol: 

  8. Will sell my soul for 5 million points, will come in handy if you ever devil deal

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    2. deepcanyon1


      are you still interested in seeing if we can trade some things for pts? just let me know i see Xavi said she got if she does then its ok :) 


    3. RubixCube


      i thought that was against the rules

    4. deepcanyon1


      its against the rules to buy things from someone that is wanting pts for things they want @RubixCube ? I didnt know it if it was.

  9. FIFA World Cup starts today come on England! 

  10. Frozen is in KH3 shut up and take my money

    1. thelastsith


      Those scenes in the trailer are awesome. So much hype.

  11. Kingdom Hearts3 releases Jan 29th day after my birthday I know what gift I’m asking for :lol: 

    1. Abdazar Slytherin

      Abdazar Slytherin

      If only it was releasing in 2018, we may have been able to save Aqua in time from the darkness. 

      Still that trailer was awesome tho, wondering if the Keyblade for Arendelle will be called frozen heart or something like that. 

    2. PhotonCyberStar


      Can't wait! Right now I'm planing to play all the games on my PS4.

  12. Oh man a GoT prequel has been ordered and is set 10,000 years in the past... it sounds legit

    1. Abdazar Slytherin

      Abdazar Slytherin

      Hmm, interesting...

    2. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      It definitely sounds like the best option they could take it means House Lannister and House Stark lasted for over 10,000 years

    3. Ssoldier


      Awesome - looking forward to this one!

  13. Got internet back, was killing me so rang up old ISP and paid for a 4 day extension to my contracts end until new ISP is in on Monday :P

  14. Darn only got phone internet until Monday feel like I’m in the Stone Age

  15. Probably won’t be home bang on 7:30 PM cheers work but the party starts when I’m home 

  16. Join us on Disney Saturday tomorrow we will be giving away a new PO


  17. NOOOO I forgot to donate $10 last month :( 

  18. After WIR 2 comes out.. wow a potential set will be legit


  19. Tangled The Series S2 starts next month :O and season 3 got announced @Sister Love @TheWolfandtheRose SOOO MUCH YES

  20. Pokmemon Switch OMG it’s beautiful a full game in full hd 

  21. Work is so mentally draining why did I have to return these days of all days

  22. O1lht3D.jpg

    Anyone want to help @TheWolfandtheRose @Sister Love 

  23. Stocked my shop finally feel free to check it out

  24. In bed in pain thanks to a killer toothache /abscess that appeared from nowhere so hope the emergency dentist give me something for it tomorrow morning when I go so I can atleast do things 

    1. Justme


      That's the worst!  So sorry.  Hope you feel better soon!

  25. Living in the UK a day before the royal wedding SUCKS like can it be 5 mins without it being mentioned 

    1. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      It's the same in the USA sadly

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