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  1. Sirhc

    The Last of Us: Prizes

    Prizes have officially been passed out! Here's the list of people who still have food stamps to cash in:
  2. Sirhc

    The Last of Us: Task #4

    I'm sure he's tried this but make sure he checked his spam folder. Also, make sure and are allowed addresses to receive mail from and have him re-register if it's not too much trouble. There's also the link Sora posted: You can post his username there and an admin or game mod can activate it.
  3. Task #4 coming in hot! This task is meant to encourage in-game activity and user diversity! Your fourth task is: Refer a friend to register a CollecToons account! How to do this? 1. Go to your "My Account" page and find your referral URL (looks like this: 2. Spam your friends asking them to join! Make sure they use your referral link when registering 3. Once a friend registers and verifies his or her account, you will get a message telling you that your referral signed up 4. Post your referral's username in this topic and we'll verify the account is legit 5. Show them the ropes! Teach them how to buy/sell/trade toons and why CT is so much fun! You can also use the art submitted for task #3 to help promote the site! Deadline to complete this task: Tuesday Night! If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback then please refer to this thread and post there! Don't talk about my mustache.
  4. Sirhc

    The Last of Us: Task #3

    Oh also, we're giving everyone an extra day. I know this task requires a bit more work, and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to submit the best art they can. New deadline is Friday night! (great work so far btw )
  5. First post has been updated with all participants and the number of food stamps they've earned so far (along with the tasks they completed). Check it out and let me know if you see any mistakes. Thanks to everyone who participated in the first 2 tasks!
  6. Sirhc

    The Last of Us: Task #2

    Photoncybertoon already did Ginormica. Might want to change that one. I think the rest are good. Didn't see any other doubles. Thanks for catching Xero's, Sora.
  7. Fasten your seatbelts everyone! Task #2 is taking off! This task will allow members to contribute to the site, and it was created based on suggestions from you guys! Your second task is: Create info card descriptions for 5 ctoons! How to do this? 1. Select 5 of your favorite ctoons whose info cards don't have descriptions yet 2. Create a description for each of these toons. See below on how to come up with a good description. 3. Post your 5 descriptions (and the ctoons they are for) in this topic when you have them ready 4. If another person has already posted a description for one of your toons, you must choose a new toon 5. Wait anxiously for your descriptions to be added in-game! How to write an info card description: Descriptions are generally 2-3 sentences. They describe the character (appearance, personality, relationship with other characters, etc). They should describe the main features while still being concise. Make sure to double check for spelling and grammar errors. And most importantly, have fun with it! There's no exact way to write a description. Be as creative as you want and do what you think best represents the character/toon. Check out some older toons to see what their descriptions are like. Here's one I whipped up as an example: Bolin (Legend of Korra): Pro Bender. Mover star. Military officer. Is there anything Bolin can't do? A fundamental part of Team Avatar, Bolin uses his powerful earthbending skills to assist Korra against her foes. Although naive at times, he is fiercely loyal and always willing to do what it takes to protect those that he loves. Deadline to complete this task: Sunday Night! If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk about the contest then please refer to this thread and post there!
  8. idk if this is just me, but whenever I don't pronounce your username as Chris, I pronounce it Sir H C as if you were a knight back in medieval times.

    1. Coolguy


      Holy smokes, I never realized it was Chris spelled backwards until now. :P. I've been pronouncing it Sir H. C. as well.

  9. Sirhc

    The Last of Us: Task #1

    I'll be asleep but this topic will be closed at 2:00am CT time. Maybe Mason can lock it if he's up. Edit: Closed.
  10. Sirhc

    Old games

    The first console I ever got was an N64. All about that Diddy Kong Racing son.
  11. Nothing happens Maybe it's a browser issue. Try using a different one and see what happens. If it still doesn't work, just let us know in the task topic and post your favorite toon. You'll get credit for the task. Maybe you can message 5 people in-game if you're feeling complimentary lol.
  12. You are the darkness of mine! You know... so we complete each other? teehee

  13. You're the light of my life!

  14. Hmmm what happens when you try to post? Does a message pop up or does nothing happen?
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