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  1. moxie

    X Marks The Spot

    Moxie 41 Please and thank you
  2. moxie

    X Marks The Spot

    Moxie 10 please and thank you shark.
  3. moxie

    Make mojofan Laugh. cWorld contest

    This is my entry showing how much it stinks that you are no longer going to be around Collectoons...(Rainbow Farting Tigers always make me laugh) It's a little funnier live with the animated toons moving around....
  4. moxie

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    moxie Let's see if I can NOT go in a circle again...(focus moxie focus...don't make the same mistake twice)
  5. moxie

    Show Me the Money!

    Moxie... Thanks for the raffle and Happy Birthday @Paul...and thanks to all those who have served our country!
  6. moxie

    Oh Happy Day...Happy Birthday @Paul... :bday1:

    1. Paul


      haha thank you Moxie!

  7. moxie

    Moxie's Wishlist

    Thank you @mojofan for your generosity...knocked out a good portion of my Moana set!
  8. moxie

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    You hop on your ride and take off into the Wormhole, and eventually enter another wormhole and find................ ...............oh you're back? Umm, I'll assume you must've found another wormhole that just came right back here. Maybe you ended up going in a circle? Either way it would seem you unfortunately found nothing in the Wormhole.  HaHaHa...this sounds like my every day real life...I go in circles and wind up right where I started getting nothing accomplished... Thanks @Sharktibolt...this is very funny!
  9. moxie

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    moxie I'm a bit curious and am ready to enter...please and thank you!
  10. moxie

    CT Hangman

  11. Happy Birthday...hope you have a great day! :) :bday1:

  12. Just wanted to say a "BIG" Thank You to everyone who helped in making yesterday happen...awesome job everybody...awesome codes...awesome toons...and awesome raffles/games in chat! Well done and much appreciated! :wub:

    1. deepcanyon1


      I totally agree with moxie it was alot of fun..especially all the raffles and games in chat and good to see so many there..and I agree thanks to everyone who pulled together and made everything so much fun :) 

  13. moxie

    October 2018 Newsletter

    Well I guess yesterday's 10th anniversary release of the pokemon gift boxes (with 7 unown toons in each) answers my post above.... Thanks @The Villainous Rumplestiltskin for sending me on a day long wild goose chase for that "hidden message"... good one...ya got me!
  14. moxie

    Happy Happy Birthday to my Zip Zip Zippity! :bday2::bday1:

  15. moxie

    October 2018 Newsletter

    So I looked around and couldn't figure out where the right place would be to post here I am in Gab Central guessing this can be moved if needed. I was trying to solve the hidden message in the October Newsletter and having no figured I would come here to see if anyone else has had any luck? The letters highlighted in white spell out unOwn which I googled to be an alphabet type pokemon. I tried that as a luck. I also noticed a white ! (exclamation mark) and added that for a code (unown!)...nope. I searched the data base for a card named unown...nope. I'm wondering if the hidden message is a code or is it just a message telling us something like: there will be a set coming in October and it will be a Pokemon set of the unown toons? I also read the letter over and over and went to the cards of all the Alladin toons to see if there was a link attached to any of them for another clue or a prize..?(not that I could find). I've googled and tried words related to the unown pokemon and still have not come up with anything that has worked. I even went to the mario Mystery Box (?) to see if there was a link there...nope. Oh, and I also tried Cworlds with the name pokemon, unown, Cave of Wonders, museum...etc....nope. Anyone else have any ideas or input on this...? Thank you in advance...
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