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  1. Changed the price of Felix and went with the DVD instead. Thanks!
  2. Felix the Cat Laughing Felix - 7k Funky Phantom Skip - 8k Mighty Max Kalamarus - 3k Pink Floyd's The Wall Pink's Mother - 4k Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Spirit DVD - 5k
  3. 3rd set, an Outlaw Star expansion! I remember catching the show on Toonami and re-watching it at some point years later; I think it's safe to say that it had quite an impact I'd found enough art but wanted two or three more things, so I figured I had time to re-watch it again for more images. I ended up getting way more screencaps than I expected, so here's a (full!) set focusing on characters. Only the original Gilliam was pre-done, so 29 out of 30 toons required work.
  4. I've been fairly active in the past few months, so I'll repeat/add to the suggestions. 1. Adjusting point payouts for select arcade games. As mentioned, some games take more time and effort to complete, and don't get played as often due to the point payout. IMO, games such as Let It Flow, Towering Legends, Ultimate Defense 2 (Strategy), and Lightning (Card) could use adjustments, and perhaps others as well. 2. Time machine selection. There have been some good toons, but I frequently got repeats. I actually haven't used the TM in about a month due to getting things I already had, especially because of its tendency to give out toons from 2012, when I was mostly active. I wasn't here for most of 2014-2016, so I'd be more likely to need a toon from that time period, instead of around 2012. That's why an option to choose a year (with older years being more expensive, or not available as often?) would be helpful. Also, it'd be nice to choose from a set of toons in the given year, like we were actually looking at a shop as it might have been and buying one toon from the selection. (We could also incorporate non-shop rarities here, even if they weren't ever in a shop strictly speaking. I'm not sure which rarities are available in the current TM.) 3. View other collections in grouped form. Collections tend to get really big now, and it can be tedious to flip through someone's collection if they have lots of duplicates. Instead, we could also view other collections in the same way we view ours in the My Collection page, and that allows viewing specific subcategories too. Speaking of big collections... 4. Multiple cWorlds. We have many toons and one cWorld to display a subset of them. Maybe we could have a few available cWorlds or pages available so that we could populate each one with different toons. Users set a "default" cWorld to be seen first, or let a random one display whenever someone arrives. This feature helps during cWorld contests, since we wouldn't need to clear our existing (main) cWorld to participate. 5. Single-player morphing/rematches. Smackdown relies on having (exactly) one other person to battle. Finding a partner can be tricky depending on when everyone is available so it would be helpful if there was a way to gain BP through single-player SD. Whether the rewards are capped or reduced in some way, and whether wins/losses in this mode count towards the leaderboard (probably not?) could be discussed. Also, we could add a "rematch" option where if both players wanted to keep battling with the same toons, they could go straight to the next one without closing out, sending another challenge, etc. 6. Chat games/contests. I remember having fun contests in the chat with our trivia bot back in the day. I don't know how feasible that is on the current chat, but it could encourage chat activity by running small (or large) contests, or even having full-scale chat parties like we managed to do a few times. 7. Art/set communication. It can be unclear what art CT already has, and having usable art is the first step in getting those sets on CT. It might help to have a list in a topic somewhere with series that are requested often or would probably be popular, but haven't had art submitted for them. Then if someone sees something they recognize on the list, they might be inclined to retrieve some art or even get usable screenshots. ... I don't completely remember what things were like when I decided to take a break in mid 2014, but I feel like toon availability and Premium benefits may have been involved. Some toons have become much harder to find, but that's been improving with the recent contests and CTC sales, and has potential to get even better with an improved time machine. For Premium, I'm wary of adding more substantial benefits in addition to the current ones. These days I don't plan to have Premium for months at a time, which tends to work out still since I've been here a while, but I'm not sure how it would be for someone newer who can't get Premium. As for why I came back in late 2016, there were two deciding factors. One was the Fire Emblem 7 set that had recently come out. Blazing Sword was one of many games I played during my break, so when I saw that in the splash page I couldn't help but try to get them all, and I gradually re-engaged with the rest of the site from there. I mentioned it before, but I think it's great that many different games can now be found here as sets, since that's one more thing that can interest someone long enough to stay. The other reason was StarSapphire's CCC game, which is an excellent replication of gToons with new characters and series. It goes back to what someone said about there being many (older?) members who were around for the original Orbit and remember the toons and shows that were popular there. It's always nice and encouraging to see those kinds of toons, or toons in that style (in the case of cRings and bluebacks.) Overall I've had a pretty good experience on here recently, and it's been fun seeing names I recognize. I'm hoping the site continues to move in a good direction
  5. Some singles that I haven't posted yet. More Code Geass and a random Smash Bros
  6. Atom Ant Atom Ant - 4k Betty Boop Betty's Bouquet - 5k Bomberman Jetters Shout - 5k Brave Walking Cub - 3k Droopy Running Droopy - 5k
  7. Caillou Bedtime Caillou - 3k Men in Black: TAS Alien Christmas - 5k Steamboy Flying Steamboy - 5k The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Crazy Neighbor - 4k The Legend of Zelda Holiday Link - 5k
  8. I can do 5k each for these.
  9. 5k each is fine. Thanks!
  10. Balto Frightened Balto - 3k Clannad Clannad Girls - 3k FernGully: The Last Rainforest Flying Batty - 3k Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow Iron vs. Machine - 3k Oliver & Company Dancing Dogs - 3k
  11. Thanks! A Pup Named Scooby-Doo Young Velma - 5k Martin Mystery Java the Caveman - 3k Megaman Animated Cutman - 5k Tales from Earthsea Tales from Earthsea DVD - 3k The Legend of Zelda Spin-Attack Link - 3k
  12. 2nd set, Metroid: Zero Mission! It's a GBA remake of the original NES game "Metroid." I worked on these images a few weeks before the contest was announced, so I re-sized and tweaked them a bit for this topic. Since there are many other games in the series with potential artwork (some in different styles, such as the 3D Prime games), we could have an overall Metroid category with these toons as Zero Mission Originals. 16 out of 22 toons needed full rendering. Pre-renders: Rendered:
  13. 1st set I've gathered so far, for Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Most of these were already rendered and just needed re-sizing or minimal work, so I separated and sourced the 11 (out of 28) toons that needed full rendering. Pre-renders: Rendered:
  14. The Aquabats Super Show Jimmy the Robot - 5k The Little Mermaid Dressed-Up Ariel - 3k
  15. Santa Urd is currently listed under "Oh my Goddess!" Should she be with the rest of the "Ah! My Goddess" toons? Punisher Venny should be Punisher Vinny. Also, in the Hobbit and LOTR set, both and are listed as Gollum.
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