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  1. Gave up all video games for lent again. See you guys when Easter comes around. Have fun!

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    2. Joshfarias16


      I gave up Beer and fast food. enjoy.

    3. smileygirl


      Noooo! Fast food! You poor thing! XD

    4. deepcanyon1


      see you after Easter Mason...dont see you around much..hope to see you more when you return :)

  2. Any chance this toon was meant to be animated and the gif wasn't uploaded? Or is it just gonna look like a frozen cring?
  3. Just paid for my Disneyland annual pass in full. Feels good man!

  4. So basically, rules don't apply anymore? photo storage screencast
  5. It's barely the second day of 2016 and I already messed up.... 2018 is my year for sure! :yakky:

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    2. smileygirl


      bruh, i'm already depressed! ;-;

      Thats a new record. 

    3. Masoonite


      @smileygirl, bruh I'm sorry to hear that :( If you need someone to vent to I'm all ears! (technically eyes since I'm reading it)

    4. smileygirl
  6. Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River will always have a special place in my heart <3 

    1. smileygirl


      Hmm, I don't think I've heard it yet.

      I think I may check it out! :) 

    2. Masoonite


      @smileygirl, what? how?? Its only the greatest pop song from 2002 XD

    3. smileygirl


      :3 I don't listen to normal music much.

      Fan made music for my fav games, like Undertale, Ib, etc, are where I'm at!!!~

      Don't judge me. xD

  7. Just dropped $300 on Pokemon cards this week :pixie:

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    2. Joshfarias16


      Josh Is contemplating dropping $50 on a base charizard first edition. Any thoughts?

    3. Masoonite


      @Joshfarias16 on a 1st ed Charizard, that's almost never a bad deal. Have you seen the condition?

    4. Joshfarias16


      Looks decent. At a local shop.

  8. Sorry my dude, can't help with that anymore. @Koga can though! :]
  9. Its been lit yo. 

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    2. Masoonite


      Best wishes from California haha

    3. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      After seeing two things y'all just passed, I wish y'all well as well .-. Be sure to bring bags with ya to the grocery store. Cause they cost 10 cent each for every plastic one they have to give you now xD

    4. Masoonite


      It suuuuuucks haha. But I guess its good for the enviornment so I can't be mad at that :P 

  10. Never forget where your journey started here on CT. You were just a wee noob with only 10 toons in your collection and only 5 digits next to your username. You've come a long way since then I imagine! You may have won multiple trophies in arcade games, made a dozen morphs in smackdown, and might have even been able to finally afford an AO all on your own! Now is your chance to give back and help new members to come. Help them start this game with some awesome starter toons that they can hopefully sell for lots of points and get a lucrative start in their CT journey. The top 5 donators of November will each choose a toon to be a part of the April 2017 Starter cToons. Top 10 donators will all also be able to pick starter toons from any year to be put into their collection The #1 donator will also receive all the 2017 starter cToons once we have finished the set. That means you could get the set months before it comes out! #2-5 donators will all receive the toon they picked for the starter set once it is finished as well. Limitations to what you can pick are below
  11. Ya'll aren't ready for December TBH...

    1. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      Y'all aren't ready for March 24th TBH...

  12. verified you manually, let me know if it works!
  13. Hi new, I'm dad
  14. I passed by an air freshener today that reminded me of how my house smelled when I played Cartoon Orbit. Tears were shed, RIP.

    1. smileygirl


      That's hilarious!!! XD 

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