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  1. Colorful Yoshis Egg Tossing Yoshi Fluttering Yoshi Ground Pound Yoshi Egg Dropping Yoshi Tongue Grabbing Yoshi Dashing Yoshi Green Yoshi and Baby Mario Pink Yoshi and Baby Peach Red Yoshi and Baby DK Light Blue Yoshi and Baby Wario Yellow Yoshi and Baby Bowser Stork and Baby Mario Stork and Baby Peach Superstar Baby Mario Kidnapped Baby Luigi Yoshi’s Island DS Logo Koopa Paratroppa Shy Guy Shy Guys Group Fat Guy Glide Guy Gusties Tap-Tap Crazee Dayzee Boos Bungee Piranha Nipper Plant Piranha Plant Windbag Burt Brothers Hector the Reflector Green Yoshi Egg Yellow Yoshi Egg Pink (Red) Yoshi Egg Yellow Yoshi Coin Red Yoshi Coin Baby Mario Coin Flower Star Message (Hint) Block Red (!) Switch Key Key Door Stork Sign
  2. M’aiq the Liar has made his way to CT. He loves to share stories and knowledge from his many travels. Is he telling the truth? You decide Quote 2/10/19: “M'aiq used to shop at a noob boutique long ago. Quality items for low prices. Helped Maiq when he was a young khajiit but elders caused the shop to go out of business. M’aiq sad.”
  3. Excited for the Paper Mario Set! One of my favorite game series. Hope there is a HR from the set. I submitted a few images for a Paper Mario 64 set a year or so ago that I’d like to see - maybe not for the set this month but for expansion in the future. Either way, I’ll be burning through the points for sure lol!
  4. Any updates to when the winners will be announced?
  5. Is there anyway we can see what the new OOAK toons are? You don’t have to post the owners. I just want to see what was selected. Thanks.
  6. Here is my attempt to edit the Alduin pic. I only have Preview editor on my macbook so someone else might be able to do better with photoshop or some other editing application if they are interested. Hope it helps. Alduin the World Eater
  7. Not sure if there is a Skyrim topic yet but I’d enjoy seeing a set from the game. Cicero Lydia Dremora Lord Frost Troll Vampire Lord Giant Skeleton Dragon Priest Flame Atronach Draugr Werewolf Spriggan Legendary Dragon Paarthurnax Alduin1 (Would like to get an image of him on the wall like this but didn’t have much luck searching) Alduin2 Greybeard Ulfric Stormcloak Glamor Stone-Fist General Tullius Legate Rikke Imperial Soldier Sheogorath Shrine of Azura Nocturnal Whiterun Guard M’aiq the Liar Miraak Nightingale Sentinel Shadowmere Elder Scroll Falmer Ancano Astrid Dovahkiin (couldn’t find an in-game version) Skyrim Logo Many more images on the Skyrim Wiki.
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