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  1. Fantasy Football

    Yea, let's wrap it up then
  2. Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    Typed in my CT name to search for this and found out it was spelled incorrectly lol Also, this is a good topic for errors so mods might consider pinning it. cToon Name: Golden Bill Cypher Category: CollecToons Subcategory: Arcade Trophies Rarity: Trophy Edition: 1 Released: 08-01-2017 Points: 2149 Owner's List Description: info
  3. August 2017 Releases

    Tetsuya Nomura's work is beautiful. I've always liked his 2D animation rather than the 3D images we have in-game
  4. August 2017 Releases

    Could we get some clarification on how we can get the Star Gazers toon?
  5. Lots of toons in my shop for only 69 points! Please only take one per visit and if you feel like buying an overpriced HR feel free to do that too! Got CRs/VRs/and occasional Pokemon toons for only 69 points, snipe em before everyone else!

  6. Fusionfall Retro

    Not sure how interested I am, but here's the tutorial to let you guys know what it looks like. Might be interesting though!
  7. Had a wonderful couple days in San Diego. Love me some zoo animals! :flounder:

    1. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      Yeah, the people of San Diego are quite the trapped animals for visitor entertainment 

    2. Abdizur87


      Awesome! :D

    3. Terrie


      glad you had  good time Zoo's are a lot of fun

  8. Disney Saturdays!!

    Pua: "They really let this dude be the animal sidekick for this movie?"
  9. Post Your Shoes

    Dang dude, how'd you manage these? This year is almost impossible to find You know... due to molding
  10. Bill's Deals

    I'll take that Goku Kamehameha + points for Gyukki : D Hmm... I'll get back to you on the Mortal Combat doe. I'll throw in one of the golden toons into the Gyukki deal too and you pay whatever ur heart desires on it haha
  11. Bill's Deals

  12. Cipher's Desires

    I put what I believe those toons go for, but you are free to correct me if I am wrong Here is what you want from me pepe's valentines - 2k acme soap box - 50k These are the prices I believe these toons go for So my 52k vs your 93k + the Pokemon Easter eggs. So I'll be adding however much that is if you agree to those prices of course.
  13. Finally got my wisdom teeth taken out... ITS LIT

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. smileygirl




    3. Masoonite


      @Joshfarias16 haha, I'm so sick of apple sauce and mashed bananas at this point XD

    4. Joshfarias16


      LOL XD that's when you hit up juice it up maaaan :]

  14. Cipher's Desires

    Sweet! How much you thinking for em?
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