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  1. Heal Bill Heal Altair
  2. Heal Bill Heal Altair
  3. Heal Bill Hurt the Bri- meh Heal Altair
  4. Sent some stuff to what I think is your in game name haha if you don't see it let me know xD
  5. Those poor people. I'll do my best. We could hack into the security cameras and adjust them to loop every minute with the exception of one. We'll take down one of the cameras outside of our path to try to draw the attention away from us. We'll disguise ourselves as guards and take out any we come across as a failsafe. We'll catch the Laughing Man completely off guard.
  6. Heal Darth Maul Heal Link and KORL
  7. Heal Darth Maul Heal Link and KORL
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Yeah Sandwiches!


  10. Heal Altair Heal Link
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