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    Now I feel bad for whining about AO, but this time instead... I want to give a big thank you, to the people who are helping me get the points together to compete for it. While I know that not everyone is concerned about the enjoyment of other players, it really is the few who are, that make CT so special. So thank you!
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    I am so happy right now. i. got overachievers. I have played this game for years off and on. I have done a lot in this game good and bad and I have put many hours into the game to help members and for myself to accomplish many goals. I thought I would never get overachievers from the bad I did . but this morning a person I have known for years champ or ABC123 or mouse over the years he has gone different names. i want to say thank you to him. I purchased it from him for 3 million points . straight points . my goal of getting one is accomplished.
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    Oh look... another Naruto toon I need
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    Dont think this poster will make it as a toon Was reading Punz's topic and found this on Facebook
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    I just want to thank everybody who sent me all of the wonderful birthday wishes, you guys are all amazing, thank you!^^
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    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, I would reply to them one by one but there's quite a few.. here's to another year on CT
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    Sat in the cinema waiting for Black Panther to start HYPE
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    Black Panther is my new favorite Marvel Movie, hands down.
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    I just saw PIXARs Coco, honestly the best movie I have seen in an incredibly long time, and probably my new all time favorite film! (Of course Id have to rewatch The Fox and the Hound just to refresh my memory to see how it measures up, but man, either way it goes, its going to be close.)
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    On one hand, Hasbro will have the Power Rangers toy license starting in 2019. On the other, Hasbro/Paramount revealed today the Transformers cinematic universe is now over and will be rebooted I think, and the Bumblebee movie is basically the last we're getting of the Bay universe. Honestly I'm pretty much ok with both things.
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    @thelastsith has proven himself worthy of the name. Witness his onslaught and victory here.
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    Currently in the theatre watching previews before BLACK PANTHER!!! :-)
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    All UK KFC stores are shut as they ran out of chicken never thought I would hear that
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    More of the Ao have gone up!!
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    KH3 Theme song.. and that Corona key blade
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    Congrats man.... FLY EAGLES FLY
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    Nice to see a new team win the Super Bowl. I hope it will be my Bills one day.
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    tuesday I went and saw the maze runner death cure. such a great movie all the way from start to finish. even though I waited over a year to see it. I wasn't sure if it was gonna be lackluster. but i am glad i was wrong the movie was very good and the wait was worth it .
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    Happy birthday @Ludiologist @angelcrane @Volcom !!! Hope it's a great day for all 3 of you.
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    been working for six months to sell out Mystery the Sea Horse in Shop 2. He expires in 2 hours with the set. 14 left...if anyone can help... #itsnotovertillitsover
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    Paul and Champ are on the mod team now. Super hyped!!!
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    Happy birthday!!

    Happy birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday, Ms. Smiley Goth Woman! Hope you have a special day today!
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    Happy birthday!!!!

    Happy birthday!!!!
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    Happy birthday! 

    Happy birthday!
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    Stuck on a coach coming home from London
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    I am glad I could help you fulfill your morph request. any time if you need some more done just ask
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    Yes derby day victory... 7 wins in a row for the Villa
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    FInally done putting things in my locker, everything besides archer and naruto shippuden is for sale, feel free to pm me in here or in game
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    This FRIDAY - Town of Salem Night. 15 Players needed!
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    Elite NFL Wide Receiver Nick Foles
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    I really didn't know who to root for in today's big game. I didn't want the Eagles to win, but then again, I really, REALLY wanted the Patriots to lose, so I guess I got what I wanted. At least it was an exciting game, actually got into it by the end there, and the more I think about it, it's actually nice to know that the team that decimated my home team went on to win the whole thing. Congratulations to the Eagles and all their proud fans.
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    Gametimeeeeeeee is almost upon us.... Praying for the best.
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    Updated the ctc jr and rogue shops
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    Happy Birthday, Lud! Crazy Couch loving! Hope you had an awesome birthday and spent it doing your favorite thing.
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    In honor of the new year, and to celebrate all the great people of CT, and mostly cause I have free time, there will be a huge update/Sale in the CTC_Jr and Rogue shops within the next hour!!! DO NOT MISS OUT!!
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    Happy Birthday hope you have a really great birthday
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    Happy Birthday, My DBZ loving friend!
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    I'll be doing another Pokémon Hunger Games in chat tonight around 9 PM CT!
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    Only I could write a Anime Sunday list and leave myself off it
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    Why has no one taken care of CTC sales since November of last year
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    Hope you have a great birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    I want to say we have known each other a long time.I remember when our paths first crossed paths over the SCooby doo AO you gave me something like 100k in points and bunch off other Toons for it back then you were abc123. from there a friendship was started through that. we helped each other with different things on CT. we had many different conversations that sometimes drew heated debates. I watch you start out as regular and make your way on to Database and finally make it even further than that . over the years we have had our differences and times we didn't talk at all but it's nice I got to know you. Happy birthday champ
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    Happy birthday!!!

    Happy birthday!!!
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    This election is giving me heart problems...