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  1. Not sure if I totally follow. The description (of the first one) says that each has block a guaranteed chaos rare, but on the list of possible prizes they aren't all chaos rares. Could a brotha get some clarification?
  2. Aw. I was excited for HTTYD set, but it looks like the set isn't based off one movie, but rather has toons from different ones. Still cool though, but rather have them focused on their one movie title like most sets.
  3. Just caught up with Hunter x Hunter (english dub). It started off as a fun series, but by the end turned into something completely different. The second arc was alright, but the 3rd arc is just awful. Too much reliance on narration and too many characters/unneeded conflicts. Still, kept me entertained while I shiny hunted in Pokemon Let's Go. Gonna need to buy the set now!

    1. Josh123


      Need to catch up, currently on 2nd arc.. Still definitely a good anime! 

  4. Related image

    1. Masoonite


      Bro, .1 point. It couldn't have been any closer. Well played my friend, I'll win it all for the both of us ;) haha

    2. Josh123


      bruh, you better! Don't embarrass the no. 1 seed like dat boiiii </3

  5. Glad you gave yourself an early gift by making Jinx an AO, haha

    1. Xavianangel


      To be fair, Paul is the one who pitched the idea :P Not me.

    2. Xavianangel


      If I wanted it for me, I would have done Lux ;)

    3. Masoonite


      Unloyal to Jinx, oof! Haha

  6. Cipher will take another dive down the rabbit hol- I mean wormhole
  7. I always found Ultra Beasts to be kinda not-Pokemon-looking, lol But cool contest. Cipher wants in da hole!
  8. Roses are red, Violets are blue. All of these ghost, And still got no boo. :'(
  9. Happy Birthday CT! Awesome toons came out, reminds me of the closing months of Orbit. Hopefully not foreshadow ;) Also, I was promised auctions in the mass PM >:[

    1. EngarDew


      sneaky, sneaky.

  10. When are we getting Bowsette in-game? 

  11. This seems pretty rushed, almost like it wasn't planned out weeks/months in advanced. Although, I could be wrong, there just doesn't seem to be anything unique about it nor an ongoing theme between the prizes. I'll still donate for the exclusive month toons, but hoping things look up during spooky month.
  12. Double points weekend but no September Donator Contest Thread. Not a good move :ltjunior:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Xavianangel


      Ty. Everyone is just busy af xD or sick. Lol

    3. Xavianangel


      We are all growing old and having adult responsibilities. I hate it lol.

    4. Masoonite


      I guess it be like that sometime ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      feel better soon, staffy

  13. I drew this in memory of the best cartoon series of the decade. 




    Feel free to follow me ;) 

    1. Josh123


      Lmao, you wild XD 

    2. Masoonite


      @Josh123 you been known this

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