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  1. Biggest Pet-peeve on here: When I have a toon on Trade board and someone has a high of 300k, and someone counter offers with 301k..... I will end up just accepting the 300k offer, just sayin. Same goes for when I am offering on a toon.... Say I have a 250k offer on something, and someone offers 251k. If ya really want the toon, offer more than 1k Higher! lol Rant over! 

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    2. ken


      Oh I agree, I hate seeing my offers canceled just to go reoffer and see it's only 5k more. I'm like, just give me a price point at this point @_@ lol.

    3. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      It's annoying having to reoffer 100x times as every time a 500 point increase counts

    4. Jwoolman1993


      Glad I am not the only one that fines this annoying xD

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