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    Re-employed! Perfect time too with the holidays rapidly approaching! All thanks to God!
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    "Happy thanksgiving pilgrims!"
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    Happy Thanksgiving "Consumers"!
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    I don't know if it's just me, but since being in college i've found I can't do any work at home and the only time I can get work done is when i'm at the library or at starbucks. So now I practically live at starbucks. Lol!
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    My apologies to the players that sent me any PM these last few months!! Thanks to hurricanes Irma & María theres no electricity over here, nor wifi anywhere! Its been really hard for me to get online, but hey, Im alive will be answering them shortly!!! Hope everyone is okay!! I see I've missed lots of stuff, NICE!! Have a great day !! Puerto Rico se levanta!!!
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    Seven months late but might as well show it, this was a costume at Anime Matsuri back in April:
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    Here is my tree so far 1/3 done the decorations total to about £170 so far... £15-20 each 3 of them play music.... 5 of them are from a LE 1/2600 Olaf's Adventure set
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    First a spectral ccard last weeek, now a mewtwo in the time machine!
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    Sooo much to do this month. So little time. I've got both jobs today but I'm so backed up on ct stuff >_<
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    For that film festival I mentioned a while ago, I just got to make the Jury Prize award as well, and this is what I came up with... also Trick or Treat!^^
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    yay so excited, just got vip tickets to see weird al <3
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    This just popped up on my Facebook has it really been THIS LONG
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    Everyone who is stuck working today instead of being with your family, we can get through it! Just nod and smile all day and it'll be okay. We'll get through it!
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    @Sharktibolt was good to see you at target next time let me know and we can do lunch. Here is shark inspecting my cart. I could tell he wanted to put away the stray cart across the isle. and here is me and shark.
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    My Lion King snowglobe that arrived today it is from 1994 super rare and cost me £250
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    Regarding the news about the potential Disney-Fox deal: I think I'm probably in the minority here but I'm really wary of this potential acquisition. First off, I'm a big fan of the X-Men films (particularly X2, First Class, and Logan) and the way that they use the mutant experience as an allegory for minorities fighting for equal rights in our own society (perhaps more relevant now than when they first debuted). Secondly, I find that the MCU--not including Marvel's television slate (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Defenders) which I am continually impressed by--is running out of gas creatively and relying on humor as crutch. I don't want to see that happen to the X-Men movies. Don't get me wrong, humor in superhero films can be awesome (take Deadpool, Fox's' genre-breaking exercise in clever fourth wall-breaking comedy). I just think audiences deserve content that switches things up instead of relying on a greatest hits mentality. Through its many properties, Fox has continually delivered groundbreaking content and the X-Men universe is clearly no exception. New Mutants, while a decidedly different take on the franchise, is exactly the kind of thing I want to see major studios going for. The Marvel assembly line doesn't need another group of heroes to force into their mold. I get it, people really respond to seeing similar elements every time, but to each their own. Personally, I loved Doctor Strange because it accomplished exactly what few other Marvel films have: it delivered something original. Don't get me wrong, I love and have loved Disney since childhood but the idea of it absorbing and potentially sanitizing "out-there" stuff like the brilliant and gutsy shows on FX (Baskets, American Horror Story, and Legion, an awesome X-Men show) is disheartening. Even FOX's X-Men show, The Gifted, is turning out to be a neat production. Clearly, that franchise is doing fine as is. I realize that this is all unlikely but the possibility is worth acknowledging. Who knows? Maybe the acquisition could prove to be a terrific decision and the beloved properties continue to prosper creatively. Hell, The Force Awakens was phenomenal. I just hope that, should it happen, Fox's directors, showrunners, and producers get to keep their unique storytelling voices with the support of such an amazing and iconic brand. Thanks for reading
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    In accordance with my last post, here a couple of pics of my costume! I was Dani Phantom^^
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    And remember all the thing we all have to be thankful for today and everyday..!
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    Happy Thanksgiving all you turkeys!
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    To all the Collectoon Family Happy Thanksgiving
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    You know you have been on CT forever when your forum profile passes 50,000 views
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    Will trade other new LE's for the SS Geno!! Let me know!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Wish there was a offer etiquette on CT being out offered by 1-5k on a 900k+ trade gets annoying... needs to be agreed on 5% or 25k
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    Uncharted 4 has become my new favorite video game, so good!
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    Got to watch Wonder today on field trip with my students. Movie was amazing. Def wpuld recommend.
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    I'll be doing another Pokémon Hunger Games tonight in chat around 10 PM CT!
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    Would like to see pics of your Christmas tree
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    Show me a anime! Post a anime below you would like to me to watch with you on Anime Sunday this week.. If you are present your anime will go into a random.org and the top 1-2 will be shown
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    So a Harry Potter game by the Pokémon Go creators is coming next year
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    My Disney Snowglobe that arrived today my 2nd one should be here in 2-3 days
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    @mkw19 omg this hunger games!! Kangaskhan!! vs Krabby!! @FredTheFish
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    Why did I agree to work both jobs today >_<
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    Twitch is streaming all of yugioh @Sister Love if you wanna just play that tomorrow.
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    We got snow here today!^^ Then the power went out for about an hour.
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    Got paid 3 days early and purchased the Disney snowglobe that was top of my want list collection wise
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    Just remebered why i stoped playing neopets so much. They just updated their game scores and basically every game i played they made it impossible to get the 1k points on or very hard. They do this with every game. Instead of letting people play games and work their way up in points to get good things they make it so that games are worthless and its only good to get lucky or spend all your time buying or selling. Like come on there are players with billions of points whats the harm of letting me get 3k a day off 1 game.
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    Ordered the new Elena of Avalor LE 17” doll whilst on my lunch break today can’t wait to receive her
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    hope you have an amazing one
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    What is this Disney buying 21st Century Fox madness that would give Disney X-Men, Avatar rights, Kung Fun Panda series, Ice Age series
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    First day of the film festival down! There have been a lot of deeply moving and inspiring films already, as well as others that were a little out there, but I am still really excited for the rest of it!^^ 7 more days to go!
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    LOTR TV series no thanks the films were perfection count me out
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    Happy birthday!!

    Happy birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday..Hope its a great one
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    Reminder Disney Sat is 8PM tonight and not 7:30PM - Have courage and be kind
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    Carving a pumpkin at 1am.
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    Cate Blanchett SLAYED as Hela... Thor Ragnarok has dethroned GOTG as the best Marvel film