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  1. Zero

    I can respect style. Shame about those other things. Add in the being bad at card games? Yikes. I reckon it means crazy sales on more products than one could ever need and/or purchase? Ah, Christmas! Still an unlikely buy, but you never know. Draws until... not draws, then!

  2. Yami

    Oh, that you can say but at least he had a sense of style! ..even if the fella IS terribly overrated. And a posterboy. Oh, is that so? What a shame but do not fear, you know what Steam + Christmas means. And a draw it is then!

  3. Zero

    What a folly! Not only did this Jade allow you to use their own card against them, they also showed up to a card game on a horse? Very imprudent! ...and now we reach the part where I do not own Magic 2013 and cannot technically accept. Ah well. Let's call it a draw. Okay? Okay then.

  4. Yami

    Oh dear, Jade said the exact same thing but he fell down that horse of his when I copied his Dreamborn Muse and forced him to discard 50 cards in one turn! I challenge you, my dear Null!

  5. Zero

    Haha! I never lose at games. Especially video games. Of cards... and magic. I tap mana daily! Except on weekends.

  6. Yami

    Be careful now, I have Magic 2013 on my Steam account and I just might have to check out those skills of yours.

  7. Zero

    Mama Mia, I can't win a duel... unless it's cards.

  8. Yami

    Engarde, I say.

  9. Zero

    Two wrongs do not make a Wright.

  10. Yami

    It's good; I like living life on the Edge. ..worth. Oh, early morning humour.

  11. Zero

    I guess not. Admitting that, though, is probably a bad idea. Grab a lawyer.

  12. Yami

    Has that ever stopped me before? ~

  13. Zero

    Better be careful; skulking's highly illegal.

  14. Yami

    Woop woop!

  15. Yami

    ...and currently skulking around your profile page!

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