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  1. My man! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day today! :) 


    1. RubixCube


      Thanks Paul always be bros . 

  2. February 2018 Releases

    I’m just pumped for Godzilla even though I made the Troll set haha
  3. February 2018 Releases

    Welcome to the February 2018 releases topic! We've got a lot of great sets everyone's worked hard to bring you this month! Some upcoming sets include, but are not limited to: Kim Possible, Godzilla, Phineas and Ferb, and The Flinstones! Feel free to discuss all things released this month. And don't forget to check out the Newsletter, and redeem your free code: February 2018 NEWSLETTER
  4. we have always been bros since the old days of CT when we used to SD in the trenches of errors making morphs for profits or just making morphs for our collection. you always said I was a beast at smackdown and you were the person that told me to keep going get as many wins as I could and to make as many morphs as i could. and you were always the one that had rare toons and a ton of different hrs making mad points . you were always there for me 

    I want to say congratulations on being a mod. 
    1. Paul


      Oh wow, thanks bro! Appreciate you saying all that. :D

    2. RubixCube


      your welcome anytime. 

  5. Site Suggestion Dump

    I just want the ctoons to be bigger, so I can see them. They're too small. I just see fuzzy pixels that I can't always make out unless I know the show it's from. More often than not I'm staring at my screen trying to figure out what I'm looking at. It happens, I think we've all done it at some point. Anyway, I tried to get a friend into this game last week. He likes Anime, so I used that to reel him in so to speak lol So he looked at the site really hard, and said what are those. They're so small he couldn't make out any of the ctoons. Then he just laughed, and walked away. If people have to squint their eyes to see the game, then there's an issue. I know if you click on an image in the trade board you can see the larger version pop up. Maybe have that larger version be the one used on the trade board instead if possible. #CantSeeFaces #BiggerImages2018
  6. January 2018 Releases

    Wow, Slade as a HR too.
  7. Toon Bingo!

  8. Bojack Horseman

    You know, some people don't post images of the sets they suggest or not enough images to make a set (I don't know how they expect the set to be made). But not you. You grabbed enough for a set, and expansions. Nice work O_Ob
  9. What a beautiful day. A lot of the snow has melted. Sun is out, and shining. It's like Winter is gone, and now it feels like Summer haha

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      The last Summer lasted 9 years, so that makes sense.

    2. deepcanyon1


      It was a beautiful day here too..had been cold for it to be florida but now going to be in the 70's at least for the rest of the week but then another cold front this weekend :(  

  10. Happy Birthday Deep! :bday2:

  11. Happy Birthday Shawn my dude! Have a good one.  :bday2:

  12. Still on break. It's been extended until Monday due to snow. That'll be 17 days of just chilling haha


  13. Moxie's Wishlist

    You're welcome Haha and Thank you for looking at my wish list. I was thinking about putting some things on it. I think I'll do that soon.
  14. Back In The Day on CT

    Yeah Sora, way less now that was my old account. Though, I'm doing great for myself right now haha
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