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  1. The Grand Poobah

    Showing Rarity in Shops

    I'll look at the code this week and see if it's easy enough to do that. I know Taco had done a Case Switch somewhere that used colors or rarity display, so I can see what he did with that.
  2. The Grand Poobah

    Showing Rarity in Shops

    Ill look in to it. maybe colors for VR, CR, HR and OR?
  3. The Grand Poobah

    Showing Rarity in Shops

    are there any that isnt colored? do we want to make it so simple that rarity is displayed in the shops?
  4. The Grand Poobah

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    I guess I'll have to auction some of my stuff during dbl pts weekend. Ill have more points than anyone!!
  5. The Grand Poobah

    Release another Beta Testers

    I will probably start auctioning stuff out of my accounts soon, too
  6. The Grand Poobah

    I love CT because...

    Nothing is set in stone yet, but lack of site support will certainly bring its demise quickly. I got a lot of eggs and ducks to organize the next couple of months
  7. The Grand Poobah

    I love CT because...

    Sorry you didn't hear from me sooner, but it took me a bit to get all my thoughts together. I guess most of you know I've been in the toon game for awhile now - about 20+ years. I started Toonarific WAY back in 1998, before sites like that really existed. It was the first of its kind, and I had amassed a video library larger than any other (probably in the world), and lord knows I butted heads with the MPAA and a few big legal teams to know what was and was not allowed. I still grew on Toonarific, but scaled back what video offerings I could make public since the big dogs hadn't yet spewed forth all their boxed sets that started pouring out in the 2000s. Orbit also started during that time, and I started playing that game about a year after it came out. I became one of the "wealthiest" and most hated players on there. I probably invented harvesting, but mine was so mechanical that it almost became a business The only thing I never got my hands on was You Found Magilla! During that time I managed to get ahold of one of the ctoon designers, and through him, the original Mayor of Orbit (and later his replacement). I began working closely with them to improve Orbit: ctoon set ideas, helping to uncover and release codes that somehow fell by the wayside, and a policing policy to get rid of the scammers and mean cheaters. That is what gave me a bad reputation, because I got rid of some of the worst of the worst, and got all their stuff to pass back out to all the players. In the end, it was me trying to make Orbit better that destroyed it, because those same cheaters managed to find a way in to their admin panel and basically killed it for everyone. But also CN had invested a lot in the FusionFall game that bomed in less time than Orbit did. I told em it would and they didn't want to listen...because they couldn't. When something is corporately run, the ones closest to it all, that know whats going on, has to listen to the big wigs. Orbit closed, but I stayed in touch with the guys I worked with on there. I even got all the ctoon images and code they could scrounge together before it all got deleted from their backups. Not much code, but most of the images. Fast forward to about 11 years ago. I was still working on Toonarific, just barely starting RetroReprints, and I started getting nostalgic for Orbit. Sure, the game was fun, but I had a few groups on Yahoo and MSN that created these great groups of kids who needed a place to go and hang out - to talk about the game, but to also find someone to help them with rl issues. I'd like to think we saved lives and helped grow a lot of good kids. I spent a lot of time in those chat rooms, getting to know people and giving all the advice I could to help them out. I also got burned a lot by the ones who were jealous of me (and others) having a group, or working so closely with Orbit, that they did all they could to sour the clubs and me. I never forgot that, which is why I haven't been as active on here as I was in the early days. Because even though this place started years after Orbit vanished, those same sorts of people will always exist. No matter how much good you do, or try to do, someone is there to try and burn it down. I built this place, and my other sites, in hopes that I could make a career out of them and to be able to bring those childhood emotions back, because we all need a safe space to forget about how s***ty life is most of the time. I wanted this place to grow like crazy and for all those Orbit players to find it and get right back in to the mix, and to have their kids join in when they grew up too. I put all my ideas in, combined Orbit, Neopets, Fox Kids stamps, and anything else I thought looked like a cool concept. And many players and mods had great ideas, too. And I threw so much money at this place in the beginning for developers, sticker books, and anything else I thought it might need. Lord knows I wish I invested it all in Apple back then We've had lots of great players and mods, and LOTS of drama. I still keep in touch with some of the old crew on FB, but many have just disappeared because rl has to take over at some point. I've spent over 20 years working on things that never became what I wanted. 10 of those I had a daughter who saw me more at the pc working on trying to build something for my family then spending enough time with her. And I have a new one on the way. I've already talked with some of the mods, and I'm sure those conversations have been leaking out because I have seen less activity in the past couple of weeks. I know there are still some who think this place makes a lot of money, or that I'm somehow super rich, but I can assure you that is all "fake news". Orbit could do whatever they wanted because they were driven by the CN/ warner piggy bank. I have a crappy paycheck, and groceries and a roof takes precedence. When the donation meter is low, this place is teetering on the cliff. I make less at my real job than I did at the job I had before I went back to school to earn a better income! Gotta love the lies about having degrees. And I busted my ass to graduate with 2 backelors in 3 years, with honors, with a GPA of 3.78. And I still got kicked in the pants coming out the other side. Needless to say, I'm struggling, and my house is single income right now so any extra dimes I have can't be spent on things that aren't helping my family. Personally, this is probably my last hurrah unless a miracle happens in the next few months. At this time I plan on stepping down from all but RetroReprints in January. Toonarific will be deleted from the server, and unless a find a buyer for this place, it may too. Sooner, if too many people continue to not care. We weren't lying that $5 a month keeps it going, when everyone that's active wants to keep it going. But a couple people sending in $5 wouldn't pay for postage, nevermind a gaming website. And I've also seen a few horrible trends in the past few years that shows me that people may just not care anymore: only a handful of active players even donate (and the rest don't because they probably rely on others to do it for them), the only time we have decent donations is when there is a good monthly contest, and people only want to donate when they see a site improvement (not realizing that when any good donation month comes around, it has to cover a bad month or months that come right after). There is no balance anymore. If we wanted to have devs working on the site full time, the meter would have to be closer to 200%, and sadly it would only be about 2 dozen players expected by the rest to handle all that. I've told many players, plenty of times, that I hate seeing them having to carry everyone else, but the game is Free to play, and nobody is forced to donate. And that is why this game is still going: it is Free to play, nothing is bought or sold here, and any money sent in goes directly to the upkeep and maintenance. Servers, IP addresses, bandwidth, sticker books, domain names, etc etc all cost something. Even Paypal sticks their greedy fingers in and takes a % of each donation that comes through. We are open now more for the sake of the community than the game itself. It's a safe space, like the previous incarnations, but unlike them this one isn't free for me to keep going. I didn't have to pay for my Yahoo or MSN groups, and Orbit wasn't my financial responsibility. The mods and I volunteer our time here. I wish this place made enough to give them a little something each month for all the work they do. I don't think they'll ever know how much I appreciate what they do and have done. Even they are tired. It's becoming stale, and nothing but winning the lottery or me getting some crazy good job and income could probably reinvigorate it. It has to get up to a breakeven, in the green, area before it can take another leap forward. I'm thrilled that so many of you love this place, and we want to see it keep going for you and the potential new players, but some of us will probably be stepping down when and if someone else can pick up the reins. I want to start spending more time with my family, and I definitely need to hit the pavement and find a better job. I know we want to be up for at least the rest of the year, but that takes everyone to keep it going. If it all passes on to someone else, and I think the site needs some fresh blood and brains, who knows how much more life can be injected in to it. Don't look at this as the end, but as a time that everyone can pull together, keep it going, and maybe see a new sunrise together. Tomorrow is a new day. Keep moving forward!
  8. The Grand Poobah

    Skip Empty cWorlds

    ok, try it now.
  9. The Grand Poobah

    Skip Empty cWorlds

    I'd probably just have the SQL only cycle through cworlds where there are ctoons assigned to it. so when someone adds a ctoon to their cworld it will automatically appear in the cycle.
  10. The Grand Poobah

    Skip Empty cWorlds

    That might be something I'm even capable of coding. I'll see what I can do when I get a chance, if enough people think it's a good idea
  11. Happy Birthday Toon! :) 

  12. Well, if anyone wants to get me something for my birthday, here's a list ;);)

    The little guy needs it far more than I do. Muchas gracias!

  13. Happy birthday!

  14. Happy birthday!!

  15. Happy Birthday to you, i see we share the same Birthday

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