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  1. People still search for Cartoon Orbit and there was the whole archive project im pretty sure Czone Central still exists out there
  2. Meanwhile if anyone has any images of their time playing CT please message me it for a community archive 

  3. Farewell CT and I wish everyone the best in the future I will miss you all


  4. I don't think the Database would be possible the way we added all the toons into it since day one used the direct links from the CT domain instead of reuploading so once thats gone its linking to nothing
  5. I wish the base coding would be open sourced or licenses sold instead of being binned completely theres a nice core to build from here, and the community as a whole could do wonders whilst gaining royalties from any potential uses
  6. Honestly I believe it would CT had the member base once but it never stayed since there was little to no development. The theme looks like its something out of the early 00's
  7. I believe it was TOONSUCKS if my memory is correct Time for the real question Batman or Superman?
  8. Join me in chat for some fun in a few hours as England won the World Cup today 

  9. We are premier league! UP THE VILLA

  10. THIS IS WHY I LOVE FOOTBALL....My word I love the Champions League

  11. Join chat to get anything from my collection

    send offlines im on for 2 hours

  12. Already seen Endgame 3 times its SOOOO GOOD

  13. 9 wins in a row for Villa! What is this madness

  14. That would be doable could clone the time machine script and sql and make a separate field for a wormhole, input exclusive toons and give it a selection of old prizes
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