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  1. 2017 Site Updates

    Let me know if this does go out. Then I can compare files and troubleshoot a little easier
  2. 2017 Site Updates

    are any of the other automatic pms being received?
  3. 2017 Site Updates

    so it's the pm not sending in game? Ill have to see what I can find out
  4. 2017 Site Updates

    I just dumped the scores table to make sure everyone has a chance at the trophies. Ill have to check the cron and see what time it is set to, but if everyone got the pts and tix and just not the msg, then its partially working I guess
  5. CT Appreciation

    Thanks guys, but I certainly couldn't do it alone. If it wasnt for everyone on the team using their own personal time, and the players who still think this place is neat, it would all be just a memory by now
  6. Happy birthday Toon! :bday2:

  7. Happy Birthday!! :D

  8. Happy Birthday Toon! Time flies! :lol: Have fun!

  9. Happy birthday Toon! Thank you for everything that you do for the community here at Collectoons! Hope you have a blast man! P.S. I know you didn't complete the newest pokedex! :P Good luck with all the unknowns in game. XD



  11. Happy Birthday !!  Thanks for all you do to keep things going around here..CT means alot to me..Hope your birthday is a great one :)

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy birthday!! Ty for keeping CT going for us!

  14. Fusionfall Retro

    Lol. It's what destroyed Cartoon Orbit
  15. July Donator of the Month

    You know what...I'm feeling generous (it is MY month, after all). Whoever the winner is of this contest will get all 28 of the new ones, and 1 each of all the previous Arcade trophies. I count 77 ctoons in that Golden collection, including the new ones.
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