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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    1. deepcanyon1


      Happy Thanksgiving to you too !

  2. I remember you. Welcome back to the fruity land.
  3. Yeah, just to quickly add to what Angel said. She’s the one that’s been doing everything not Toon. That’s not a diss to Toon or anything. That’s just a fact. She’s been working really hard to give everyone a nice send off, so she deserves credit for that part.
  4. I'm excited for Rick and Morty next week. Thanks for adding that set Angel.
  5. Looking for Toxic Caesar Clown from One Piece, Golden Charmander, and some other things. Check out my list, and let me know if you have anything for sale. Thanks!
  6. Happy birthday!!

    1. Paul


      Thanks Angel!

  7. Happy Birthday Paul..I hope you have a wonderful day !  :bday2::bday1:

    1. Paul


      Thank you Deep!

  8. I appreciate what you wrote. Very well thought out, and well written. But it wasn't the staffs decision to close the site. It's the owner's decision. If you want to make your voice heard, and make a difference I would suggest you PM him. This is the warning. If it hadn't been for staff speaking up to Toon he would've closed the site much sooner without saying anything at all. But we managed to get 2 extra months for everyone because we felt suddenly closing the site with out giving players any time was a huge slap in the face. Yes, this sucks. And It's hard to cope with. But this is all on Toon. Nobody on staff wan'ts the site to close.
  9. If ya'll need something from my collection that you've always been wanting to get let me know. Depending on what it is i may just give it away for free. Now's a good a time as ever to finish your bucket lists, and get that cToon or set you've always been wanting to complete, before the site closes.

  10. Bruh, you're killing me with the Toonami farewell :*( I remember how sad I was when it went away the first time.
  11. Paul

    Steven Universe!

    You've suggested a lot.... If I asked you to pick 15 characters for a set to release for everyone, no morphs, items, or objects, which 15 would they be, and why?
  12. See when I see suggestions like these where characters are named, rarities suggested, and everything is cut, then I'll use it 100%. Beautiful set, and great job. O_Ob
  13. Paul

    Gundam 8th MS Team

    Name every character you posted. The more research you do when suggesting sets like this the more likely it'll get added to the game cough *hint* cough
  14. Thank you for that. It was nice to see pictures of Orbit.
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