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    Ever Wanted Your Own Personal Toon Ever wanted your own one of a kind? Well now's your chance at getting a personal cToon of your desires into Collectoons and having it all to yourself Since this month marks a year since the start of the chat events "Disney Saturday, Anime Sunday, Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays" the OOAK choices will be themed around the events so there will be a Disney OOAK, anime OOAK and a Cartoon OOAK with first placed getting first choice and so on, along side this all of the previous event prizes from the chat events will be given away in four separate raffles 1st - Gets to select a OOAK from the three themes (Disney, Anime, Cartoon) 2nd - Gets to select a OOAK from the two remaining themes after first has chosen 3rd - Gets to select a OOAK from the remaining theme after first and second have chosen 4th - Will receive a previous OOAK "Bean's Shiny" In addition, Everyone who donates $5 or more will get Attacking Kyuubi Naruto Everyone who donates $10 or more will also get Slicers In addition anyone who donates more than $5 will be entered into the four raffles below Anime Sunday Package 1 Anime Sunday Package 2 Disney Saturday Package Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays Package
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    Saw deadpool 2 today, One particular scene made me laugh so hard, I hadn't laughed that hard in about a year and it felt really good. XD
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    Disney Sat May prizes have all gone out
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    As mentioned in chat I will give away 5 million every single time as a contest at the FIFA World Cup for every match the USA win
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    Incredibles 2 was worth the 14 yr wait.
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    Bumping for the sake of seeing new votes perhaps? The way I would like to see it done, Gens 1-7 would each have their own subcategories, then there would be categories for Megas and Alolan forms (when we get any of those), and then a Pokémon Action Poses category like Avatar has. Then we'd keep Originals, Promos, Evolution Items, and the Movie characters in their current categories.
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    Disrespectful offers on my trade listings is half the reason I don't come on to this site anymore. It's become a joke... Especially from older players who clearly know that the DBZ toons I have are worth much more than 675k. Congrats, you officially made me hate this site more.
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    Cyber Monday.

    Bonkers: EVIL TOGEPI! It was you all along! Evil Togepi: HAHAHA! THAT'S RIGHT, STUPID! Took you this long to figure it out cause you're STUPID! Bonkers: Ignoring that, we have you now! Surrender quietly or we will use force to capture you! Evil Togepi: HAH! If you want to catch me, you're gonna have to beat me! SEE YA LATER, STUPID! *Evil Togepi runs in the direction of the Smackdown arena* Bonkers- Wha- HEY! GET BACK HERE! I'm going after him, go alert one of the Admins! I know Sharktibolt was around before we went on this hunt, go message him and tell him that Evil Togepi is the culprit, and is hiding out in Smackdown! *Bonkers runs into the arena*
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    I built this cause I was bored.
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    Disney Saturdays!!

    Here's the list of tonight's participants: Justme Terrie Champ Darkness Woodstock Ike Punz Screechingspit Shark Dragon Futur These are the people who chatted about disney tonight... Although yeah it turned into a Dumbo/pokemon chat. We invented a new pokemon! A flying elephant...flying/grass type... Dumborrific is the evolution. XD Sharktibolt : What if it was a Fighting/Grass type called Nuntrunk? Guest_screechingweasel96 : Batontrunk >> Nuntrunk >> Nuntrunkio >> Mega Nuntrunkio
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    Shiny Mew

    Another one up in auctions!!
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    Because Pokemon is apparently going to go on ad infinitum, it's clear that we should at least separate them by generation.
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    Oh, and if you want my DBZ toons, or any other toons for really cheap, try to get them off the person I gave my good toons too. But good luck though, he actually will appreciate the value
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    Gonna be posting a ton of stuff on tb for dirt cheap and updating my shop at least 3 times a day... want too get rid of 300 pages of toons in 3 days because why not. LINK to my shop below where ALMOST everything is less than 1k.. XD http://www.collectoons.com/myshop/18217
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    Will sell my soul for 5 million points, will come in handy if you ever devil deal
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    this was one of the first times in a while I pulled something and went "OH! Cool!" And ofcourse, I loved this show as a kid!
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    I'm happy!^^ Since this now makes 2 I own, I think I'll sell it.
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    Here is June’s contest and it’s such an amazing one
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    June 2018 Releases

    It could also be named "2 Dudes with Sticks". But for some reason the team wasn’t going for it
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    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but the biography was abridged. The Potterverse is now real, and all of the horrible, ungodly, inconceivable negative elements of the Potterverse are written into today's history. Wars have an exponentially higher death toll, food is as scarce as gold, toilet paper was never invented, and, perhaps most devastating of all, Hermione actually looks nothing like Emma Watson. I wish President Trump had a 1980s glam rock hairstyle.