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  1. The Grand Poobah

    May 2018 Releases

    May 18-20 will probably be double points weekend, if that helps. Don't forget, there is a week 5 too ;)
  2. The Grand Poobah

    April 2018 releases

    For those who missed Triple points Easter (or who thought it was an April Fools thing ) we will be having Double points this upcoming weekend, April 13-15. An in-game pm will be sent out later to make sure everyone who doesn't usually access the forums know too. I also plan on finding a reliable dev to start looking in to bulking up the arcade in the next few weeks, so cross your fingers!
  3. The Grand Poobah

    Christmas Advent 2017

    The PO should have went out earlier. I did that one manually.
  4. The Grand Poobah

    Christmas Advent 2017

    It should have gone off at 12:30p today. Did nobody get their goods?
  5. The Grand Poobah

    Card Clash is back!

    If anyone is getting an error when viewing your deck in the deck builder, it's because a cap was put on the number of the same card that you can use in a deck to prevent insanely powerful decks from taking over the world. you'll just need to delete the imposing deck and rebuild within the boundaries
  6. The Grand Poobah

    Card Clash is back!

    @Sharktibolt let me know when you get online so we can work on it some more
  7. The Grand Poobah

    Card Clash is back!

    ok, I started working on the ctoon limitation to prevent a swarm deck. should be finished tomorrow
  8. The Grand Poobah

    Card Clash is back!

    let's see how it goes and if it becomes necessary, I'll look in to adding another cap. was a pain to get the spectral one working and validating properly without messing up the other caps
  9. The Grand Poobah

    Card Clash is back!

    no, nothing like that. you cant make a super powered deck of all spectrals, but you could make a deck of all Elenas and Ralphs it wouldnt be a very strong deck, as the spectrals add that boost
  10. The Grand Poobah

    Card Clash is back!

    Yes, there is a spectral limit now. I forget if it is 3 or 4, but you cant overdo it with them. Also, being that all cards are specifically assigned to a given series pack, at any time when you open that pack you will get cards from that series, even if the cards are expired. Just like how gift boxes work. But the more older packs get opened, the rarer those packs become. So now, the unopened packs from the previous series are pretty rare and collectible on their own
  11. The Grand Poobah

    Card Clash is back!

    keep a tally on your points and tickets before and after a match, and post here so I can see how much you are getting for winning and losing. I need to make sure the dbl pts is working properly
  12. The Grand Poobah

    Card Clash is back!

    I don't believe it groups cards yet. So those who have TONS of old cards may have a hard time building decks. But storing lots of doubles in your locker could help alleviate this issue.
  13. The Grand Poobah

    Card Clash is back!

    Just wanted to post a couple
  14. The Grand Poobah

    Card Clash is back!

    We know it has been awhile. We've been through quite a few developers who tried fixing it but didn't have the skills to get it done. A couple of months ago someone was found who could, and he did. Almost the entire back end has been revamped, giving us more control over how cards are distributed and used. We created Series packs, and all of the existing cards have been sorted in to each to make collecting them a little more interesting. For those who still have unopened packs of the original cards, you may see that they are now split across several of the card series. Only certain cards can be obtained from each series, so opening an old pack will only give you a random selection of cards from that series. We have also dumped 1000s of old cards out of the system, so there are far less out there than there used to be. We did keep a batch of each which we will be able to distribute out through various means as we are testing the load on the system and bringing more players in to it. As before, new cards will appear in codes, auctions, gift boxes, and any other way we can get them in the system over time. The new set is also very special, as it is the first new set in quite some time and our GFX team did a great job on them, especially @StarSapphire Her skills made this set look incredible! Now, please keep in mind that we don't want the system to be jumped on and thrashed about too quickly, so pace yourself. We want to make sure everything is working as it should, and that you all enjoy the game. It won't do any good to break it again and have it down for repairs. Read the FAQs in the Card Clash area to explain gameplay. Even the individual sections have a Tips & Tricks section to help out in playing the game. NOTE: We do know of at least 2 minor bugs that are still present - 1 of them is being worked on already and should be fixed soon. The other isn't too big of a deal, but we may get to it eventually. One is in the deck builder. If you drag all of your cards out of your deck to clear your deck, and try to save it, it will kick back an error. If you want to clear out a deck, just click on the Delete button above that deck when you are viewing it. The second will effect gameplay, and could cause you to freeze up the match and both of you will have to restart. Not fun. During the last couple of seconds the game will go in to autoplay mode to quickly finish up placing your cards, if you havent done it already. If you have then the match should finish properly and awards will be passed out. IF you have clicked on one of your cards and are holding it by holding the mouse button down, when the timer runs out it will freeze the match and the timer will just keep going. You will be unable to get to the rewards screen and you both won't receive prizes. I will say this - if anyone abuses this because they are losing a match you will be fined. I won't explain too much more right now. If you have questions about gameplay that are unanswered in the FAQs, I'm sure there is a forum thread somewhere that you can revive and ask on there. Now, go buy some cards and tell us what you think!
  15. The Grand Poobah

    New Arcade Improvements

    If thats the case, are there arcade sites that use that already and does it appear to be something we can plug in to and use those games?
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