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  1. Heck @Xavianangel and myself haven’t even been sent any sort of message thanking us for all of our years here. So I wouldn’t hold my breathe guys
  2. What she said. Doesn’t matter to me either way, just personally don’t see the point. But yes toon would be the one doing it all
  3. I am still failing to seeing the point to any of that. Or this staying... But most likely this will disappear once Toons "lease" is up on it
  4. Who would be looking the internet for what a game was about that doesn’t exist anymore? Discord is a free thing that everyone can use... so would be your own fault if you didn’t want to partake there
  5. For what reason though? We have discord. Why have a forum for a game that is no more..
  6. It was a joke. Like stated since the start it is and never will be a 1 persons job and we wouldn’t want that. The community failed as a whole to keep the site / game going. Toon failed to make improvements to keep the interest of the community. etc. etc. it’s a big circle of failing, words words words , the end
  7. Do you have $10,000 to give to toon?
  8. Screechingweasel96 I sent you a HR too for entering
  9. The winners are narengoku Mikes101 Sending the offlines now. This will most likely be the last free giveaway since we only had a turn out of 3 entries for 2 free DBZ HR's *shrugs*
  10. Everything in my shop is now 999 points!! I will try to keep it as up to date as I can!! Enjoy If you already have something, PLEASE leave it for someone else to get who does not have it. No real point for multiples anymore so let others enjoy getting one please.
  11. 3 entries for 2 free DBZ HR's!! This place is really rocking!!
  12. I guess no one wants free DBZ HR's...?
  13. Giving away these HR's to 2 lucky players!! Random person will win each one. You could potentially win both!! All you have to do is answer these 3 questions to be entered into the drawing. 1. What is your in-game username? 2. Who is your favorite DB Universe Character? (DB, DBZ, GT, Super, anything else I am missing ) 3. What is your favorite DB Universe moment? (DB, DBZ, GT, Super, anything else I am missing ) Ex. Teen Gohan defeating Cell Entry ends on 12/20/19 @ 12:01am
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