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    Alright, we got 20 people, here's the randomized list! So here's who won what: Zip - Flying Astro Boy Ike - Lololo Deepcanyon1 - Grimlock Zaberfang - Dee Dee Moxie - Shiv Katall Loverofanimation - Degravinator Abdizur87 - Snarl Xxgothscansmile2xx - Starscream Kenrmcha - Beaker Dexter Unluckygal - Weremole Thelastsith - Dexter's Dad Xero_hybrid - Dexter's Mom Josh123 - Secret Agent Honeydew Theflash999d - Screaming Courage Tameran - Flying Buzz Titanicforce - Isaac Sumdac Crsshow - Dexter Loverofdisney - Pumpkin Terrie - Princess What's-Her-Name Kittywolfhorse19 - Einstein's Brain Prizes will be offlined soon.
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    Guess who already got into an argument with the new manager at work on day one? XD
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    CT's Greatest Detective Contest

    tails with the gamuza
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    CT's Greatest Detective Contest

    Was it Robin with the Batarang?
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    CT's Greatest Detective Contest

    I think it was Nel Tu with a Kryptonite Rock. Really weird combo if it's true but that's all I got lol
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    *Takes a wild guess* (Sorry, Flash) Suspect Moana murdered Tom with the Hotline Phone cord.