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  1. Paul

    Total referral points...?

    Referral points were reset after the referral Program was remade.
  2. Paul

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    7 mill now. It’s gonna go way higher. Don’t see it going under at least 10 mill.
  3. Paul

    December 2018 Releases

    December Newsletter is up. Check it out for a free code!
  4. Paul

    How many points do you have?

    I get 49k with everything. It’s pretty sweet!
  5. Paul

    How many points do you have?

    Oh my god, we're almost there! lol
  6. Paul

    Just Around the River Bend

    Apparently that individual didn't read the rules. Thanks for letting us know Deep!
  7. I think it'll confuse people if the buttons are hidden. If I had one suggestion, it would to be to add a count down timer, so you'll know exactly when the Auto-Surfer, and bank Interest are ready again. Personally, I try to log in as often as i can to grab those free points. I'm sure others do too, so that'll be a nice addition if possible.
  8. Paul

    Chelsea's Wishlist :) 12/04 Overwatch && MLP

    Hey, so I've got..... Hunter x Hunter: Happy Head, Crazy Slots Rifle Kite, Neferpitou FMA: Chimera, Alphonse Elric, Cornello, Cool Pose Mustang, Lust, Running Black Hayate Kill la Kill: How to Trap a Mako ....I'll post it for you now.
  9. Paul

    How many points do you have?

    Welcome, Paul ( LOGOUT ) Points: 90,062,293 Now to just get 10 Mill more, and I'll die happy lol
  10. Paul

    Christmas Advent Calendar 2018

    See if you can buy one off the trade board from someone. Players sometimes try to sell those for big points. And if you still can't obtain one, staff will sell extras towards the end of the Advent for those that missed any.
  11. Happy Birthday! :bday2:

  12. Paul

    So I've Been Gone a While

    Welcome back!
  13. Paul

    How many points do you have?

    Points: 87,312,390 I wanna touch 100 Million now that I'm so close. Could I do it?
  14. Paul

    How many points do you have?

  15. Paul

    How many points do you have?

    Points: 85,025,385 Most I've ever had. Could've been at 105 Million points right now if I hadn't made a big purchase months back.
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