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  1. I'll try to be in next Wednesday. For me, I got the dates all screwed up xD
  2. Looks like a cool tattoo.
  3. Dang, I thought you guys moved it to Thursday.
  4. 1st Place Winner! And the Powered-Up Garlic Jr. goes too... 2nd Place Winner! 3rd Place Winner! Everyone who replied with their name was put into the raffle. You were given a number in chronological order from the first to post to the last. Results: Applicants: Hopefully I didn't miss anyone or anything like that XD Note: All prizes have been given out.
  5. You're welcome!
  6. Threw it up for ya. Check the trade board!
  7. Futurama Cobb's ego (VR) 2,794 Donbot (VR) 2,778 Elzar (RA) 2,068 Excited Fry (CM) 1,060 Joey Mousepad (UN) 1,486 Langdon Cobb (VR) 2,824 Mr.Peppy (RA) 1,848 Roberto (UN) 1,784 Seymor (CR) 3,554 Sitting Nibbler (UN) 1,648 Total = 21,844
  8. Ya'll still playing this though? XD Have they at least fixed the tracking system yet?
  9. No they didn't. I've been here a long time, and I've hunted holy rares religiously back then. Most of the holy rares from then sold out over the weekend. Nowadays, I see them restocking through out the week.
  10. Why are people doing fireworks outside my house at midnight? It's only Easter >_> ....


    1. captainjack


      Do those same people put up a tree for Halloween or worship a turkey for St. Patrick's Day? They may be confused about holiday traditions. lol

    2. sciencefriction


      It seems like in recent years fireworks have become more widely used. :/

  11. I like that Posed D. Va . Hopefully, I have enough tickets for it. Edit: I do have enough tickets for once and it's the first copy. Sweet.
  12. @Xavianangel and I thought it would be a nice little raffle. So props to her for the support.
  13. Appa alone can go for around 30,000. So we'll have to get back to you with the going rate for all those. Thanks.
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