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  1. I'm unsure if I understand the feedback here. You first claim that the TB is the greatest thing CT has to offer, but end the post explaining why it is a bad feature. So does that mean every feature CT has sucks and this just happens to be the best one? I doubt that is what you are saying, so some clarification I think could be helpful.
  2. We stan hats/outfits for our toons to wear
  3. Cipher has re-entered for more funzies
  4. Think they might work better if a bit smaller. Most toons don't have huge heads. These eggs are examples of toons WITH big heads and even they aren't big enough. Just a suggestions
  5. Let's get it to 100! Cipher
  6. CT staff: after all this time? @thelastsith :
  7. Thank you guys for the birthday wishes (I know I'm a bit late). I'mma have to do something to celebrate because I also just got my master's as well! Look out for some giveaways in the form of a contest or sumn :)

    1. Josh123


      happy 69th birthday man! Took you long enough to get your masters but good for you nonetheless! 

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. Happy birthday!:bday2: I hope your day is awesome!

  10. Happy birthday!!

  11. Happy Birthday Mason..hope you had a great one :) 

  12. I really like this I've obviously voiced my opinion on how the old CTC sales were bad for the game. I like this new system. Makes me not want to buy from CTC since things will be so expensive. Which means it really would be a last resort. Keep up the good stuff.
  13. A Marvel toon reward for Ani-May month?
  14. Updated. Mostly just looking for individuals. If you could help out, that'd be litty like a kitty!
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