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  1. Back In The Day on CT

    Back in the day when we actually had text in the "description" sections xd cToon Name: 15th Anniversary Pikachu Category: Pokemon Subcategory: Pokemon Promos Rarity: Code Only Edition: 1 Released: 02-28-2011 Points: 746 Owner's List Description: Pikachu celebrates Pokemon's 15th Anniversary by wearing a top hat and tuxedo complete with a matching bow tie. He's all dressed up and ready to party!
  2. Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    Oh, you rite my b :b I must have checked plaques by mistake, thanks!
  3. Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    Just a subtle reminder I never got my Rugrats plaque, and reading back on it I thought Xavi was replying to me but she was replying to someone else, so must have missed my reply
  4. Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    Same as Sora
  5. Anime Sunday

    Real Pokdex entry: It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away.
  6. cCard Rebalances

    I have a gigantic post regarding all of this and more coming tomorrow :] Glad to see others are interested though!
  7. Fantasy Football

    Idk what leagues you've been apart of, lol. Every other one I have been in every team gets notified and has the ability to veto the trade.
  8. Card Clash is back!

    Thanks, @Sharktibolt And as to why I ask if it would be pulled from packs, Toon mentioned that cards would be available through packs, auctions, codes, and so on. So I figured that maybe spectrals would be released differently.
  9. Card Clash is back!

    one more time, please
  10. Card Clash is back!

    But that doesn't confirm it comes in packs
  11. Card Clash is back!

    Anyway we could keep posted here or elsewhere what cards have been revealed in the new set? Also, can we confirm if there is or is not a/multiple sprectral(s) in this set?
  12. Card Clash is back!

    The original deck of Maleficent and Scientist Stimpy was OP if you had 7x them and that's it. Was boring to play with and against. That's why a 2 card limit (or whatever number is created) for even "normal" cards are somewhat needed. Limiting spectrals is a good start though.
  13. Card Clash is back!

    I haven't logged in to the forums in almost 2 months, but I had to for this. Awesome work guys! This was my favorite part of the site back when it was live. I had the most wins/games by a large amount. With that being said, one suggestion I would like to make is to not let anymore than 2 of the same card be in a deck. A little before the game was completely unplayable I had a full deck of spectrals, which meant I didn't need any strategy to play the game and just ran over anyone because I could afford the cards (spectrals were much more expensive back then... Hope a few more come out in the next wave). Had I been limited to 2 of even 1 of the same card per deck, then I still would have a powerful deck, but not unbeatable. Point is, while the game isn't here yet we gotta be proactive about how it will be balanced because there will also be some coding involved if decks are limited. I'll gladly help in that department if help is needed.
  14. Fantasy Football

    Yea, let's wrap it up then
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