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    Moana of Motunui

    June 2018 Releases

    Ed, Edd, and Eddy Tangled: The Series
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    June 2018 Releases

    The new ed edd eddy toons in the shop are so awesome.
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    Guess where this girl just got back from!^^ I will give you a hint...
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    - screechingweasel - tooner - woodstock - xero Sorry here are the winners, better late than never I guess
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    Whoo can't wait to see what today brings! It's my 31st Birthday and I just got a date with a beautiful person I cannot wait to get to know! Blessings all around!
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    It’s World Cup semi final day... would be lying if I said my nerves weren’t all over the place COME ON ENGLAND
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    It's been almost 8 years of using the old thread, I think for the sake of not needing to go through so many pages and posts it's time we started a new one. It IS the first quarter with the new reward toons anyways! So below are the Top 30 for this past quarter. Only Top 20 will receive prizes, but 21st-30th are included in case we need to bump people up. Another page was included for the sake of including the actual 30th place person, since EvlTgpi is discounted for being the site plot villain account. Scores have also been reset for the new quarter. Please stay tooned for a more detailed post that asks everyone to pick their prizes.
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    We then reached the final part of the plot, Defeat Evil Togepi! With Evil Togepi now hiding in Smackdown, I went there myself to..........'confront' him. After being spoken to by Random CT Player, it was stated that we needed to defeat him in Smackdown. For long periods of time, EvlTgpi would appear in Smackdown looking for new people he thought he could beat. He would mainly only battle a person multiple times if he kept winning, or if enough time had past that he was willing to give it another go at victory, otherwise he would literally be looking for 'new' people to beat. Announcements were put up at the top of the forums stating when Evil Togepi was in Smackdown to battle. He was given a HP bar, of 175 HP. Every victory over him resulted in -5 HP. Every loss to him resulted in +1 HP. This lasted until today, and I really tried to drag this out to try and allow the most possible time for as many people as possible to battle EvlTgpi to get counted for participating in this part of the plot. But I decided it had to end today before the quarter reset, so EvlTgpi would not be on the next quarter rankings at all. Essentially battling him just once was enough to be counted for this part of the plot. And when Evil Togepi's HP reached zero, he was defeated, arrested, and the plot ended. So with that all put out there for everyone to see, let me again thank anyone who participated at any point of this crazy plot idea of mine. I had fun planning it and appreciate that other people enjoyed it too. And for those who were not fans of it, I apologize, this was just meant to be something fun. Sorry if you got annoyed at missing a CTF, or not actually getting Time Machine pulls. But it was a one time thing for each of those events, so I hope it was at least understandable. With the exception of the CTF code as I had no way of marking who entered the codes, I kept track of all the people who took part in each point of the plot. I kept lists of the people who messaged EvlTgpi for the Time Machine pulls, who messaged CTC_JR about the missing arcade game, who eventually sent me the message about Evil Togepi in Smackdown, and who actually completed a battle with Evil Togepi. I remember a couple people who had issues with Smackdown working but did at least show up in Smackdown and tried to battle, so I will count them for that part. So now, for EVERYONE who participated in at least ONE PART of this plot, you will all be receiving the Evil Togepi Contest Award! There may be some more prizes for those who took part in all the steps I tracked, so stay tooned for that.
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    It doesn’t?!!? I’ve been misled all this time!
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    June 2018 Releases

    Well Morphing Tree still isn't updated with the morph line info. For all people know Aron morphs into Snorlax with a Fire Stone.
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    June 2018 Releases

    I'm not exactly ready for bed but instead ready to do something, so I figured I'd get a set list posted for Pokémon, Golden Sun, and Mortal Kombat. XD Mortal Kombat (25 toons) Golden Sun (18 toons) Pokemon Shop Set (29 toons) Pokemon Morphs and Arcade Onlys (35 toons)
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    I honestly think a lot of ctians are super busy with real life right now. Coolguy and Jwool, for instance. I don't think changing anything will make them less busy and suddenly, magically have time for us. Accio Coolguy! Nope, darn...
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    June 2018 Releases

    New Pokemon HR Shop 1 Reshiram http://www.collectoons.com/plaques/userlist.php?toonId=MTExMjQ0
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    Moana of Motunui

    My Offers Update

    Looking at the my offers page and find it annoying the amount of toons you miss out on simply because someone offers a few hundred points more and being unaware or simply because your offering on so many listings its impossible to follow them all so have some simply but helpful suggestions Highest Offer being shown on the My Offers page similar to like it does on the trade board this will display the highest offer on the toon Cancel + reoffer add a separate button next to cancel this will cancel your current offer whilst directing you to the trade board listing to make another offer on it
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    Anime Sunday

    So, wood did an awesome job hosting anime sunday tonight. He will be one of the perm hosts from now on, so we have more coverage for the event
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    SEMI FINALS Its coming home Its coming home Its coming Footballs coming home!
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    CTPD Press Conferences

    EVIL TOGEPI HAS BEEN DEFEATED! After almost a week of battles with many players, the final blow to his health has been dealt! Evil Togepi: D-DARN YOU YOU STUPID STUPIDS! I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR DOING THIS TO ME YOU STUPIDS! .......he is clearly very much a BABY Pokémon......... Thank you to everyone who participated in ANY part of this site plot. With this, it is now officially over. I really appreciate anyone who went through any of the steps for any part of this. Stay tooned for a detailed post on solving each part of the plot, and for the prizes for those that participated!
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    Well, it is Pokejune.
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    Left Center Right

    Funny enough with this kind of a game there is no really being 'out' until the game is over. Since toons can be passed around left and right you could lose all your toons first turn then two turns later have 2 passed over to you. Definitely going to be interesting to see how the ending looks. XD
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    Disney Sat May prizes have all gone out
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    Personally I'm already good to do the work. But yeah I like seeing more people are on board with the idea first cause it IS a LOT of work. As for morphs, they're not an issue. I could move Pichu into 101 Dalmatians, Pikachu into Digimon, and Raichu into The Good Dinosaur and the morph line would still work as usual. And for keeping Arena Onlys with their original toons, we do have a couple examples already for where that's not the case. SS4 Goku and SS4 Vegeta.
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    As mentioned in chat I will give away 5 million every single time as a contest at the FIFA World Cup for every match the USA win
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    Cyber Monday.

    I bought Butt-Head Valentine and Exo-Jock 4000 x2