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    Pick the film for Disney Saturday next week Like = Peter Pan Trophy = Beauty & The Beast Laugh = Snow White
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    Choose this weeks Disney Saturday Film Heart = Seeping Beauty Laugh = Alice in Wonderland Trophy = The Little Mermaid
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    Pick tomorrows Disney Sat movie Heart = The Little Mermaid Like = Black Cauldron Trophy = Robin Hood
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    Biggest Pet-peeve on here: When I have a toon on Trade board and someone has a high of 300k, and someone counter offers with 301k..... I will end up just accepting the 300k offer, just sayin. Same goes for when I am offering on a toon.... Say I have a 250k offer on something, and someone offers 251k. If ya really want the toon, offer more than 1k Higher! lol Rant over!
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    Alright then. Like this if you wanna see pokemon tonight. Do a thanks if you wanna see konosuba. Do a laugh if you wanna see Gate. Do a confused face if you wanna see "Is it okay to try to pick up girls in a dungeon." Do a sad face if you wanna see future diary.
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    This just in! A major catastrophe looks to be coming to Collectoons and we need to assemble a team to rescue us from sure disaster! We need your help to assemble this... squad! The top 20 donators (oh yea... lots of winners this time!) this month will each pick a toon to be a part of an exclusive Donator's Choice LE set to be released in November. This set may be called the... CT Suicide Squad! Each of the winning 20 donators will get their hands on their selected toon before it hit the shops in November. The top 5 donators will receive the whole set before it hits shops! The top 3 donators will receive a Chaos Rare Ctoon of their Choice. There are multiples of each, so all three can pick the same one if they want. Choices are: The #1 Donator will be selected the Captain of the CT Suicide Squad. The Captain will make the decision whether or not to put the LE toons in their respected set, or to have the toons stay in a special set called, CT Suicide Squad. Everyone who donates at least 5$ will get a Suicide Squad Sticker Everyone who donates at least 10$ will get a Reapers Plaque and a Suicide Squad Sticker. Everyone who donates at least 5$ will be put in a raffle to win a Suicide Squad Chaos Rare. Any limitations to what images you can choose will be listed here: To give you an idea on what kinds of images we can work with, check these out: To give you an idea on what kinds of images we can't work with, check these out: Here are the best examples: Last year's set. **The sooner the winners decide on their toons then the sooner all winners will receive their toons.** Excited to see what heroes you guys will choose for us
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    I'm gonna be home almost all day Friday.....which means.....time for a few hundred auctions for the weekend!!! Will post them starting Friday!
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    September 2017 Releases

    New Lilo & Stitch HR Shop 5 What's The Stitch http://www.collectoons.com/plaques/userlist.php?toonId=MTA4OTA5 woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i beat mongoose
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    Wicked was amazing loved it so much, now back at the hotel and chill before Aladdin musical tomorrow
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    Thank you @Xavianangel and @StarSapphire for the amazing event plaques both the Disney ones are stunning so far
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    I know I have been less active lately, life has gotten very busy with the school semester. I hope everyone is enjoying life!
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    I hope everyone who is on Collectoons who live in Florida stays safe, you are all in my prayers
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    Man, it's a beautiful day outside for what's about to hit Florida. I secured my condo and will be riding it out in my parent's house. So I will be MIA, but I will let everyone know as soon as I'm okay and have internet.
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    Feels sad being back home after being in London all week, now to plan the next trip up there to see more West End shows
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    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    since this fits the theme more, this will be the plaque for the october contest only
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    The contest is now over, all boxes have been selected! Below is a list of winners and prizes: dragonwolf loverofdisney kittywolfhorse19 crimson xero_hybrid wanteddead411 loverofanimation tameran zip titanicforce volcom thelastsith baywatch7 These prizes will be offlined to everyone as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone who participated, and sorry for those whose luck did not turn out so great. However, due to the financial success of this contest, and in spite of being critically panned by audience and reviewers alike, Collywood announces a 3rd Double or Nothing contest will be happening! So stay tooned! EDIT: All prizes have been offlined!
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    September 2017 Releases

    New Toy Story HR Shop 4 Evil Dr. Porkchop http://www.collectoons.com/plaques/userlist.php?toonId=MTA4Nzc5
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    Ace Ben Billy Bloo Blossom Bubbles Buttercup Cheese Coco Courage the Cowardly Dog Dee Dee Dexter Drew Saturday Ed Edd Eddy Eduardo Father Finn the Human Fiskerton Flapjack Frankie Fred Fredburger Fuzzy Lumkins Grandpa Max Grim Gunter Gwen Him Hoss Delgado Ice King Jake the Dog Johnny Bravo Johnny Test Juniper Lee Kevin lana Lance Lee Kanker Mac Magic Tree Major Glory Mandark Mandy Marie Kanker May Kanker Mayor Mojo Jojo Mr. Herriman Numbuh 1 Numbuh 2 Numbuh 3 Numbuh 4 Numbuh 5 Princess Professor Utonium Samurai Jack T.O.M. The Scotsman Statues
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    cWorlds 2016 & 2017

    Samus Logo
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    Moana of Motunui

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    IRL stuff...I'll be back later this week.
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    AO material right here Seductive Jasmine
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    My profile picture is fanart of my character by SILVER GAMING on G+ Full pic below V (Dunno why I'm posting this)
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    Member Photos

    maybe everyone can share their halloween costumes once the time comes.
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    Time Machine Raffles!

    Much appreciated, thank you!!
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    This is not an error.... I just pulled 2 Kevins and I'm not even mad lol.
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    Make sure to join my contest, weekly I'll make a status update when the next time to register will be.
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    I'm so sorry I haven't been on! School and stuff. Just got back from my younger cousin's b-day party.
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    Jurassic Park (Arcade Game) T -Rex Roar below trex.mp3 Slenderman Battle Toads Batman the animated series Earthworm Jim
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    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    Present on 9/6 - TF, Jazzy, Dragonwolf, Detelos, Kitty, Volcom, Futurama, ZaberFang, Quoyle, angelcrane, Zip, Moxie, Terrie, TC2, Ken, Flash, CG13, Indie, Punz, Abdizur, Xavi
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    Aladdin on the West End is magical, such perfection in its adaptation... I know @Jazzy would love it being the Aladdin fan she is....
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    Last night was super fun. More konosuba next time I host a Sunday. Not sure when that will be though xD
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    First time making pinwheel cookies. First time burning pinwheel cookies too. XD
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    Today is my Moms Birthday in Heaven..my third one without her..remember to always tell your mom how much they mean to you..Your mom teaches you everything except how to live without them :'(
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    Here's my two for this week and it's a SMASHING week.
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    All Table Flippers are passed out! Enjoy!
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    Moana of Motunui

    Anime Sunday

    Your on the list from week 1 so will receive the plaque
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    Sister Love

    Anime Sunday

    It seems like the storm went elsewhere, so I should be here.
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    Albus Dumbledore Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody Arthur Weasley Harry Potter Black Lake Harry Potter Flying Harry Potter Cedric Diggory Death Eater Dementor Feleur Delacour Fire bolt Broomstick Hermione Granger Lord Voldemort Ron Weasley Rubeus Hagrid Snitch Viktor Krum Extras Possible Morphs
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    CT_Trash is back up for the next two weeks. Anything you dont want, put it on tb and we will offer 500 points a toon, no matter what it is.
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    My best grab ever from the time machine OVERJOYED at grabbing this
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    Moana is officially expired, the first non anime set to fully sell out
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    Sister Love

    Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    College Roomies
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    This contest is now over, here is a list of winners and prizes! Kittywolfhorse19 Volcom Titanicforce Dragonwolf Nimby Zaberfang Draden Tameran Wanteddead411 Screechingweasel96 Xxgothscansmilesxx Thelastsith Angelcrane Ok, so somehow we got 14 boxes picked AGAIN. o_o HOW?!? Anyways, thanks to everyone who participated. Those who won something will receive their prize soon. As for a 4th? Ehh. Maybe sometime. Not immediately after this. Gotta give people's luck some time to change apparently. EDIT: All prizes have been offlined!
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    Teaching the rest of the day so I will not be on to reply to pms or offer on ct trash listings. Sorry guys!!
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    Hoo boy, what a start indeed.
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    Anime Sunday

    Everyone that joined on 8-27. I'm sure all those that didn;t come on will bad, since i gave away a ppg radio Choo Shark couch kitty sith abdizur shark detelos champ weasel amaris moxie dman11 ike dragonwolf masterskydin terrie Crimson zip lanny titan afterall ken josh jazzy wood legolad kasin
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    August 2017 Releases

    New Metroid Prime Hunters HR Shop 6 Gorea http://www.collectoons.com/plaques/userlist.php?toonId=MTA4Njg5
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    cWorlds 2016 & 2017

    Elmer Fudd wants VENISON for dinner! Nobody wants a dead deer on their cWorld! (Toon: No one wants a dead dog on their cWorld--said when Fox and the Hound lost a poll)
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    Sorry I haven't really been active! I've been writing and stuff-