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  1. Balance

    Since the topic of certain toons being hard to get has come up maybe it is time to re release some of them for example, something like PPG Radio has 27 in game but if you are trying to complete the PPG girls set it is pretty much impossible because of the low number of them and how many of those users would eve sell maybe 2 or 3? Why not release like 33 to being the number up to the regular 60 for AOs number put them in auctions with the rules you can only buy one and you can not win one if you already own it.
  2. CT Hangman

  3. Xero's Wishlist

    Glad I could help with a bunch off your wishlist
  4. Xero's Wishlist

    kinda of will set up a offline of what i need for the stuff from your wishlist
  5. Xero's Wishlist

    if it would be easier for you just set up a offline trade for the stuff i need for all the stuff i have off your wishlist?
  6. Xero's Wishlist

    i have these Addams Family 90's Addams Family Portrait Costumed Lurch Fester's Pal Mummified Wednesday Playing in the Sandbox Adventure Time Leaping Marceline Reaper Disney Infinity Barbossa DI Ahsoka Tano DI Anakin Skywalker DI Chewbacca DI Darth Vader DI Dash DI Luke Skywalker DI Maleficent DI Merida DI Mickey Mouse DI Mr. Incredible DI Mrs. Incredible DI Mulan DI Princess Leia DI Tinker Bell DI Violet DI Woody The Lone Ranger Kingdom Hearts BBS Gantu BBS Jumba BBS Prince Phillip BBS Stitch Wayfinder Wight Knight Space Ghost Coast to Coast Space Ghost's Desk Luigi's Mansion Frightened Friends Looking for Ghosts Boo Professor Elvin Gadd Hider Mario Kart MK8 Wario MK8 Waluigi MK8 Toadette MK8 Rosalina MK8 Daisy MK8 Blue Shell
  7. Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    Yufi Kisaragi should be Yuffie Kisaragi Ingrid Hinnigan should be Ingrid Hunnigan
  8. Xero's Wishlist

    Still need these if you could put them up when you have the chance
  9. Pokemon Raffle

    Xero_Hybrid Mewtwo and Bidoof
  10. Loot Raffle

  11. Xero's Wishlist

  12. CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

    Toons Sent
  13. CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

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