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  1. So glad I passed my PT test today.  Got the worst cramp of my life during the run, but I pushed through it, and did good on my run time, and on the test overall. :) 

    1. deepcanyon1


      Congratulations on passing your physical training test  :)  And i know you have to be proud of how good you have done !

    2. Paul


      Thank you! I am proud of myself for finishing even though I was in pain and thought of stopping. I'm also glad I get to keep my ITP. Here at Tech School there isn't much fun you can have with out it. :) 

    3. sciencefriction


      Nice, congrats man! Time for a post PT celebration meal lol. 

  2. Lion King Series

    Good images. I like Funny Face lol
  3. Energy Bending

    Oh look, another AO. I would've never guessed This one is pretty cool actually. O_Ob
  4. December 2017 Releases

    Yes, please!
  5. December 2017 Releases

    No chance :/
  6. Loot Raffle

    And the winner of the Loot Raffle is.... Prize: 350,000 points, and the following Holy Rares, Blue Backs, and Omega Rare: Again, congrats! And the prize is everything shown above. Thanks everyone for participating. The more people that get involved is always a good motivation for me to make more contests in the future. And I'll try to make more interesting contests soon.
  7. There was a Toy Story set with a HR, and I'm just finding out now? :( 

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      Aw, yeah, it's a great set. Sorry you missed the evil Porkchop.

    2. Sister Love

      Sister Love

      Toy Story can have so much more--Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry,, The Toy Story That Time Forgot (this one would work as an LE set), Toy Story of Terror, Partysaurus Rex

  8. Loot Raffle of 350,000 points and more!

    Ends midnight tonight folks!

  9. November 2017 Donator of the Month

    That Ultra Instinct Goku is so sick O_Ob
  10. There can only be one Santa lol
  11. Loot Raffle

    - Sign up with your in-game name below, and you'll be entered in the raffle. - Raffle begins now, and ends Saturday December 9 at Midnight. So don't wait enter now! - The winner will get all of this loot. There will only be one winner. Prize: 350,000 points, and the following Holy Rares, Blue Backs, and Omega Rare: Participants:
  12. The Infinity War is Nigh.....

    Can't wait for this movie to come out! It's going to be Epic!
  13. 2 Rolls

    Got 2 Fruit Roll Ups in one pack. So excited! haha

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    2. thelastsith


      That's awesome that you made it, man! Great to here Tech school's going well :)

    3. Paul


      Thanks Deep! This Tech school is a lot more relaxed. I'm settling in, and there' s time until my next class starts so I wanted to drop bye. I see there's been a lot of changes.

    4. sciencefriction


      Nice! 2 for 1 is always awesome. 

  14. Christmas Advent 2017

    Nice code. Can't wait for the rest. And wonder what the special prize could be hmmm
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