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  1. This HR got me thinking about this song haha
  2. my phones being dumb
  3. Very surprised when I saw the new trailer. Dead by Daylight is adding characters from Stranger Things to the game. Looks like, one killer, and two survivors. I'm pretty excited about this. Can't wait for the new DLC to drop next month. Also, anyone play Dead by Daylight on PS4? Let's SWF!
  4. Yep, you found one. Congrats!
  5. Where's Waldo? Check out the new contest.


  6. Waldo is hiding in the forums. Help me find him, and I’ll reward you for your search. Look for any 1 of 7 Waldos scattered through out the forums for a chance of winning the prize. Among them, one Waldo will be special. Look for Golden Waldo for a bigger prize! Here's what you should be looking for: And if you want a challenge look for Golden Waldo: Rules: Only 1 Waldo can be redeemed per person. So, if you find any Waldo, and post him here, then you're done. Please don't look for anymore. Once you find Waldo, post here where you found him, so I can confirm the find. Contest ends after all Waldos are found or by next Thursday. After all Waldos are found the prizes will be given out. No staff. Prizes: Regular Waldos are worth 100,000 points! The one Golden Waldo is worth twice that, so 200,000 points! Any questions, comments, concerns feel free not to bother me. Thank you.
  7. Paul





  8. Whenever I hear "My Pleasure" I think about Chick-fil-A

    1. Josh123


      Just had that for dinner. :P 

    2. Paul


      Same. My buddy bought it for me since I helped him move. What a bro.

    3. Josh123



  9. Paul


    I'll invite you
  10. Paul


    I'll send you an invite
  11. Paul


    I'll send you an invite now.
  12. Paul


    Sent you a PM
  13. Wow, you wrote a lot. Anyway, I’m tired, and I’ll be going to bed in a minute. But here’s my thoughts, and half baked suggestion. I joined in 2010, and it was a lot of fun holy rare hunting. Sniping them from shops gave people such a rush especially if it was from a new set. Even more so if they were very valuable. I remember Zarbon was the first big holy rare that got me into hr hunting. Some weeks I’d snipe all the active holy rares, and that was my goal. Buy, sell, and trade holy rares. It also definitely brought people together in chat with out the need for contests. So, I’m unhappy with the current state. I don’t try to hr hunt anymore. I don’t have the time. It’s not even worth it in my opinion with the low values, and forever restocks. I could go on, but I’ll just make a suggestion before I fall asleep. Maybe we can give new sets a boost every week. Increase restock times for the new sets/shops they’re in. So, they’ll restock a lot faster. And if we could increase quantities. Like, really fast to a point where everyone wants to log in on the weekend because they know it’ll be worth investing they’re time. And just something like that once every weekend for the new sets. Thats all I got for now folks.
  14. Paul


    Wow, that ain’t disrespect. That’s called a joke offer lol Laugh at it, don’t take it personally.
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