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    It's Time For Mewtwo

    ' Good luck with the Time Machine this reset everyone. And before anyone panics, we will be releasing more Mewtwos outside of the Time Machine. Prepare for Pokejune.
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    New Arcade Improvements

    Many people let us know that they found that the arcade no longer seemed relevant to the site. Which is why, until we can find new games, we decided to beef it up some. First of all, everyone who has a standard account gets a max 5 plays in the arcade now, instead of the previous 3. Anyone with premium gets a max 10 plays now All of the ticket amounts per game are now double what they used to be as well So you can expect a lot more arcade only toons heading your way!! And....here is a list of the max amount of points you can get per play, per game now
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    4th of July: 4 Chances to Win Raffle

    Happy 4th of July everyone! This is the 3rd annual 4th of July raffle I've held. And looks like I'm going to be doing this every year now haha I know a lot of us are going to be busy today, so all you gotta do is reply with your in-game name to sign up for this raffle. I'm raffling off 150,00 points, and there will be 4 winners. So you'll each get 150,000. Raffle begins now, and ends at the end of the day. That's pretty much it. Hope you all enjoy yourselves today. And while you're here go ahead and smash that like button at the bottom right corner. If I get a good amount of likes maybe I'll do a similar raffle soon. Sign ups:
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    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    Do you miss the days of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays? Maybe you gathered with some friends and caught all your favorite shows, had a roundtable of your primary snacks, or waited for the old Cartoon Orbit code. Well, we're bringing back our own version! Every Wednesday night at 10 pm EST/ 9pm ctoons time (unless otherwise stated in this topic), we will meet in the cToons chatroom. We'll have a pre-selected schedule from the old CCF lineup (usually between 4-5 episodes), which will be linked in the room. Consider opening it in another window so that we can all discuss and laugh in the chat while watching. We will have 90s Cartoon Network trivia after the episodes. Everything from toons to points will be given away, so you'll want to stick around. If you come into chat and disrespect anyone, you will NOT get a copy of the contest only for the month. If you are banned and somehow make your way in, you still will also not get the contest only toon. In addition, for extra incentive, we have some gorgeous plaques available for our consistent participants. Everyone who participates during the month will get a plaque. Behold... 2018 January February March April May June July August September October November December 2017 The following shows will have the chance to be shown each week... Dexter's Laboratory Johnny Bravo Cow and Chicken Powerpuff Girls Ed Edd n Eddy Mike Lu & Og Courage the Cowardly Dog The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? Codename: Kids Next Door Time Squad The following shows will join if we find a source: I Am Weasel, Sheep in the Big City, Evil Con Carne Are you ready for nostalgia?! Join your host TitanicForce on Wednesday nights, starting April 19th.
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    Anime Sunday

    This is only going to be on certain Sundays and i'll let everyone know in advance, but just like we have cartoon cartoon wednesdays, i'm going to do an anime sunday when we watch an anime together. Let me make this clear, btw. This is supposed to be fun for everyone on ct. If you come into chat and disrespect anyone, you will NOT get a copy of the contest only for the month. If you are banned and somehow make your way in, you still will also not get the contest only toon. Anime Sunday Contest Only Toons 2018 January February March April May June July August September October November December 2017
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    Smackdown Hall of Fame

    Over the years and many seasons that have come and gone durings CT's long and great life time there have been a few, dedicated players that have taken smackdown to new heights. These players at one time or another have reigned supreme as the best smackdown player of the quarter. We at CT want to recognize those players hard work and devotion so we are opening the first ever Smackdown Hall of Fame. The inductees of the 2017 class will be some of our late great players and some of our current best. These players will get a trophy that can only be obtained once during the lifetime of your account so if you sell it of otherwise get rid of it you wont be able to get another one. So without further ado let me present the trophy all the players will be earning and the players that will be the first to join the elite and remembered for all time. And the Hall of Fame Members Kittypuffpony Kenrmcha Jigetts RubixCube Mrbowler6 Champ Tails Kidnimbus Dc2daheart Animeaddict96 Coolguy Theflash999d Rapunzelanna Blue_Ridley_64 These Members will be awarded with a trophy if they are still here and the other members will just be honored in our hearts for the champions they were at the time. Other wings of the hall of fame may open in the future so fight for your spot today, and good luck to all our future champs.
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    That's the night that they hung an innocent man Don't trust your soul to no backwards southern lawyer 'Cause the judge in the town has bloodstains on his hands This is my new murder mystery CT story...and here's how it's going to work: The characters are : @mkw19 @Joshfarias16 @thelastsith @Sharktibolt @deepcanyon1 @Terrie @Coolguy @Ike @Moana of Motunui @Mitch O'Neil @birdman_drawhead @XxGothsCanSmile2xX @BTVKIDS @Prebs @theflash999d I am going to post one Segment each day until the story is finished. There should be about 42 segments total, so this'll last over a month. Here is the first segment: Segment One Darth Vader stood on a balcony. He was a guest at a hotel in Florida. He was looking down upon the darkened city at dusk. He could smell bitterness in the air. Death. Murder. It was glorious. He was invigorated. Tomorrow, the future promised. In the stark silence, Darth Vader could hear the imprint of evil laughter. *** “Hello, Terrie,” CoolGuy uttered formally. “What have you been up to?” “The usual. Feeding. Used the flight here to turn someone into a vampire.” She licked her fangs. “Was it painful?” “Not for me, no.” “Well, you look healthy.” CoolGuy beckoned at her rosy cheeks. Her black eyes also bore an energetic spark to them, as if she were a mare getting pumped up for a race. “It was a good feeding,” Terrie replied, her smile sincere. “And you, Tinkerbell?” CoolGuy asked, his gaze adjusting to the glowing fairy on Terrie’s shoulder. Deepcanyon unleashed a mellifluous series of laughter. “You have a talent for charming fairies,” she replied when she was finished, blushing with pleasure. CoolGuy tipped his hat. “Since I’m the only one without wings or fangs, I needed the Charm Talent.” Terrie pointed to her left. “Shark doesn’t have fangs or wings.” CoolGuy winked. “I wouldn’t test that theory. If you like having ten fingers, don’t wave one under his nose like a hot dog. You might be surprised.” Deepcanyon glanced over her shoulder in the direction of a laugh. The golden glow around her turned green then pink then light blue as she flew above Terrie’s head in excitement. “Is that Sith over there with Josh, doing magic tricks? I’m going to ask what school he went to. Those look like Durmstrang robes.” She flew off. “Sith went to Hogwarts,” CoolGuy told Terrie. “We came up here on the same train. Those Durmstrang robes were from a friend when Sith visited them for the Triwizard Tournament.” “Oh! Deepcanyon will be disappointed. She’s wondered what kind of Houses they have at Durmstrang.” Mkw, walking by, saluted CoolGuy. CoolGuy was wearing a trench coat with Post-It reminders stuck to the numerous pockets. “How do you keep them from falling off?” Mkw pondered. “Willpower…and strong glue.” Mkw nodded with gusto. “Of course!” “I thought about sewing them on,” CoolGuy explained, “but I figured out willpower enables them to fall off when I don’t need them anymore.” Shark came bustling over. “Guys, we are wanted in the meeting room.” He glanced at Terrie then did a double-take. “Terrie? You look different than your picture. Taller or…not so pale?” “I photoshopped my fangs out.” “Yes, that’s it. Are you a werewolf?” She just laughed incredulously in response. CoolGuy said, “Shark, she was married to Dracula.” Shark’s eyes were still cloudy as he herded the group into the meeting room then went back for the others.
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    Good Morning Guys!!! I have missed you all dearly &&to make up for disappearing for a while I am letting go of a few extras in my collection (minus my hoarded sets). After starting a new job and taking care of my grandfather... who is no longer with us.. I got caught up in life and had to stay away from CT for a while. I know a lot of you have been unable to access my shop so I will update it with no buying limit.. just share with other members. I love you all && I hope some of you will help me get tons of toons from sets I've missed. I need a lot of Cowboy Bebop and MLP. Enjoy my shop (it will be reset in 30 mins) and have a great week!! <3 Chelsea
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    2017 Spookiest Cworld Contest

    Inspired from new movie "IT" Happy Halloween!
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    Member Photos

    if I get 10 likes on this post I will put up a pic of myself! Lol Edit: Oh crap one more like
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    Choose tonights movie for Disney Saturday... Heart for Lilo & Stitch Trophy for Hunchback Haha for The Little Mermaid
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    CT Grand Adventure

    The Frightful Poltergeists for Ghost Town are: @Abdizur87 @lannisteryen @muppetgeek @captainjack @XxGothsCanSmile2xX @Tooner58 @BeardedBear @Mitch O'Neil @Aerial and @zeldasbox!
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    The Grand Poobah

    2017 Site Updates

    Ok, if this posts then the forums have been upgraded (crossing fingers) successfully. Should be the latest version now. Just trying to get CT back online and we should be good to go.
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    Christmas Advent 2017

    Keep track below of all the Christmas Advent codes released so far! Dec. 1st - Santa Flanders (The Simpsons) NEIGHBORLY Dec. 2nd - Vocaloid Christmas (Vocaloid) SINGING Dec. 3rd - A Christmas of the Ages (Ice Age) TIMELESS Dec. 4th - Magica Christmas (Madoka Magica) MAGICAL Dec. 5th - Speedy Delivery (Sonic the Hedgehog) DASHER Dec. 6th - Festive Gnome (World of Warcraft) FESTIVE Dec. 7th - Skating Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty) GREETINGS Dec. 8th - Festive Fight (Dexter's Laboratory) GOODWILL Dec. 9th - Infinite Christmas (Infinite Stratos) RIBBON Dec. 10th - Christmas Baking (Powerpuff Girls) COOKIES Dec. 11th - Skating Pooh (Winnie the Pooh) SCARF Dec. 12th - Robot Super Elf (Family Guy) ELF Dec. 13th - Santa Chopper (One Piece) REINDEER Dec. 14th - My Little Christmas (My Little Pony) GIFT Dec. 15th - Santa Noumi (Little Busters!) HUG Dec. 16th - Strawberry Christmas (Strawberry Shortcake) CAKE Dec. 17th - Santa Sasuke (Naruto Shippuden) KRINGLE Dec. 18th - Black Butler Christmas (Black Butler) BOX Dec. 19th - Garfield's Tree (Garfield) SLED Dec. 20th - Gift-Giving Mike (Monsters Inc.) HOLIDAY Dec. 21st - Scooby's Cookie (Scooby-Doo) BAKE Dec. 22nd - Christmas Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) REJOICE Dec. 23rd - Puppy Stocking (101 Dalmatians) STOCKING Dec. 24th - Bob's Christmas Train (Bob's Burgers) TREE Dec. 25th - Saiyan Sleigh Ride (Dragon Ball Z) SLEIGH
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    Vote for Disney Saturday Week 5...as you know we watched the week 5 film on CTs Anniversary so now you can decide HEART = Enchanted (it has some cartoon) TROPHY = The Little Mermaid LAUGH = Sleeping Beauty
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    Pick the film for Disney Saturday next week Like = Peter Pan Trophy = Beauty & The Beast Laugh = Snow White
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    Choose this weeks Disney Saturday Film Heart = Seeping Beauty Laugh = Alice in Wonderland Trophy = The Little Mermaid
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    Segment Two “Is that Jim Parsons?” Random CT Member #1 asked, her eyes round. Random CT Member #2 replied, “No, that’s Toon.” Random CT Member #1 murmured, “Ah, yes.” She ran her fingers through her silky red bob. “By the way, I like your snake tattoo. How do you make its eyes flash like that?” Random CT Member #2 eyed her companion like she was unintelligent. “Sweetie, I don’t have a snake tattoo.” Then she glanced down and jumped backwards ten feet, bumping into a wall. She flew right through BTVKIDS five feet in. “Nice one,” Josh remarked as Sith used his wand to make his art piece evaporate from Random CT Member #2. “Thanks.” Sith turned Shark’s hair pink fleetingly, eliciting giggles from a couple of girls in a group watching him speak. “I mostly use my Sithy powers for humor.” “And when you’re not?” Josh asked. A mysterious mirth filled Sith’s eyes. “Mum’s the word.” Someone bumped forcefully into Josh’s back. Loudly, he proclaimed, “If they don’t stop jostling me, they won’t live to regret it.” “How many people came to this thing anyway?” Sith wondered, trying unsuccessfully to count the moving heads. “A little more than thirty.” “Well, this is a better way to spend the summer than leaning over a computer screen. One week in Florida, enjoying the sunshine!” He dropped his sunglasses over his eyes. “CoolGuy told me some interesting stories about his work at Disney on the way over.” “How did you know he was on your train?” “I didn’t. I walked around calling CoolGuy! Shark! CT Josh! And CoolGuy responded.” “Did you really?” Sith laughed. “No. We figured it out in chat and chose a meeting place.” “Oh. Well, Shark and I flew the same plane. I knew we would, but he didn’t. I saw him and said, ‘Hi, Shark,’ and his eyes bugged out. ‘Who are you?’ he asked. I said, ‘You know me, and I know you.’ He slapped me. I think I scared him.” “To be honest, it is a bit creepy when you meet someone online who’s never seen your picture and they know exactly who you are.” Josh guffawed. “But Shark made it easy! He’s wearing a shirt with fish on it!” “Who’s that funny little guy?” Sith beckoned at a 3-foot mummified pharaoh with a trumpet for a head and rockets for arms. The pharaoh also sported a cranberry-red scarf with Santa heads, Christmas trees, candy canes, jingle bells, and Rudolphs sewn on it. He was chatting vividly with Champ, Ike, and Flash. “That’s Prebs. My, he’s shorter than I thought he was.” Josh indicated with his hand. “I thought he was chest-high.” “Wait.” Sith flung his wrist in Flash’s direction. “Is it me, or is that Flash?” “It is. It must be. I mean, he’s wearing a The Flash shirt. How could he be anyone but Flash?” “He could be an imposter,” Sith joked. “I must say hi.” “Looks like Prebs is sliming up the place,” commented Josh. “With his hoisin sauce.” “Is that what that goo is? I hope this hotel has exemplary maid service. Otherwise, we’re going to be bathing in it.” BTVKIDS was about to say something to Flash as Sith and Josh joined them. Prebs, Ike, and Champ were heading off. “Look what I can do!” BTVKIDS gushed, strutting through Flash then Sith and finally Josh. “When did you die?” Flash inquired, stroking his chin. “Last week. I was in NYC, and there was a construction site. Naturally, I went to explore. One of the guys dropped a huge, heavy cylinder on my head from thirty feet up. I never saw it coming. I died with a smile on my face.” “That’s the way to go,” Sith enthused. He used his wand to make confetti tumble through BTVKIDS from the ceiling. “Personally, I intend to make a philosopher’s stone. Sometime in the next five years.” “No, Sith,” BTVKIDS jested. “You can’t! You’ll offend me!” “You should do it,” Josh joshed, “and give it to BTVKIDS for safe-keeping.” Then he studied BTVKIDS appraisingly. “Never mind. It’ll slide right through him.” “Burglar alert!” Flash embellished. “You let BTVKIDS be your safe, and that stone will be gone the second you turn around. BTVKIDS is going to swallow it.” “If I manage that,” BTVKIDS lamented, “I want a thunderous round of applause.” Sith made his voice robotic. “Your order is scheduled to ship upon receiving due payment.” He flicked his wand and made a silver baton twirl through BTVKIDS.
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    Summer 2017 Smackdown Contest!

    The finalized list of prizes for everyone! Rapunzelsanna 100K Tickets Coolguy 75K Tickets KittyWolfHorse19 50K Tickets thelastsith 50K Tickets Moxie 35K Tickets Dragonwolf 20K Tickets Zip 15K Tickets theflash999d 10K Tickets MKW19 5K Tickets Tameran 3K Tickets lannisteryen 2K Tickets Screechingweasel96 Ken LoverOfDisney Baywatch7 austin3 notlindsayyy Sharktibolt Abdizur87 BeardedBear twinkletoes uncfanatic Cutsman ZaberFang Masterskydin Wanteddead411 LegitArtifact mongoose subarukazumi Blue_Ridley_64 Jazzy Josh123 Jwoolman1993 LoverOfAnimation Narengoku SpikeSpiegel TitanicForce xxgothscansmile2xx Again I want to thank EVERYONE who entered for their time and patience. Hopefully you've won or are receiving something you enjoy. I will start passing things out as soon as I can.
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    Hurt/Heal Holy Rares 2016 Edition

    russia was behind this I can smell it, maul impeachment incoming gg everyone
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    I just lost one 2 hour game of Duck Hunt trying to get the trophy and I crave death
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    June 2017 Releases

    It's officially Pokejune, and both Newletter and Splash Pages are updated! Discuss below what you're excited for this month! Week 1: My Hero Academia - (24) Shop 1 - Holy Rare Overlord - (22) Shop 6 Collectoons ... should it be changed to the CT Clue set? Subcategory: CT Clue Expansion - (20) Shop 4 Week 2: Family Guy - (19) Shop 2 - Holy Rare The Legend of Zelda Subcategory: Ocarina of Time - (22) Shop 5 - Holy Rare Week 3 The Secret Life of Pets -(25) Shop 2 - Holy Rare Orange - (12) Shop 1 Week 4 Pokémon - (55) Shop 4 - Holy Rare Outlaw Star - (31) Shop 6 - Holy Rare PRIZE ZONE TOONS
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    Smackdown Hall of Fame

    Congratulations! On behalf of the very busy Mr.President @Mitch O'Neil and Myself Mr.Vice President of Collectoons! We are pleased to congratulate you all, and lastly.... remind you all smackdown is a privilege not a right. #Let'sGetDangerous This message was brought to you by the presidency campaign of Mr.President @Mitch O'Neil and paid for and brought to you by the Co founder of the table flippers organization! @mkw19 We want you all to know lastly that no tables were flipped during the production and creation of this message. I know i'm a troll I just couldn't help myself this time
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    June 2017 Donator of the Month

    That plaque.
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    My baby girl turns 3 weeks old today You are a lot of work miss Mia Rose, but you are worth every second!
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    I've spent the last 6 years on Collectoons and tbh, nothing annoys me more than people who take something from you and then talk crap about you behind your back. It's why my account is empty. I'm tired of giving stuff to backstabbers.
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    Figures arrived and in awe at how stunning both look, Elsa's dress litreally sparkles.. really low numbers also both under 1000/5000
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    @sharktibolt is the best new admin ct has had in years!
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    The Grand Poobah

    Site Maintenance

    I am working on the site issue right now. It has been reported to the host to get this issue resolved. For some reason it only seems to be affecting CT and not the other sites on the server, so it is concentrated in 1 location at least. Thanks for your patience.
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    2017 Site Updates

    I will be keeping track of all updates this year for you guys and this will be where I post all new updates. New Arcade Updates New Premium Updates New Birthday Updates New Polls New Auction Times New Rarities Theme Days Smackdown/Morph Updates
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    Vote here for the Last Disney Sat of 2017 will start at 6PM CT this week the top 2 films will be shown Heart = Brave Laugh = Inside Out Sad = Toy Story Trophy = Monsters Inc oh yes its Pixar week
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    Holiday Drawing Contest

    Much easier than using Paint...I'm OLD so I'm still old school.
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    Collectoon Memes

    My thoughts on it.
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    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    @FredTheFish you get the honor of having your own rarity for ccw. You get to have cRings all year for your contest!! January February March April May June July August September October November December
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    December 2017 Releases

    Splash pages are up on Facebook everyone. Have fun. Also there are 4 new LE Gift Boxes in shop 3 currently. They should be active ALL MONTH LONG, so don't worry too much about getting them, but do make sure you get them.
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    November 2017 Releases

    Also props to whoever picked this for perfectly matching the Suicide Squad theme XD - Chiaotzu's Sacrifice
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    The Search for the next AO

    I've suddenly just been in an editing mood, and I liked that 'A Hero at Last' suggestion so much, I thought I would try my hand at it.^^ Though, I'll understand if its not good enough to use on this site, after all, I'm not all that good at editing. (BTW, It looks a lot better on a darker background.) EDIT - Man, I am in the zone tonight! I really have no idea where all this energy came from, but I am having a blast! I decided to cut another one...
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    Sister Love

    The Search for the next AO

    Beating the Game (Sword Art Online) Spotted Family (101 Dalmatians) Hero at Last (Hercules) Just Around the River Bend (Pocahontas)
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    2017 Spookiest Cworld Contest

    I'll kick things off with one I've been planning since last year. XD Grim grinning ghosts Come out to socialize~
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    So... Koga @Gamascottie and I got married earlier this month Gonna do a congratulatory shop refill in a sec!! Hope everyone is well <3
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    Mods, can we get a HybridTheory Code? Linkin Park Soldier?
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    CollecToons Screenshots 2016 & 2017

    @BROKEN raven123
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    Because bribing people is wrong, I will not do the raffle if the bear loses. However, Because I like doing raffles, I'll still do a big raffle with HRs from every year so you guys can win some awesome prizes this week!!! Now, you can only join in if you participate in hurt/heal, so go and participate!!
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    June 2017 Releases

    Anime is life. Anime is forever.
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    April 2017 Releases

    To defend Ed Tiger Bunny here, she's only voicing her complaints about this specific toon, which she has every right to seeing as it's been a complete pain for everyone. It's not ok to just latch onto her comment as if she is part of an actual group of people who complain about whatever. The rarity in general may be a problem because it's always a one off thing that doesn't happen too often so it's not easy to find a balance that works for most everyone. Like I said we'll look into changing things for the next OR, but please understand we're not 100% with suddenly experimenting or changing things with this one and possibly doing something that suddenly makes it all stock in succession, and then we have people mad they didn't get a chance with the new stocking change. This is an impossible to win situation where people will unfortunately be upset regardless of what happens. We can only try to correct it for the future.
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    April 30th will kick off Ani-May month. I am so pumped. I cannot wait. I wish we could start it early D:
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    Tomorrow is a huge day for ct! Big announcements to come!!
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    The Grand Poobah

    February 2017 Releases

    Ok, let me know if you come across any issues. I still have to compare some old files to new ones and make sure the rest of the settings are carried over.