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  1. Just got a holy rare in shop as soon as i got there. Don't know where "Shayne and Aurox" is from. But that's pretty cool nonetheless. 

    1. Paul


      Dang, there's some great stuff in shops. Just got a couple DBZ crazy rares too!

  2. Paul

    I love CT because...

    Truth. She says it all the time. I've heard the "I'm gonna quit" talk from her more times than I care to remember. Honestly, it's annoying because I know her well enough that she wouldn't just quit CT. She knows she's not going to quit either, but I think she says it anyway out of frustration with how things are going on the site sometimes. When you put in as much work, time, and dedication as she has into the site you don't just walk away from it. I know she cares about it too much to do that. But all that work drives her crazy sometimes, and she makes me crazy sometimes when she says things like she's going to quit (again), but I know in the end she cares a lot. (That sounded really nice in my head, so hopefully when you read that you don't get offended lol)
  3. Watching Avengers tonight! Can't wait!!! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xavianangel


      Same. Watching in 30 min


    3. Paul


      That was a great movie!!!

    4. Xavianangel


      OMG!! LOVED IT.

  4. Paul

    Favorite cToons?

  5. I love when I randomly go in a shop, and see a holy rare :D 

    1. RubixCube


      like old times hahaha

  6. Paul

    Collectoons Easter Egg Hunt 2018

    The results are in! Winners and Prizes are shown below. If you won Arcade Tickets they'll be added to your account soon. If you won points post something up on the trade board, and I'll offer you the amount. If you've won holy rares/auction onlys I'll offline it to you. Please be patient. Golden Eggs Found: Ssoldier = Offlined ✔ Epic Eggs Found: Justme = 50,000 Arcade Tickets! Tickets added by Shark ✔ Rare Eggs: Ssoldier = Offlined ✔ moxie = 100,000 points! Offered Points ✔ narengoku = Offlined ✔ Sharktibolt = Offlined ✔ Uncommon Eggs: amaris = Offlined ✔ Antsalazar08 = Offlined ✔ TheWolfandtheRose = Offlined ✔ screechingweasel96 = Offlined ✔ Common Eggs: Starfire x2 = Offlined ✔ and 30,000 points! Offered Points ✔ dragonwolf x2 = Offlined ✔ baywatch7 x2 = 30,000 points!Offlined ✔ deepcanyon1 x2 = Offlined ✔ RubixCube = Offlined ✔ narengoku = Offlined ✔ Justme = Offlined ✔ ed tiger bunny = Offlined ✔ screechingweasel96 = Offlined ✔ Sharktibolt = Offlined ✔ thelastsith = Offlined ✔ Thanks everyone for playing! And if I made a mistake or missed someone let me know.
  7. Paul

    Collectoons Easter Egg Hunt 2018

    Now it's over.
  8. Paul

    Collectoons Easter Egg Hunt 2018

    Yeah, that one was found already. Nice try though.
  9. Paul

    Collectoons Easter Egg Hunt 2018

    I'll extend the contest until midnight tonight. I literally just had 2 people message me about the contest after I closed it. Didn't look like anyone was still trying to look for eggs haha
  10. Paul

    Collectoons Easter Egg Hunt 2018

    Yep, you found one. Nah, there's no fun in just giving an Egg away like that. It wasn't earned. You're good. Anyway, I'll double check everything, then post prizes soon.
  11. Paul

    Collectoons Easter Egg Hunt 2018

    That one was found already
  12. Paul

    Collectoons Easter Egg Hunt 2018

    There's only 11 of those compared to 103 Eggs (Not including the ones I sent in PMs XD) Thanks! Good job finding that one. It was a nice spot haha
  13. Paul

    Collectoons Easter Egg Hunt 2018

    The one on my profile and the golden one you found. You cheese head Why do ya'll keep posting these lol
  14. Paul

    Collectoons Easter Egg Hunt 2018

    What am i looking at? Those are just jokes for April Fools. You don't get anything but a laugh for finding those haha What are you doing? You already found 2 Eggs. You can't find anymore.
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