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  1. If you haven't been on the FB page lately, you wouldn't know double points weekend starts tomorrow gotta make this a good month!
  2. Ani-May Donator of the Month  Have you ever wanted to own all of the Supporter Nook toons? Well, now's your chance. This month, we are giving away every single Supporter Nook ctoon to 1 VERY lucky individual. 1st place gets 1 of every Supporter Nook ctoon (and any that may come out this month!) 2nd gets all Supporter Nook ctoons that are 80 points or less 3rd gets all Supporter Nook ctoons that are 50 points or less 4th gets all Supporter Nook ctoons that are 40 points or less 5th gets all Supporter Nook ctoons that are 20 points or less Also we will be raffling off a copy of Final Form Cooler. Anyone who donates at least $5 is eligible. And...anyone who donates at least $5 will get Ms. Marvels! Anyone who donates at least $10 will get Ms. Marvels and the I'll Take My Own Path!
  3. We occasionally have monthly contests where the winner can pick a set they want to see released. I dont see any YYH on the agenda, but that doesnt mean it cant be squeezed in at some point
  4. wasnt he pretty big in the show? I recall him being like the size of a building
  5. dont tell them! you should have kept them guessing
  6. Oh, and Easter weekend (April 19-21) is double points, so anyone who wants to enter this should wait til then to get the bonus, too.
  7. I made more adjustments last night. I dont know if they have increased the cookie lifetime like they should have, though. Gonna find out today
  8. Before I get started, I just want to say that wanting a full site redesign or to have a full mobile app is not in the cards right now. We werent even sure this year was going to happen, and I just renewed for a better server for awhile, so we want to see progress this year to make a longer term decision. With that, I still want to make some new things happen, and get some old things improved. I know a few of you have posted EXTENSIVE want lists in the site suggestions area, so I want to centralize those ideas in 1 place where everyone can discuss them and vote on what should be at the top of the list, and what should be used when the Charmin runs out. I want to see a list of everything posted here, and we can see what I can put on a dev list to be worked on. I still feel the arcade should be at the top, and Im pretty sure I have some candidates in place that could do it. I just need to select one. So, without being too long-winded in this post, let's see what you all come up with.
  9. It seems it is only affecting some people, not all. I cant see any code changes that would cause this, so it might just be something that flushes out over time
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