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  1. ReaperX13

    Honest Opinions Contest

    I haven’t been on as much just due to life, work, kids, planning a wedding. I still log on and check shops on my break, or when I have a minute but I haven’t been able to take the time for chats, smack down or even games. I thank everyone for the amount of time put into the site even with the busy lives people live!
  2. ReaperX13

    July 2018 Donator of the Month

    No worries thank you!
  3. ReaperX13

    July 2018 Donator of the Month

    Have these been passed out by chance?
  4. ReaperX13

    Toon Bingo #3

    Thank you!
  5. ReaperX13

    Toon Bingo #3

  6. Happy birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. ReaperX13

    CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

    @Xavianangel I had offlined a lot of toons, I wonder if when the down time hit it back tracked
  9. ReaperX13

    CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

  10. ReaperX13

    Anime Sunday

    I made an appearance tonight with the yugioh but I was also there on the 15th and my names not on the list again lol
  11. ReaperX13

    CT's Greatest Detective Contest

    Ike with the omnitrix?
  12. ReaperX13

    Anime Sunday

    Thank you
  13. ReaperX13

    Anime Sunday

    I was there
  14. ReaperX13

    CT's Greatest Detective Contest

  15. Like, have you seen any of the Summer 2017 animes, like? Some might put you in a #PARTY modd, like Gamers, or Classroom of the Elite. And wouldn't it be cool like, if we could have a chocolate fountain at the #PARTY? I think it'd be, like, totally rad.

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