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  1. Some on the TB for you.
  2. Hey, sorry for the delay. Those prices sound good. I will post them on the board for you as soon as I can. As far as the Spider-Man HR, I’m not aware of the current value either lol. I was thinking maybe 150k. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  3. Noticed we have a few cToons from the game and thought we could expand the set some. MM Link MM Link and Tatl MM Link and Epona MM Jump Attack Link MM Razor Sword Link MM Deku Link MM Goron Link MM Zora Link MM Fierce Deity (My suggestion for a HR ) MM Tatl MM Happy Mask Salesman MM Skull Kid and Tael MM Bombers Secret Society of Justice MM Kafei MM Mayor Dotour MM Madame Aroma MM Cremia and Romani MM Postman MM Tingle MM Monkey MM Deku Royal Family MM Zubora and Gabora MM Darmani III MM Goron Elder’s Son MM Goron Elder MM The Indigo-Go’s MM Igos du Ikana MM King’s Lackeys MM Odolwa MM Goht MM Gyorg MM Twinmold MM Deku Butler’s Son MM Kaepora Gaebora Majora’s Mask Logo
  4. Have the following shop toons I would be willing to sale and their quantities. Let me know your thoughts price wise. Thanks! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Battle-Ready Peni Parker and SP//DR (VR) x3 Falling Spider-Man (VR) x2 I Am Spider-Man (HR) x1 Reaching Miles (CR) x2 Spider-Verse Logo (RA) x2 Swinging Spider-Gwen (RA) x1 Goblin Slayer Guild Girl (CR) x2 HTTYD Cloudjumper (CR) x1 Pestbud (UN) x1 Soaring Stormfly (CM) x1 Winged Warden (VR) x1 Pokken Tournament PT Cubone (UN) x1 PT Espeon (VR) x1 PT Litten (UN) x1 PT Popplio (UN) x1 PT Yveltal (CR) x1 Samurai Jack Attack-ready Jack (UN) x1 Battle Scars Jack (VR) x1 Crouching Jack (UN) x1 Flipping Jack (RA) x1 Ikra (CR) x1 Leaping Jack (RA) x1 Robot Spider (CM) x1 Samurai Jack Logo (UN) x1 The Gentleman (VR) x1
  5. Some Samurai Jack toons on the TB for you
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