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  1. Sora

    HR Rule Change!! (With Voting Poll)

    Monitoring trades that would be the same as breaking the regular HR rule player buys 1 each week sells to friend and after they expire friend sells them all back, which isn’t allowed. Nothing has changed. Just closer monitoring
  2. Sora

    Sora's Wishlist!

    CHECK PAGE ONE FOR UPDATED LIST!!! Need a bunch of Support Nook Toons!! And paying well for them! Or will trade!! Support Nook Toons- (PM ME if you plan on getting one of these for me so that I can "lock" you in and remove it from the list. Please and thanks!) If you prefer toons over points I am sure we can work something out as well!! Courage Sticker- Need x1- Buying for 60k Golden Thinking Dexter- Need x1- Buying for 170k Golden Scooby Doo- Need x1- Buying for 170k Gold Record Bubbles- Need x1- Buying for 220k Gold Record Buttercup- Need x1- Buying for 220k Gold PPG Coin- Need x1- Buying for 220k Golden Attacking Buttercup- Need x1- Buying for 220k Baby Gohan- Need x1- Buying for 350k Shiny Poipole- Need x1- Buying for 900k
  3. Sora

    HR Rule Change!! (With Voting Poll)

    Please go above and vote!! This rule is again active since it is Thursday!!
  4. @deepcanyon1 if you are still concerned about this, in the future take a quick screen shot when you buy a HR and we can use that as reference as well with the CT time stamp showing.
  5. Sora

    HR Rule Change!! (With Voting Poll)

    Don't forget about this!! HR's are now a free for all once again until the reset on Saturday!!
  6. Just rechecked what Xavian found, and also found that Terrie bought the second of the same cToon 3 seconds after you. So you both grabbed the same CR.
  7. Sora

    Sora's Wishlist!

  8. @deepcanyon1- The mind is a tricky thing. But our system is pretty solid when it comes to logs of this stuff. So it makes sense. Your mind will believe and continue to believe what it does which is fine. But as far as we can see on our end this is what actually happened. And it makes sense. Thanks @Xavianangel was about to check this myself now, couldn't bc of work last night. Good job! Another Mystery Solved by the best detective group around!!
  9. And we will continue to look into it for the community. Thank you for the help
  10. Yeah especially since I haven’t heard of anyone else having this issue. @Xavianangel if possible check if deep bought a different toon from that shop at the same time the 13/14 hr sold from that shop. Maybe the system registered a different ctoon. Or maybe she clicked on something else last sec and didn’t realize. Idk, very odd
  11. I literally have never ever ever in my life used that, nor realized it existed until now i just go back to “my collection” every time I post something
  12. I’m a bit confused by your last post deep. Sounds like you just resaid what Xavian said above...? You said it brought you to the confirmation page, you saw the image but it isn’t in your collection after... right? Anyone else have this issue? I have never seen this before
  13. I just tested this out and put one of my OOAK on the tb, went back to “my collection” and it wasn’t in there anymore. So I’m not sure what you’re talking about here... same thing for shop
  14. Sora

    HR Rule Change!! (With Voting Poll)

    Players are already taking advantage of this new rule. Do not miss out on your chance to make extra points/toons!!
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