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  1. Donations have been taken down to avoid anyone placing money into something that is closing and I do not see it being placed back up prior to closing.
  2. If you read prior posts I think I stated here earlier. Basically according to Toon the bare minimum of keep the site / servers/ etc running is $500 a month. Anything more could go towards bug fixes and improvements. Or would go towards the months we didn’t reach 500
  3. Mmmmm... Money...? If you have $500+ to give to Toon every month yourself than maybe he will consider.
  4. Sadly it doesn't seem like that is going to happen
  5. Long time no see man Hope you have been doing well And yeah, sadly it looks like things are coming to a close shortly. Can read more about it here-
  6. Sora

    Sora's Wishlist!

    Bump/ Updated. Please help!!
  7. Yes which is why we have been stating that if you wish to stay in touch to get an invite to the discord channel from Xavian
  8. PM was already sent out sending all players to this topic. If they care about the game they would check it out (and continue to check it out regularly) for posts from fellow players.
  9. What he said ^ Very big points it seems like many who want the site to remain are missing.
  10. He is saying to just maintain the bare minimum is $500 per month for the servers, fees, etc. Anything past that is used for months that didn't reach that amount or possibly for improvements if enough money was gathered. Pretty sure I got that right @The Grand Poobah
  11. Again we all understand we want to site to stay. But a lump sum donation from the same select few who already donate regularly would just delay this same process for a bit. The issue is and always has been that 90%+ (my own numers) of players do not donate at all, thus leaving the burden to the small percentage that do. And I know for sure that small percentage can get a good chunk of money together if needed, that chuck will soon run out and we would be in the same position we are in now unless doing that "delay" we somehow gathered a ton of "regular donators" like yourselves.
  12. Why have a forum for a game that is no longer? / it was hard enough to get donations when a game was included. I don’t see anyone paying money for a forum for just that. Best bet would be to join the discord channel if you want to keep in touch.
  13. Part of all the charges that will be ending as far as I know. Xavian is giving out discord invites to players who want them
  14. That would require toon to release the game which I do not believe he is going to do. Or at least will want money for it if he did
  15. The whole site is basically a kickstarter. Once again a “lump sum” would just delay things. It hasn’t been a secret that the site hasn’t met goals. Checking the donation meter by week 3 you would see it isn’t close each month.
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