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  1. not sure what to tell you about this. the database I copied over was literally from the moment I locked the doors at the old server. Im sure some of the data will flush out in the next week or so, so th ebest thing to do is just keep making sales and adding new records to replenish recent data
  2. I bought something from a user right after I posted on here, so I didnt get any errors. Let me know if anyone else does
  3. has anyone tried this recently? I found that a few of the tables didnt originally carry over and I rebuilt them this morning after catching it
  4. can you send me a pm with a screen grab of what you see. thanks
  5. Ok, I dont even know what to say. It looks like it is running normal um, if anyone finds anything screwy please let me know. thanks
  6. ok, since the only site remaining is CT I am going to turn it off tonight. create a dump of whatever is going on in there once it is off, upload it to the new server, and redirect the URL to the new server. if there is an act of Dog everything will run smoothly once I turn it back on. LOLOLOLOL. I mean, we'll see.
  7. oh, THAT database. what is wrong with it?
  8. Im going to move that right before I have the IP address swapped over, and Ill turn off CT so nobody does more transactions (which they'll lose) during the migration. I would suggest everyone bid on the auctions they want now and not wait until last second, because Im sure they still run when the sites front door is locked
  9. Ok, I got the database moved over from the old server FINALLY! It is data from about last Wednesday, so any posts made since then are I said they would be. I am in the process of moving the files over again so any broken images that may have been uploaded between the 9th and last Wed will come over as well. Then I need to backup the forums and run a major upgrade. The game is still scheduled for next week, but Ill make sure to have all the data backed up for that when the time comes.
  10. This week I will be trying to migrate us to a new server, so you may experience intermittent outages. I will only be doing 1 or 2 domains at a time so as to not cause too many issues. The first will be the forums, as those dont seem to have any issues on the new server. I will have to re-migrate the database, so you may wind up posting something here that wont show up there right away until I send the db over again. Once that installation starts to populate on the domain records around the internet youll notice a lot of your posts are missing. This is because it was a copy from about 2 weeks ago (on the new server). Be warned, if you start posting on there, and I then move this db over there, whatever you post will disappear and youll need to repost it. My main concern is CT, as it gave some issues that last time we migrated, so it will be one of the last sites Im moving over. Buckle up. UPDATE: I scheduled this domain to move around 11pm tonight. Any messages posted after that period and before the migration is complete might be lost. I will copy the current database over first thing in the morning, so whatever is posted throughout today (and maybe some of tonight) will be at the new location. Let's hope it's a smooth transition!
  11. woops! Ill fix that when I get home.
  12. And we'll be doing double points on the 15th-17th
  13. Do you have the Luck 'o the Irish!  Searching for 4-leaf clovers and pots of the gold at the end of the rainbow are all well and good, but it can be tiresome and usually done in vain. It's pretty easy to come out empty handed in the end. So we've upped your chances at getting lucky! There are lots of prizes at stake, and some goodies for just about everyone who participates in the fun! Let's see how lucky you guys can get!! Prizes!! These are not your typical prizes!! You have to pick between mystery boxes and hopefully you will get the one that you wish for! The possible toons will be under each prize level so you can try for the one that you want! 1st Place gets to pick from 3 blocks...Each has a GUARANTEED Chaos rare!! Block 1 Block 2Block 3 Possible prizes are..... 2nd Place gets to pick from 3 blocks...Each has a GUARANTEED Chaos rare!! Block 1 Block 2Block 3 Possible prizes are..... 3rd Place gets to pick from 3 blocks... Each has a GUARANTEED hard to find Holy Rare Block 1 Block 2Block 3 Possible prizes are..... 4th Place gets to pick from 3 blocks Block 1 Block 2Block 3 Possible prizes are..... 5th Place gets to pick from 3 blocks Block 1 Block 2Block 3 Possible prizes are..... Also, everyone who donates any amount will be put into a raffle for a In addition, Everyone who donates $5 or more will get Bang Bang Everyone who donates $10 or more will get Bang Bang as well as SS  Good luck to everyone!
  14. also added it to trades and locker. if you see any other places it is missing let me know
  15. Oh, good catch. Ill add it to the dropdowns when I get home tonight
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