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  1. Xero_Hybrid

    CT Hangman

  2. Xero_Hybrid

    Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    In the Mortal Kombat set there is now a bunch of toons with the same name Baraka, Cyrax , Kabal, Kano, Kintaro, Kitana, Kung Lao , Liu Kang , Mileena, Nightwolf, Noob Saibot, Raiden, Reptile, Scorpion, Sektor ,Shang Tsung ,Shao Khan , Sheeva, Sindel ,Sonya Blade, Stryker, and Sub-Zero the ones from the newest set could be renamed to MK3 Baraka and so on
  3. Xero_Hybrid

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    This was a fun little game, would like to see so more stuff like it in the future
  4. Xero_Hybrid

    Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    In the FFX-2 Set Mooj is suppose to be Nooj
  5. Xero_Hybrid

    May 2018 Releases

    New Sword Art Online HR Shop 1 Stronger Together http://www.collectoons.com/plaques/userlist.php?toonId=MTEwODg5
  6. Xero_Hybrid

    First 15 Get a Chance

    Xero_Hybrid and would love to see a PO in the Persona series
  7. Xero_Hybrid

    Xero's Wishlist (Updated May 10)

    110k sound good?
  8. Xero_Hybrid

    Xero's Wishlist (Updated May 10)

  9. Xero_Hybrid

    Tooner's Wish List : Updated 8/2

    that would be 87k altogether, sounds good will put them up for you
  10. Xero_Hybrid

    Tooner's Wish List : Updated 8/2

    offer on Dash Frozone Mirage Mr. Incredible Syndrome Violet C.A.R.T.E.R. Karen Daring Cleaning Cart Drac Eunice Stein Frank Stein Horror D'oeuvres Hotel Transylvania Logo Johnny Stein Male Goblin Mavis Quasimodo Skull Pop Transformed Drak Wayne Wolf Werewolf Cubs Wormcakes Zombie Bellman Zombie Waiter Mr. Peabody and Sherman Logo Natsuki Sakae Jinnouchi Wabisuke
  11. Xero_Hybrid

    ZaberFang's Wishlist

    offer on Zephiel and Guinevere Diane Lance Dragonar-2 Dragonar-3 Dragoon Linda Plato Rose Pattenton Aisha Clanclan Harry McDougall Melfina Twilight Suzuka D.va Pharah Hitokotonushi Makami Nue Saturnus TH1-DR "Thundarr" Garnet Steven's Gem
  12. Xero_Hybrid

    Easter Video Games Hunger Games

    is my pick
  13. Xero_Hybrid

    Moxie's Wishlist

    sounds good they are up now for you
  14. Xero_Hybrid

    Moxie's Wishlist

    Have these if you want to offer on them Fairy Hello Kitty Toy Solider Hello Kitty Posed Garnet Lonma Chubby Cheese Math Magician Windbear And Oceanbird Yeti Ape Captain Leslie Hero Princess Clara Wooldoor Jebediah Sockbat Old Plank Taco Eds
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