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  1. Moana of Motunui

    June 2018 Donator of the Month

    Raffle winners these were mixed up 5x using Raffles Anime Sunday 1 Anime Sunday 2 Disney Sat CCW
  2. Shared my collection in the topic well last 2 weeks worth as all my collection would crash CT

  3. Moana of Motunui

    Personal Collections!

    My whole collection is far too big so let me post my additions over the past 2 weeks (the dolls I purchased over a month ago and my friend dropped them off yesterday) since theres 23 pictures worth. I have another 2 figures already paid for to pickup on its Tuesday release plus the new Mulan 17" LE doll is out next week
  4. Want to take a moment to thank everyone who voted for my Chip drawing and help me win the contest, I wanted to show you the figure I picked for the prize its this lovely piece and I hit the 1 in 10 chance for the dress to be pink instead of blue



  5. Moana of Motunui

    Toon Bingo #3

    LoverOfDisney finally made one of these
  6. Moana of Motunui

    Disney Saturdays!!

    @TheWolfandtheRose You can choose which day you prefer as either work to me Goes and grabs the sissors to cut some of @Sister Love‘s hair for a magical giveaway
  7. Moana of Motunui

    Skip Empty cWorlds

    hmmm maybe add a new DB option in users so when users sign up their cWorld is automatically set to hidden on search (hence it wont show up) the system automatically sets it to active upon a users editing of their cWorld Obviously it would still show for staff/direct link from trade/auctions
  8. Moana of Motunui

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Thought I had lost it... found it in the 8th notebook I looked it it is Jazzy Future Champ Sith Justme Terrie Darknessflamedragon Lannisteryen Titanicforce ZVG Ken Deep Punz Nickelbunny Xavi
  9. The winner of the 1 million points is @Tooner58 the points have already been moved across and should be there :)

    1. deepcanyon1


      congrats Tooner :) 

    2. Tooner58


      :O Thanks! I saw them before I saw this, and was highly skeptical XD Grats again on your win!!

    3. Justme



  10. Ok the 1 million point giveaway I kinda fell asleep and was then busy yesterday so the winner will be announced in  30 mins

  11. This is the figure I chose from the contest that I won with your guys help just got to wait for it to arrive


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Terrie


      That is a Jim Shore piece i love it, love his work


    3. Terrie



    4. moxie


      Wow...Very cool B)

      Congratulations on winning the contest! :thumbu:

  12. Moana of Motunui

    CT Pog Game

  13. Can we please have rain the 100F barrier is going to be broken on Friday after 3 months... and still no rain and the UK heat record could fall

  14. Moana of Motunui

    The Smackdown Quarter Has Ended!

    Sorry been a crazy week losing job and so on... but yes send me a pizza please *can also be bribed with Snow Coat Belle's
  15. Thanks to everyone who helped, I won the contest in the end YAY so have a Disney figure to pick now, the points raffle will be done tonight in chat at 8PM CT time @notlindsayyy @baywatch7 @Darknessflamedragon @Tooner58 @deepcanyon1 @moxie @narengoku and @Xavianangel

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. PurpleHaze


      Congrats!! :thumbu:

    3. Tooner58


      Also, grats! 

    4. narengoku


      That's great, Congratulations :)

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