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    I'm gonna be home almost all day Friday.....which means.....time for a few hundred auctions for the weekend!!! Will post them starting Friday!
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    September 2017 Releases

    New Lilo & Stitch HR Shop 5 What's The Stitch http://www.collectoons.com/plaques/userlist.php?toonId=MTA4OTA5 woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i beat mongoose
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    Member Photos

    maybe everyone can share their halloween costumes once the time comes.
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    Time Machine Raffles!

    Much appreciated, thank you!!
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    This is not an error.... I just pulled 2 Kevins and I'm not even mad lol.
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    I've finally decided to update my logo, yet I can't decide which way I like the finished product the best. So I thought I'd ask all of you what you think. or *Like* for the watermark behind me *Trophy* for watermark in front of me
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    I'll be hosting Disney Saturday tomorrow, and we'll be watching Lady & the Tramp.
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    I'm as shocked as anyone. Thanks Shark!!
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    Me on way to gym....*10 red lights, a funeral, an accident, a fire truck, an ambulance* and my gym partner got held up at home by chores. I swear it's like something is telling me not to work out.
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    Disney Saturdays!!

    Awesome! I'm thinking Lady and the Tramp as long as I find a free version online.
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    9/20 - TF, Shark, Jwool, Coolguy, Angelcrane, Ken, Volcom, Tooner58, Dragonwolf, Purplehaze, Kitty, Sith, Abdizur, Ludio, Josh, Flash, Nimby, Futurama, Raven
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    Anime Sunday

    You were, I don't know how I didn't get your name down. =\ Added you to the above list.
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    Alright, we got 20 people, here's the randomized list! So here's who won what: Zip - Flying Astro Boy Ike - Lololo Deepcanyon1 - Grimlock Zaberfang - Dee Dee Moxie - Shiv Katall Loverofanimation - Degravinator Abdizur87 - Snarl Xxgothscansmile2xx - Starscream Kenrmcha - Beaker Dexter Unluckygal - Weremole Thelastsith - Dexter's Dad Xero_hybrid - Dexter's Mom Josh123 - Secret Agent Honeydew Theflash999d - Screaming Courage Tameran - Flying Buzz Titanicforce - Isaac Sumdac Crsshow - Dexter Loverofdisney - Pumpkin Terrie - Princess What's-Her-Name Kittywolfhorse19 - Einstein's Brain Prizes will be offlined soon.
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    Guess who already got into an argument with the new manager at work on day one? XD
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    BROKEN raven123

    Member Photos

    me and @Prebs are gonna be matching this year. I call dibs on the car
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    Steven Universe!

    Zip talked me into watching a couple of episodes of Steven Universe...now I'm hooked and watching a new episode each night. Does anyone else like this show? Let's get some Yeses and get these toons into the shops!
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    What's the wildest thing I could auction right now? http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/191576
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    18 toons below First 20 people will be entered into a raffle for one pair above. The 20 names will be randomized, and first 9 names in the list will win. First name receives both Courage Ed. 1 and Ed. 2, second name gets Butt-gun Astro Boy Ed. 1 and Ed. 2, etc. So only 9 winners for this contest. Good luck!
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    Alright, I'm home, here are the winners! 1. Abdizur87 - Courage 2. Josh123 - Butt-gun Astro Boy 3. Moxie - Monkey 4. Titanicforce - Rocketing Jim 5. Xero_hybrid - Megatron 6. Nimby - Meta Knight 7. Theflash999d - Torque 8. Tameran - MAD Cat 9. Terrie - Jack-O-Lantern Congrats to those 9! Your prizes will be offlined later tonight.
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    Putting up auctions that'll end in 3-5 hrs from ctc_jr
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    Well by my count that is 20 people. Unfortunately I am at work so you all must wait until I get home to find out who wins.
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    Moana of Motunui

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Sure il offline you a million pieces over soon, no film is chosen so it's litreally your choice @TheWolfandtheRose
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    DeviantArt is currently holding a random mashup art challenge where they literally have a random generator to give you a character, setting, and scenario, and you just have to create an artwork based on whatever it comes up with. You can try it multiple times if you want, and the first thing it came up with for me was... Pikachu on the moon in a retirement home. Then, I decided to give it one more shot, and it gave me this piece of epicness... James Bond at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza living the most embarrassing moment in history. Honestly, I think I’m just having more fun with the generator than I am getting inspiration for art - even though I am rather inspired, anyway! I’m not sure if it will work if you don’t have a DA account, but here’s the link to the generator if you want to try it yourself, and tell me what you get! https://www.da-files.com/creative/mashup/fanartmashup.html?1531354460
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    - were my two for the week
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    First 20 people entered for 18 toons

    moxie, please and thankyou!
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    First 20 people entered for 18 toons

    CRSShow I am in
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    FFIX just released on PS4... Joys 1000 rope skips again
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    Anime Sunday

    Alphabetically Ordered!!! Also you misspelled @thelastsith . Should be THELASTSITH
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    Off to the football tomorrow night and then Kingsman 2
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    Cardcaptors - Expansion

    This is awesome! Cardcaptors is one of the few anime I watched/loved... But ah, I think with the cardcaptors cards, the current set was what they could find. Or all the cards together=mega huge set. I was collecting them as fast as I could...took me like 10 days to get the last one. Had they released 50 it would've taken longer. I'm all for more in the future. Just not keen on 50 toons at once. XD (Unless they're morphs)
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    Kitty's Wishlist

    Sent you a pink jewel
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    Err.... who's this at first place?
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    Anime Sunday

    So as a reminder I will be hosting Anime Sunday tonight in chat. Come in for around 8 PM CT. We will be watching some My Hero Academia, with raffles and trivia in between episodes. See you there.
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    Alright we have our 8 people! The winners are.......... 1. josh123 - Lounging Huckleberry 2. tameran - Lounging Marty McFly 3. crsshow - Lounging Penny 4. theflash999d - Lounging Snow White Congrats to the 4 above! Toons will be offlined shortly.
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    Praying theres no Shop 3 plaque as I'm working tonight
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    Snuggly Grim
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    still no power at our house and motels are full but we are heading back to fl today and winging it.. will know more about the damages when we get there..dont know when we will be back online theres no internet there
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    Im looking for Mewtwos to finish my Pokemon set. PLEASE help me!
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    Is it just me or is auction bidding seriously lagging right now
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    Pick tomorrows Disney Sat movie Heart = The Little Mermaid Like = Black Cauldron Trophy = Robin Hood