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  1. Lord Vegeta

    New Challenger Approaching!

    hi yeah dont eat the cheese
  2. Lord Vegeta


    welcome have fun don't eat the cheese behind the bread box trust me on this one
  3. Lord Vegeta


    three is all i need to have the base set i would have had then all if it was not for this dang refreshing over and over and over again that's it i had enough i am now ubber ticked off twice it happened to me again i go to the shop its there i try to click it and the screen refreshes on me and its gone i am done for today try again tomarrow i dont know i just cant take this today
  4. Lord Vegeta


    its still doing it to me right now
  5. Lord Vegeta


    dude it refreshed on me 6 times in a row once i almost had two more The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya toons i need both were there but the dang screen kept refreshing and when it finally stoped they were gone
  6. Lord Vegeta


    why does my screen refresh for no reasom all the time i lost out on getting toons cus it i go to buy the toon and bam the screen refreshes and the toon is gone its starting to get really annoying
  7. Lord Vegeta

    Professor Oak's Lab

    sweet i wanna be the very best like no one ever was the turtle but i think i already got some pokes so its kool if you dont send
  8. Lord Vegeta


    soft shell or crunchy i had to ask sorry
  9. Lord Vegeta

    Explain Your Avatar!

    i like love hina plus my other self made anime gifs were to large bit size wise for this place
  10. Lord Vegeta


    i want all the anime toons i can get
  11. Lord Vegeta


    i just got here got 40k plus points and i am already broke as a joke
  12. Lord Vegeta


    hello Chris i am paul
  13. Lord Vegeta


    hello all i just found out about this place and i likes made my donation was a on cartoon orbit when it started was rich on that thing man hated when it shut down
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