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My Pokemon Journey

In this fantasy world of Pokemon... I was just starting out, my brother who was a great trainer took me out to catch my first pokemon when I was 10. The memory is still as clear as though it just happened yesterday. We went to the nearest route, he brought out his Alakazam, and then he helped me catch my favorite pokemon, and best friend Growlithe! I trained for a few weeks before Growlithe and I headed out on our journey to become a pokemon trainer. 

   It was about a week in to my travels when I came across this eerie town called Hollows Grove. There wasn't many people around, and the ones who were around were pretty distant. I was lost and was trying to find my way through the town, when I came across this creepy abandoned Carnival Ghost-Town-2010-Wallpaper.jpg

I was making my way through, when I heard a voice come from behind me. I turned and it was a girl. Her name was @randaaroo, and she said she could help me through the town on one condition, I beat her in a Pokemon battle. I gladly accepted. I send my Growlithe out, it what would be his first important battle. Randa then sent out a Haunter. I think I was more excited to see the Haunter, than worried about getting out of this town. It was a long battle, but I finished the Haunter off with an ember attack. After the battle she thanked me and said she would help me get through, she was such a nice girl. Once we got to the end of the town, I thanked her and she hugged me and told me to take Haunter with me on my journey. She said that it would be much happier traveling with me. So after hesitating, I accepted her gift and obtained my second Pokemon Haunter! As I headed out of town, I told her I would love to battle again, and hope to see her in the future.

   Once I got back on track I made it up to the next town, Table Town. This was a unique town I must say. I made sure to check out the beautiful pokemon center, and stopped and looked at all the events the town hosted. I was thankful to come on the weekend of TableFlip. It's a tradition in this town every year to flip a table in Table Park to show that the town had a powerful upbringing. I remember walking up and watching the table flip. It was a lot of fun. There was a strong man who flipped the table, I introduced myself after and mentioned how I was looking to battle the gym here in town. He introduced himself as @mkw19. He was born and raised here in table town and was pleased to meet me. He showed me around the town and we finally made it to the gym, it was great getting to know him, then I thanked him and ran in to the gym (Which by the way, was shaped as a giant table) I was extremely excited. He wished m good luck as I was running in to the gym. I got inside and it was empty.... I was pretty confused at first, when all of a sudden.... a table fell from the balcony, and down jumped MKW. I couldn't believe it! He was the gym leader! He wished me luck yet again, and said this battle would be a true fight. It would be a two on two battle which was very exciting! I sent out my two Pokemon Growlithe and Haunter! Then MKW sent out his two pokemon hitmonchan-and-hitmonlee.jpg?itok=98-LQaiV

It was for sure a great fight, he had my pokemon basically finished before I barely came out victorious. We shook hands after and I received my first badge, the "Flip Badge." What made this story so much better, was once I was about to leave, MKW decided to join me on my journey! So now I have two amazing pokemon, and a good friend to travel with.... and to think, this adventure hasn't even started yet!

   After a couple weeks traveling with Mkw, I really got to know him and he became a really great friend of mine. He has so many different Pokémon, so getting to know all of them was an adventure alone! We traveled to a nearby city so we could take the famous poo S.S Oldier to our next city! The ship was as beautiful as how I imagined! largest_cruise_ships_1.jpg

We gathered all of our stuff as we entered the ship. It was paradise on water! We got to our room and then we explored the ship and got to meet so many cool trainers! There was this one roon in the center of the ship that allowed trainers to get together battle and trade! That's where I ended up meeting the captain of the ship, @Ssoldier. He was running the battles so I rushed to go battle him! He happily accepted and sent out his first Pokemon, the one and only Pikachu! I was excited to battle it, so I sent out Growlithe, it was a tough battle and he had almost taken down growlithe until the best come back, it was a bite and ember attack that ended it! I was in more shock than he was, but he congratulated me and said it was one of his best battles he has been in. We got to know each other and he became a good friend, and as we finally got to Power Town he said he would like another battle in the future, and the we can board the S.S Oldier anytime we want! It was a good trip and glad I got to meet someone new! Now to begin the next adventure at Power Town, home of the biggest Power Plant. It was an interesting time!

We continued on our path to check out the Power Plant, and find the next gym so I could battle it. We got to the Power Plant and it was absolutely huge, but really cool. They talked about how the Power Plant powered up over half of the land. It was amazing. After the power plant we headed to the Gym. The Gym leaders name was (To be determined.) an incredible Electric type leader... We were just about to battle when all the power went out.... We hurried to the Power Plant to see what was up, and outside was this shady stranger.... We ambushed him before he could continue his plans, he said that his plans are to destroy all the power and take everyones Pokemon and Money.... He said his name went by the name Tails. It was scary at first bc it had never happened before. He threw out two Vulpix, so I threw out my Haunter and Mkw threw out his Mankey. It was a rather easy battle.... Tails didn't stand a chance! After we beat him he had stated that this was not the last we have seen of him and he scurried off..... We got back to the gym and was expecting to battle, but when I got the (To be determined) gave me the gym badge and said after the battle I just had and saved the city it was not needed for a battle and I deserved the badge. I was extremely grateful and would be glad to face them in the future. We headed on our way after that bc there is no time at all for breaks, when we want to become the next best pokemon trainers!


Tune in at a later date, to see the continue of my adventure. Im too tired to continue tonight xD

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