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  1. Sora

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    Golden Pilgrim up on the TB
  2. Sora

    Shiny Mew

    Anoter one up!!
  3. Worked fine yesterday with the new update. Not so much today. "Invalid Query: update tbl_users set points_gained=(points_gained+34,173) where usrid=7883 - Operand should contain 1 column(s)"
  4. Same thing happened to me boss. Using my iPhone
  5. Sora

    New user here!

    Welcome to CT where all of your collecting dreams can come true!! I know you are probably overwhelmed by the entire game since there is so much going on at once, but don't worry ill try to make things a bit easier for you. CT is a great place to collect toons and meet new friends! If you have any questions feel free to PM myself or any other Mod on the forums for assistance with anything. I will also personally be in the chat room as much as I can to help players. But send me a PM in the chat room or else I may not notice right away. Need help starting out and have no idea where to start? Come into the chat room and we can talk about it! Here are a ton of useful links, some of them you can find inside the newbie guide itself but posted anyway due to importance. Game Rules- Rule Reminder- Newbie Guide- How to be a successful CT Player- Become a Premium Member!- Active Codes- Free pokemon- Morphing Guide- FAQs- Forum Rules- Chat Rules- Chatroom- write your username after the question mark Need help figuring out what is within a set on CT. Look at the CTC set and figure out what you are missing and want to collect! Or the Database-
  6. Sora

    Shiny Mew

    Another one up!!
  7. Sora

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    Freddy sold for 2mill!! Next up is Entei!!
  8. Sora

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    whenever i decide
  9. Sora

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    Kid Kami sold for 700k Next up is Freddy Krueger!!
  10. Sora

    Momma Muriel

    more posted up
  11. Sora

    Sora's Wishlist!

    Bump / updated. Need lots of help please!!!
  12. Sora

    Shiny Mew

    Another one up!!
  13. Sora

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    Reposted. Will be accepted by the end of the weekend. (got busy with life and forgot, my bad everyone)
  14. Sora

    Arcade Scores

    Do you mean the spoiler tabs? You just hit the "eye ball" all the way to the right at the top of the text box.
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