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  1. Biggest Pet-peeve on here: When I have a toon on Trade board and someone has a high of 300k, and someone counter offers with 301k..... I will end up just accepting the 300k offer, just sayin. Same goes for when I am offering on a toon.... Say I have a 250k offer on something, and someone offers 251k. If ya really want the toon, offer more than 1k Higher! lol Rant over! 

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    2. Xavianangel


      Just pm them back that you refuse to accept their offer if they wanna act like that. And if they're rude, send them my way.

    3. theflash999d


      there should be like a courtesy guide. like under10k=+1k

      10-100k=+5k 100-?k (based on preference) =+10k then after ?k +25k then a fast rise after that

    4. Jwoolman1993


      Right?! It just bothers me when my offer gets declined bc someone bidded 1k higher.. So now I reoffer for 250k and good that they don't decline it for a 251k offer

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