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  1. oh ok! Creepie Creecher but i forgot again! lol i gotta remeber things better lol! -__-
  2. how many times are you aloud to win before you cant enter anymore?
  3. Kani but i forgot what i gussed too. lol Thanks!
  4. Aw darn i dont get a prize ow well its ok. congrats to the winners!
  5. have the winners been announced?
  6. Enter me. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. sorry i did not know where to post it. thanks
  8. Hey sorry again lol but i have diffrent passwords for my email and such and i put in the wrong password for my CT account and now im blocked out Can someone please unblock me?
  9. Ok sure they can all join the fourm. what is it you want them to do and what are the rules? Are we aloud to be on at the same same as long as we dont trade. I mean we dont want to trade each other. lol, Trust me were diffrent people i dont even see the point in me having to accounts lol i mean what would i do with 5 accounts?
  10. Well at the least i hope we can get 2 more account one for my brother and my sisters can share one.
  11. Oh wow that sucks. how about the people who have more then 2 siblings?
  12. Thank you! And yes that is she made that one before i made mine. i have 4 siblings that want to play she already made heres now my 2 other sister and my brother are trying to make theres. Thank you.
  13. Sorry i dont understand i did not triple post in the fourm. only my password.
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