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  1. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    SOmething I actually needed!
  2. Everyone is singing, la la la la la la la

  3. How many points do you have?

    Congrats!! It took me sooooooo long to get 1million points. It is much easier now lol
  4. 2017 Spookiest Cworld Contest

    So This is what's happening here! Our boy DJ Holo is throwing a Halloween costume banger for some fellow cartoon characters, when all of a sudden a Portal opens during the party! Little did they know it was a portal that led to the Monster world, and they started to get consumed by all these real monsters! "The Evil Master" who is the creature emerging from the portal, is sucking characters through to the other side "Rick and Morty." He won't stop until he captures, and controls all the cartoon characters of Collectoons!
  5. Trick, Treat, or Trick!

    Set 18 Box 1
  6. 2017 Spookiest Cworld Discussion

    I really hope to win a new plaque! Working on my design and so far it is pretty rad!
  7. One of my greatest inspirations, gone too soon..... Tom Petty will always be one of the biggest reasons why I got in to music. R.I.P to the legend of the heartbreakers

    1. Joshfarias16


      R.I.P the man the myth the legend, Tom Petty...

  8. October 2017 Releases

    That Iron Maiden Eddie on October 22nd tho! This month is gonna make me poor for sure!
  9. Does anyone have that DJ monkey toon? Idk the name of it, but I am pretty sure it's a monkey with a turntable xD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Coolguy
    3. Mitch O'Neil

      Mitch O'Neil

      Yupp! That's the little bugger I need lol

    4. deepcanyon1


      I have an extra one for you..i will put it on the trade board for you..and just offer what you think is fair for it :)  @Mitch O'Neil

  10. Check my account if you want some toons, I might be able to come off them. Looking for Pumpkin Carvers, and What's the Stitch

  11. Buying Pumpkin Carvers Plaque when it sells out, and also buying What's the Stitch for 200k. Or will trade if ya need anything

  12. I guess I'll join the fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Even tho I know today is not your birthday! Only I know when your true birthday is B)

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      We have to tell him Happy Birthday sometime. Better a day he "picked" then never!

    2. Coolguy


      Gracias! Embrace the Truth Jwool, as the Truth will set you free!

  13. 100.17% You have 601 out of 600 ctoons in this set  FINALLY! 

    My biggest achievement on this site! Back when I had started in 2013 I vowed to complete the Pokemon set, many years later and a lot more determination, I have finally accomplished my goal! Arguably one of the hardest sets to complete on here, and I have done so! Thank you to everyone who has helped me get it completed. There is too many to name but I hope you all know how amazing you are! I truly am thankful!

    1. mkw19


      Congrats man!...I'll celebrate by endlessly flipping tables!


    2. Mitch O'Neil

      Mitch O'Neil

      This is perfect! Thanks!

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