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  1. First 10 Get a Chance

    Winners Crooked - Samantha - Antsalazar - Tooner - Please check your offlines
  2. First 10 Get a Chance

    Sorry both Tooner completed the first 10, I will do more soon
  3. CTContests' Sales

    Most of these are fine I would say 10k for Poised Jack going from last trades
  4. CTContests' Sales

    Reopening this again post below if you need anything following the rules on the original post, will go through these on a twice a week basis... @woodstock24 @Tooner58 @PhotonCyberStar let me know if your looking for anything off your lists still
  5. 2 games to do.... 3 points behind auto promotion can we... could we :o 

  6. First 10 Get a Chance

    CT name please
  7. First 10 Get a Chance

    First 10 to post below get a chance at these toons Please post your CT name
  8. Favorite cToons?

    The best toon in the game without question is Seductive Jasmine Top 10 Seductive Jasmine, Anna’s Sacrifice, Best Sisters, Anna, Moana, Queen Elsa, Performing Gazelle, FF Anna, FF Elsa, Battle Ready Moana
  9. Can’t believe Avicii died :o his music is amazing 

    1. RubixCube


      yeah, I saw that.  was shocking he died young 

  10. This shift tonight is so easy, already 2/3 closed and last film isn’t even for 2 hours 

  11. Millions of years ago when Dinosaurs ruled the earth....


  12. Disney Saturdays!!

    Next one will now be Saturday 7:30PM Thanks everyone for talking part the last month
  13. April 2018 releases

    HR DB is all up to date looking at the numbers on the owners lists seems to be a few Team Fortress out there still
  14. Disney Saturdays!!

    So this weeks events will be... Tonight 6PM Saturday 7:30PM Long story short I mis counted and have 4 films and 3 days so just adding a extra day
  15. Just realized under 2 months until the World Cup :o 

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