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  1. Lol. I figured someone would remember. Superman. But not boy scout Superman - dark Superman. The one who has had enough and gets the job done. I love Batman, but when you combine Bat's brooding and contempt with Superman's powers, he's a force to be reckoned with.
  2. Back by popular demand, we are making OOAK ctoons again! For those who plan on entering the contest, the TOP 3 supporters will be able to have their own One of a Kind ctoons made! And there may be some nice consolation prizes for the other 2 members who make it in to the Top 5. Don't miss this chance to get your very own OOAK ctoons for your collection. Anyone who donates at least $5 will get Luau-ready Toys! Anyone who donates at least $10 will get Luau-ready Toys and Straw Hat! Your support keeps this site going, so thank you from all of us! Contest rules: You cannot request a ctoon is made with art almost identical to an existing ctoon. You must provide the artwork that you wish to have made in to a ctoon. The artwork must fit within the guidelines of allowable content. (i.e. nothing that little kids wouldn't be able to watch on tv) Submitted artwork will be reviewed and approved by the moderating team. If it is decided that it may be inappropriate, you may need to find an alternate design.
  3. It was gonna end, anyway, as they already diverted all efforts and funding in to FF. I dont keep in contact with any of the old group mods, but I do still have some of the Orbit guys on FB and Linkedin.
  4. I think I was TheRedman. Memory is fuzzy as it was over 10 years ago Jazzy would certainly know
  5. same address I've always had. Probably going on 20+ years now
  6. Lol. I created these groups with Oldcqr and Greenchylde back then. I think we had CNOC going for about a year or so before we upgrade to ETCC. The days of Yahoo Groups and Geocities
  7. LOL. It's downfall. I policed it heavily and got rid of all the thieves and cheaters who were ruining it for everyone else. In it's final days, when CN decided to not give a crap anymore, a few people managed to get in the admin panel and created a code that, when used, gave the user everything. I forget the code exactly, but I know it was targeted directly at me Within a week or 2 of people breaking the system, they deleted the site and focused their energy on FusionFall, which was the next big thing and didnt last very long
  8. No, all of the code was actually scrapped. I did try to get some, but as soon as the big wigs at CN gave the greenlight to shut down Orbit and remove it from the servers, they literally did just that. DELETE. Nothing was backed up or saved offline. Luckily I had spent my entire time there backing up all (or almost all) of the ctoon character art, and some random graphics, but i didnt have access to the backend so I couldnt clone the code before they wiped it. I was a remote user/admin, as they were in GA and I was in TX. I used to collect animation art WAAYY back, but dont anymore. It's cool you have access to Sunbow stuff. The painted backgrounds and key cell setups, along with storyboards, are where the money is at with that stuff
  9. I have JK Rowling, Fred Quimby, and Wesley Snipes. The majority of the rest arent familiar at all, except some of the musicians
  10. Yup, and Toonarific. It all started with Toonarific, and while I was building that I was moonlighting, on my own time, with the staff at Orbit. RR was originally just a sub-section of Toonarific, where I wanted to have free pics for people to download and use, based on the shows I had on the main site. Well, everyone and their grandma created sites similar to Toonarific over the years - all were much smaller in scope - but some had a far bigger budget due to being corporately owned and run, so I put less time in to Toonarific and more time here, and in RR. I don't work for a publisher, but I follow them closely. The goal of RR is to preserve and archive at least 1 full book example from each production title I have listed on RR. There are about 100 shows or so I doubt I'll get, since they are old anime and don't pop up often, but I have made a lot of headway over the years. The reason to preserve is not only to have it ready to use whenever someone wants, but also because many books are actually designed, drawn, and written by animators and writers who have worked on the shows themselves, and are hired by the publishers. I'm sure one day a copy of the archive will be donated to ASIFA-Hollywood (when I die), but that won't be for a while.
  11. When I came up with the CT concept it was a hybrid of Orbit, Neopets, and the other card collecting games out there, like the ones Nick and 4Kids had at one point. I had considered even doing the card # thing Orbit did, but I remember how chaotic it got when everyone was trying to get card #1 of each of the ctoons, so I did away with that and just went with having an expandable rarity type and editions. I didnt want to just make a dupe of something that was already done, which is also a big part gToons wasnt implemented.
  12. Only a few days left in the month, so if you havent entered but still want to, or at least get the 2 special new ctoons, dont wait until it's too late. We don't allow entries when the month is up!
  13. It's ok, but not the same flare that PoGo had in the beginning. You cast spells to collect items and defeat creatures, and spell energy is refilled at Inns (pokestops) just as pokeballs are. Instead of teams to join, you pick a profession: Auror, Professor, Magizoologist. Dont have much of an opinion on it yet, but I know I wont be playing it as I did PoGo when that first came out.
  14. we cant. CN owned those shows, so they could do whatever they wanted with them
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