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    Everyone who is stuck working today instead of being with your family, we can get through it! Just nod and smile all day and it'll be okay. We'll get through it!
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    "Happy thanksgiving pilgrims!"
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    I've got stories to tell for Sunday lol. @Sharktibolt and I've still got today and tomorrow to work through haha.
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    Investment Strategies

    So I am back after almost a year on hiatus and I am doing two things in parallel: 1) After successfully completing my set of all gtoons last year, I am now trying to get all the Ed, Edd & Eddy Originals and to get the full Despicable Me set. Crazy, I know. 2) I am trying to find a good strategy for finding and reselling "investment ctoons", that is ones that I am not interested in collecting but can make some points out of. On 2), the best I have done so far is to look for rares and better in the shops and to try to buy multi-ctoon lots on the trade board that might have a rare or better in them, with the ideal of splitting up the lot and making a little bit. If you were just here to multiply your points through trades and sales, what would your strategy be? Do you have one already? Is it just a case of checking the appraisals board all the time and looking for differences between their appraisal price and what they are going for?
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    How many points do you have?

    It took me FOREVER to get this many points:
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    And remember all the thing we all have to be thankful for today and everyday..!
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    Happy Thanksgiving all you turkeys!
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    Happy thanksgiving!

    Happy thanksgiving!
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    Happy Thanksgiving "Consumers"!
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    if anyone here has the new animal crossing mobile app my friend code is 1161-3206-693. Need some friends!
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    November 2017 Releases

    Expired! Like Romeo and Juliet, they commited suicide by expiring before Sunday (lol Future said RIP). Thanks to everyone who helped me sell em out, especially Coolguy, Indie, and Punz! I couldn't have done it without help...thanks to the buying cap. (So I had this all planned to have enough points as if I were buying ALL 500 for 10k each so I'd be majorly good on points...500k. But after they came out, I realized I did the math wrong. 5million. Good god...and then I found out there were SIX hundred released...lol. I had to run around like a half blinded mare to get this done...) And Coolguy bought the last 3. He sold them out. Very grateful to him.
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    Favorite cToons?

    for me to do this i think it would be proper to explain why each one of these are my favorite. -My first ever toon that I cut that made it in game(albeit poorly done but still XD) - Favorite pokemon - First ever HR I got and from one of my favorite sets -Took me so long to get this...that i appreciate having this toon more than I should! XD - @Jazzy knows - Of the few toons I hoard, this was the first. - Favorite HR, the time sitting in shops for this week after week, the value. Can't help but like it!