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  1. I don't care that you're inactive. That gif is great. Happy birthday. 

    1. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      Ah, I knew I messaged this last year. Still wonderful. 

  2. THUNDERCATS Berbil Bill, Cheetara, Jackalman, Jaga, Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, Slithe, Tygra, Wilykat BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD Bongo Butthead, Butthead Valentine And any Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT ctoons that I don't own
  3. Someone battle me in smackdown....I'm waiting!!!!!
  4. Venture Brothers is one of the best cartoons on Adult Swim. It would be awesome to have a set!
  5. Wouldn't it be cool to have Murphy and my personal favorite from Sealab 2021...DOLPHIN BOY! I mean, c'mon who wouldn't want a Dolphin Boy ctoon to add to their collection?
  6. I have broken images from both imageshack and photobucket...um how exactly do I post the 3 pictures of six characters that I have?
  7. Thank you! Love you guys!
  8. Anyone know how to get a Bunny Raven?
  9. Anyone remember Cartoon Orbit's Gtoons game? Gtoons was my favorite game to play there. Here is a link to the game being played http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWSzjU1aHik. .Who else misses Gtoons as much as me?
  10. Jabbazhouse
  11. Thank you!!! Sorry about not knowing this before, it helps to read the forums
  12. How do you get them to work?
  13. Why are there no ctoons with animation or sound? I think it would be awesome if Collectoons had those just like Cartoon Orbit had. Any thoughts on this subject? Will we be seeing them in the future as well?
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