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  1. Everything for sale minus - Sonic SATAM - Monsters vs Aliens - Disney (not including Marvel & Star Wars those are for sale)
    1. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      I want to keep

      - Sonic SATAM

      - Monsters vs Aliena

      - Disney (This does not include Star Wars and Marvel they are for sale)

    2. IncredibleJD


      Any Teen Titans, Regular Show, Deadpool or wrestling? 

  2. As the title says not really a fan of animes but this is your chance to convert me to liking a selection, basically asking you to reccommend me some animes avaliable online for me to watch however I do have a few requirements that you can see below - Dubbed please I know its not as good but I prefer to understand the speaking - NO schoolgirls please - No love triangles if possible.... just find them annoying I mean if its a good show and is minimal still suggest it - Non creepy shows please rather it be story focused - Scifi/Adventure/Fantasy are my fave genre's if it helps
  3. True but why it was mentioned a week ago.. Moana without Te Ka/Te Feti and the heart would be like watching Alien without the actual alien, or Frozen without Olaf/Hans Im not arguing just saying it from a story point of how integral these chars are to the story
  4. It makes no sense for main chars to be codes, especially when they are the most important aspects of the film, codes are for poses like the many added to the topic
  5. Te Fiti Te Ka + Heart of Te Fiti (key) to morph to Te Fiti
  6. even more The only correct way to release the ones Blue posted would be Te Ka morphing into Te Fiti using the Heart of Te Fiti
  7. Waiting to see what the new sets bring us... still cant see Moana being topped

  8. Gabby you LEGEND... the crap are going down UP THE VILLA



  9. WOW best strike I have ever seen.... Matic what a hit


  10. The moment you snipe an auction whilst on a phone 

  11. Loads of auctions ending in about 4 hours 

  12. Hvae got quite a few of these so far on my desk I have Cinderella (2015), Maleficent and Disgust
  13. Join in our Saturday Night Auctions, in 45 mins list as many as you can for 24 hours... lets beat 20 pages of auctions


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