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  1. The Grand Poobah

    January 2019 Donation Contest

    I just noticed the title said 2018. Updated it! lol
  2. The Grand Poobah

    January 2019 Donation Contest

    dear lord! well, double points weekend is Jan 18-20, so good timing. Good luck, everyone!
  3. The Grand Poobah

    Broken image in PM when receiving trophy

    ok, so it must be in the message code then. Ill add it to the list
  4. The Grand Poobah

    Broken image in PM when receiving trophy

    do any other plaques do that, or just Gambit?
  5. The Grand Poobah

    Icon for CollecToons Staff Messages

    Ill see what code Taco added when he made icons appear on the cworlds and see if I can do the same for the inbox. Have to be patient, though. With the baby and everything going on I have to try and set time aside for these tweaks
  6. The Grand Poobah

    Time zones in CT

    Ill look in to it. Might be able to finagle something for the view
  7. The Grand Poobah

    Confirmation on Leaving Manage My Shop

    I wouldnt even know where to begin. Ill have to look up coding examples online
  8. The Grand Poobah

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    Jesus, did we have an extra of that thing lying around!? I don't think another will pop up, that's for sure.
  9. We just has a baby girl 2 days ago and if anyone wants to know what she wants for her birthday, it's Red Dead Redemption 2. Just thought you should know ;)

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. moxie


      congratulations Toon! :loveye:

    3. deepcanyon1


      Congratulations Toon !!  And shes really smart to ask for that for Chirstmas :) 

    4. Terrie


      Congratulations Toon, I am so happy for you. 

  10. The Grand Poobah

    Maximum Points Received from Auto-Surfer and Bank Account

    you're killing me, Smalls!
  11. The Grand Poobah

    Redesign CollecTowne Plaza

    if someone comes up with a better imagemap, we can play with it
  12. The Grand Poobah

    Adding a "Sale"-type option to user shops

    I could possibly do this. I'd add a field to the user shop mgmt page that would convert the number value to a decimal, multiply it against each ctoon price displayed in the shop (via loop) and do a little calculation, and it should work. Ill play with it after I look at the code later on
  13. The Grand Poobah

    cWorld Vote Total on Any cWorld

    oh, gotcha. Ill look at the code and see what I can pull in
  14. The Grand Poobah

    Site Suggestion Dump

    We may do a 1.5x suppoints month round, except during dbl points weekends, where it would be the standard 1x. This would be a give and take, whereas 1 point type is increased during an interval, while another is swapped in during the 2nd interval. Donations aren't for pure chewing satisfaction, they are keeping this place going. Without them, we can't stay up. And if we want to see new developments, things are gonna have to get to where they were awhile ago. I can make tweaks, but not full areas or revamps
  15. The Grand Poobah

    cWorld Vote Total on Any cWorld

    doesnt it already show a "votes" value?
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