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  1. Paul


    Paul and Spot #11
  2. Paul

    January 2019 Releases

    Wow....last week's new HR still hasn't sold out yet. And it's Saturday night now. Does no one want to buy it? haha
  3. Paul

    What movie does the movie above make you think of?

    The Truman Show
  4. Paul

    What movie does the movie above make you think of?

    The Mask (Idk why)
  5. Paul

    A Brit on a mission

    Cell Jr x 1 (VR) Hercule Trophy x 1 (CO) West Supreme Kai x 2 (R) Offer on these?
  6. Paul

    Sora's Wishlist!

    AGU Spike (CR) - Need x1- Buying for 6k  Put spike up on the tb for ya.
  7. Alright, I'll start posting them shortly. Edit: They're up!
  8. Roar! Can you do 10k per CR?
  9. Paul

    November Donation Contest

    The honesty is hilarious XD
  10. Holding out on me hugh? I see how it is. I just gotta take more points from ya. Offer on these.
  11. Paul

    Sharktibolt's Wishlist

    I've got Poipole for sale. It's already posted on the trade board.
  12. You still got points to spend? I thought I took em all.
  13. Paul

    Chelsea's Wishlist :) 01/17/2019 BUYING ALOT!!

    I'll post How to Trap a Mako up for you.
  14. Paul

    ""()::,..Paul'S, Wish List..!:)(:!

    Updated my wish list. Let me know if you guys have anything I want. Thanks!
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