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  1. Congratulations Upular! You deserve it.
  2. Use instead of
  3. 1. Use paper bags instead of plastic at stores (or even your own personal shopping bag) 2. Buy something that uses solar power 3. Fan yourself off rather than using an electric fan when it's hot. 4. Walk, take a bus, or even carpool with friends. 5. Make a compost heap of vegetables or mulches/yard waste 6. Take a shower than a bath - you use less water and you don't still end up dirty afterwords. 7. Flush once when using a toilet. Don't waste toilet paper and if necessary, flush twice. 8. Plant trees or any type of plants around. It could be your garden or community service work. 9. Turn off lights during the day and perhaps a lamp night during the dark night. 10. Don't wash dishes and have the water running 100% of the time 11. Use a hand-pushed lawnmower rather than the electric or gas one. 12. Build bird houses 13. Sink useless or old ships in the ocean so fish and other wild-life can live there. Edit: Oh god I have more 14. Use the excess grass when cutting your lawn as compost or mulch to give your plants nutrients in the soil (I do that whenever I mow the lawn) 15. Don't use nuclear objects or even think about dumping nuclear wastes in the environment. 16. Instead of looking at this forum, shut off your monitor or computer. Desktops and laptops use up a lot of electricity you know.
  4. For some reason I find DuckHunt to be easier than most of the challenges.
  5. Well his gender says male - even though the internet lies, I'm sure he's a male.
  6. Thankyou. I also remember captain melonhead Johnny in the cartoon orbit. I had that on my page.
  7. Thankyou everyone. I always read the rules. I'm sure I'll have a few questions in the future too
  8. My name is Dominic. I have an xbox live gamertag - Gruber Hof. I started this website yesterday. I remembered cartoon orbit and decided to join. I wish I remembered my orbit name. It was fuzzyUncleDuck something. But anyways, I would love Orbit to be back. I spent 3 hours on Duckhunt to get the golden duck trophie. (-.-)
  9. Don't forget the dancing plank!
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