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  1. I'm still not sure if you got my message. What'll happen to Toonarific? Could we copy/repost articles elsewhere, if you don't need them anymore?

  2. I could move the gallery under a different URL, so any ctoons listed in there would still be accessible to everyone
  3. The staff at Orbit didnt do that. It was hacked in to and irate players who were pissed it was closing did it. Im pretty sure I made it so 1 code couldnt cause that kind of chaos again without having to attach each ctoon 1 by 1 to it.
  4. probably hard coded. Ill have to look in to it
  5. it actually cost more back then. but as time passes, servers become cheaper as tech becomes more readily available. we've changed servers at least 3 times over the years, getting faster machines while still being able to cut costs a little bit each time. at least on the main server. still running the bare minimum on the flash server. luckily, but sadly, we never had 100s of people trying to play Smackdown or Clash at the same time. It would have choked, and needed a pricier upgrade to accommodate that many simultaneous players. And I had some outsourced devs working on things on and off more then, and of course they wanted to be paid.
  6. It's a slippery slope. And I really don't think banner ads would be a big boost these days.
  7. I think it comes down to everyone knowing we were going to close last year, and announced we'd give it 1 last push this year to see if everyone who wanted it up to try and meet the monthly goal each month. Had we seen it this year, we'd probably be pretty far along in patches and updates. Instead we saw more players leave, and donations sputter down to barely anything.
  8. Yes, I would have, but only because of accusations and finger pointing. I had originally planned on keeping it up until years end (or later), and giving fair notice (unlike Orbit). If people wanted it to stay open forever, at least half of the meter would have to be reached EVERY month - full meter most months or improvements. My conscience is the reason why I tell people not to donate, since I have reviewed the last several years worth of financial activity and don't want to see anyone throw away money if, as a group, we all cant regularly contribute to keep it all going. Everyone has bills, the economy is rocky, and it is more prudent to save for a rainy day than try to keep a boat riddled with holes from sinking. It takes a lot of work to fill holes and make a boat seaworthy again.
  9. about 2 months, but since we removed the donation link there isnt a way to contribute anymore. and only a couple contributors cant keep it going forever. never wanted it to be that way
  10. The auto-renew for the forums has been turned off, but it was paid up until March of next year since it is on a 6 month cycle. So they won't be going anywhere until then. That being said, after March I dont know if the forums become unusable, or if I just dont get updates & upgrades and they are still functioning indefinitely. The only thing I know will truly shutdown is the flash server, which runs Smackdown and Card Clash. They need that server to run. The arcade will still be fine, since they are standalone games and are housed on the main server.
  11. Several people have reached out to me about buying the site and domain, and I have replied. My main concern is always...don't spend your money on something that you don't have a feasible plan for. I had a much larger picture for this place, but I knew the limitations on what could be done in order to keep it open. Kinda sucks when you know a lot of people would have liked it, but you couldn't advertise it mainstream. I also would prefer nobody donate, which is why I removed the link from the site. Let's say the arcade gets a revamp, and xml games can be added so we put a bunch of new stuff in there. Even using am outsourced dev, it would still cost anywhere from $500-1000 to get it done, outside of the monthly fees for servers and services. If a bunch of donations came in and we improved the arcade, what next? Donations slack off again because nothing new is getting done, I have to overextend myself for X number of months to keep it going in hopes that we have some good month(s) to help pay down the debt I incur while keeping it up, and when donations come in for some contest or something (which I use to pay off the bills I accumulated from keeping it going) people get upset it isn't being used to work on something else for the site. It's a circle I've been dealing with for the last few years. I don't want to go on and on explaining all of this. I'm split about wanting to end it and to keep it running, but I think if it stayed up, it would have to be under someone else. 2013-2017 were some of the hardest years I ever had to get through, and I couldn't give the site enough time then, but the amazing staff that were here kept it going. Sadly, when I got through that period and came back, I could tell a lot of the spark was gone. Maybe one of the people showing interest in the site has the financial wherewithal to improve the site and find a way to make it attractive to the new generation - a mobile app, cworld redesign, more interactivity. I really don't know how to express how grateful I am to everyone for wanting to play this silly little game for so long. I don't know if I ever thought it would last this long. I can't really say I made a lot of friends, as I don't usually get to close to people like I used to. But I did see a lot of greatness in some people and they've earned my respect for the person I've watched them become. Don't stop dreaming, and don't fear risk or failure. It's inevitable. It will happen. But not every time.
  12. We need everyone's help in order to keep the site and all its features up and running, so this month we have something pretty spooky for those who help out. Everyone that donates at least $5 gets a copy of Monster Dee Dee! Everyone that donates at least $10 gets a copy of Monster Dee Dee and Costumes! Thank you for your support!
  13. Today is the last day to enter this contest or be eligible for the LE donation ctoons. We do not have any new contests scheduled for the remainder of the year, so this will probably be your last chance to win something extra special. Good luck!
  14. oh, no. it wont redirect. I just added the larger link to show where the coloring book section was moved to. I also think the ability to select text or images directly from the site was turned off somewhere in the scripts. not that images cant be pulled from temp files. It just makes someone work harder if they plan on saving down everything and claiming it as their own. it also makes it harder to try and hotlink. Ill check on that caps issue
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