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  1. Masoonite

    Shiny Mew

    Nobody ever remembers 2nd place, @Josh123 :'(
  2. The reason I think Megas/Alolans should go into the same Gen category as the other mons is because they morph from those Pokemon. They aren't promos like Attacking Scizor, they are Arena Onlys that should stick with the rest of the Arena Onlys and their original morphable toon.
  3. Masoonite

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but you only get to sit in the front row (where you have to look up and can't see the whole screen all at once). I wish my bananas never turned brown.
  4. Masoonite

    Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    Mush* have been someone screwing around
  5. Masoonite

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    Oh my b. Set 35, box 2!
  6. Masoonite

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    Set 35 plzerino!
  7. I started watching My Hero Algebra last night. 3 episodes in so far, and its a good show! Haven't watched anime in like 3 years, but back on my bs ;p

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Josh123


      I haven't loved an Anime as much as I love Naruto Shippuden until I started watching My Hero Academia it's the best! 

    3. Xavianangel


      I especially love the Pythagorean theorem character.

    4. Josh123


      For a second I had no idea who you were talking about.. XD @Xavianangel but I see what you did their.. ;) 

  8. Figure1 Figure 2 As we can see from figure 1 and figure 2, there is an inconsistency between the animation of shiny Pokemon in this game. Shiny Arceus was the first shiny introduced into the game, and as you can see has a wonderful animated shine to it. The shinies introduced afterward all do not have this shine. I understand the animation was added by a member who did not find the renders or cut the other shinies in the game (I'd have to look back to remember who did it), but I imagine adding the animation (or a new one) to all of them is possible. This isn't a problem, but a regression of quality is not something any of us want to see. In short, my opinion is a shine should be added to all shinies, all of which are below.
  9. Masoonite

    Shiny Mew

    I get your strategy, but the price isn't the issue I'm talking about. The conflict is that you are the poster and also the bidder, and this gives you the convenience and opportunity to bid on it (using your strategy) on your own time. If someone else on the team posted Mew at a random/systematic time and you bid on it then there would be issue, because this wouldn't be on your time and there is a chance you aren't available to bid on it or completely forget to. I don't think he's driving it up to an unfair price, I'm glad to see it go for a lot and taking points out of the game. just put it in CTC shop for 500k each with a buying limit of 2 and we solved the puzzle
  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! Ya'll know me so well with the Cipher cake and AT gifs ;) 

    1. Josh123


      Pfffft you haven't even gotten the best offline yet so shutupppp. 

    2. Masoonite


      @Josh123 I'm expecting Money Drop now and if it isn't i cri :'( xd

  11. Masoonite

    Shiny Mew

    It seems like a conflict of interest for you to keep bumping them up to 3mil+ each time you post one. Unless I'm misinformed and someone else is bumping them up, but every time I go to view one it is over 3mil and you (@sora) are always the highest bidder.
  12. Happy birthday!

  13. tenor.gif


    Hope it's a great one, Mason!!

  14. Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy birthday!!!

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