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    So, I finlly pulled Time Mchine toon. This little guy.
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    Golden Batmobile x7 I think my Lotto is broken or has forgotten there are other Lotto Onlys to be given out, I've probably gotten 10 of these by now. XD
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    Oh man a GoT prequel has been ordered and is set 10,000 years in the past... it sounds legit http://ew.com/tv/2018/06/08/game-thrones-prequel-jane-goldman/
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    Kingdom Hearts3 releases Jan 29th day after my birthday I know what gift I’m asking for
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    I started watching My Hero Algebra last night. 3 episodes in so far, and its a good show! Haven't watched anime in like 3 years, but back on my bs ;p
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    Anyone want to help @TheWolfandtheRose @Sister Love
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    Frozen is in KH3 shut up and take my money
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    First full day at my new job in 30 min... Sooooo nervous xD I'm gonna be on ct a lot less now due to it.
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    Everybody, get your Kleenexes out, because Coco is now on NETFLIX! I repeat, Coco is now on NETFLIX!!^^
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! Ya'll know me so well with the Cipher cake and AT gifs
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    Opened up a $40 pack of Neo Genesis Pokemon Cards, and pulled a Lugia foil. Im a happy camper!
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    Tonight's Disney Saturday begins at 7:30pm (CT time) with a few raffles then Proud Family episode, and Recess: School's Out. Remember, in order to get counted for Hades plaque, you must tap your heels 3 times and say Disney Disney, Disney, where I can see you.
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    Got internet back, was killing me so rang up old ISP and paid for a 4 day extension to my contracts end until new ISP is in on Monday
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    Join us on Disney Saturday tomorrow we will be giving away a new PO
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    Tangled The Series S2 starts next month :O and season 3 got announced @Sister Love @TheWolfandtheRose SOOO MUCH YES
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    Pokmemon Switch OMG it’s beautiful a full game in full hd
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    Here is another one of my random thoughts of the day... I would like to see an ice-cream truck drive by playing the Pokemon theme song, but of course, in those cute-sy ice-cream truck music tones.^^
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    Happy birthday!!!

    Happy birthday!!!
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    Happy Birthday..hope you enjoy your day !!
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    Happy birthday!!!

    Happy birthday!!!
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    Happy Birthday Haze. hope it's a good one
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    Happy day of birth!

    Happy day of birth!
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    Happy Birthday hope its an amazing one
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    Happy Birthday, Haze! Hope it's a fun one!
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    Now I am just sad, if not a little upset. I ordered 2 bean burritos at the drive-thru of Taco Bell, only to come all the way back home to find that they only gave me one. And I think they still charged me for 2, anyway!