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  1. I'll see if I can do an advanced search, which would have to actually look across to the subdomain. The main page's default, which is coded by WP, only searches within the content mgmt system that is WP. To combine the 2 fully separate entities would take an extreme amount of coding, so I just kept the archive as a subdomain and the WP as more of a dynamic frontpage attraction. I actually redesigned and coded the layout of the archive to match the WP area, and the search box is just a standard form field taken from the previous theme. I dont know if the WP theme has a way to keep it open all the time, as they are both running on very different scripting. Ill look in to it at some point, though.
  2. I figured out how to get the hyperlink in the search results page to show up. They were using some code that stripped out the ability to use html, so I did a workaround.
  3. Read the 'we are getting a facelift' post I also just added some extra text to the empty results page to remind people to navigate to the archive for the book content.
  4. I spent the last week or so learning Wordpress and redesigning RR to mostly match the new WP theme overlay. If anyone has some time, can you check out the site and make sure you arent seeing any design or link issues. I know of a cosmetic issue in the library section already, where the top menu is bumped to the right a little. I have to figure out the css that'll fix that, but let me know if you see anything else messed up or broken. Thank you!!
  5. And double points weekend is the 20-22nd, so mark your calendars!
  6. After last month's great prizes I don't know if the mods will try and top it, but at least we have these to give out to those who keep the site going! Anyone who donates at least $5 will get Wind Waker Triforce! Anyone who donates at least $10 will get Wind Waker Triforce and Techies! Your support keeps this site going, so thank you from all of us!
  7. The same economic principles exist since there is a means to generate an income, a way to spend it on goods that range from abundant to rare, and the means to inflate value due to the ability to hoard and create further scarcity. CT is an example of what happened to the US and many other wealthy countries, but we did it faster
  8. Happy birthday boss.  I hope you have an amazing  with family and great friends. Its been a long time. Remember  the days of your cartoon archive  to the days of cartoon orbit.  Your fourms pages.  I remember you helping me out over 10 years  ago when that player stole  my bubbles buddies blue back from on orbit you and you used your  power to get it back . I have had many great conversations  with you over the years.  i remember  you telling me about your plans after orbit was closing. So many years ago.  I love ct and and the stuff that has come  out over the years  of playing  i want to thank you . Have a great birthday  and be safe.

  9. Happy birthday, boss! :bday1:

  10. Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Toon! Hope today is an enjoyable one for you and you enjoy yourself. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into the site for us! Many more years to come.

  12. Happy Birthday to the one and only Grand Poobah, i hope that you have the best day with your friends and Family

  13. Happy the person that made this site possible and for all the work you put into it :) Hope you have a great day today !

  14. Im excited for Loki, Dr. Strange and The Eternals. I'll see the rest, but these are the ones that I am looking forward to the most. I wish they kept The Inhumans as a theatrical release and didnt destroy it in the series. They could have really gone places with those characters in the MCU
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