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  1. yeah! can't wait for the details. He didn't really say what we have to do.
  2. I imagine that a lot of people do things at work that wast time. I'm mostly in the arcade when I get on.
  3. Does c-toons interfere with your daily life. Nearly the only time I am ever on c-toons in when I'm at work. I don't think I'll get in trouble lol. But anybody else miss something important like you forgot to pick someone up or you have finals tomorrow or homework? It would suck to get fired for playing c-toons. lol
  4. I want to complete my Megaman collection. I need quickman, andriod wily, flashman, and metalman. I am willing to offer points or anything else.Probably impossible for me to get but I only need Android Wily now. Thanks Jazzy.
  5. Yeah, this place is great. Way better than cartoon-orbit. I'm addicted to the arcade games. I played duck hunt for like a hour straight(insane?idk) Thanks everybody.
  6. I've been using collectoons for about two weeks. It sure brings back memories of c-orbit.
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