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    Happy 4th of July everyone! This is the 3rd annual 4th of July raffle I've held. And looks like I'm going to be doing this every year now haha I know a lot of us are going to be busy today, so all you gotta do is reply with your in-game name to sign up for this raffle. I'm raffling off 150,00 points, and there will be 4 winners. So you'll each get 150,000. Raffle begins now, and ends at the end of the day. That's pretty much it. Hope you all enjoy yourselves today. And while you're here go ahead and smash that like button at the bottom right corner. If I get a good amount of likes maybe I'll do a similar raffle soon. Sign ups:
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    The Frightful Poltergeists for Ghost Town are: @Abdizur87 @lannisteryen @muppetgeek @captainjack @XxGothsCanSmile2xX @Tooner58 @BeardedBear @Mitch O'Neil @Aerial and @zeldasbox!
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    russia was behind this I can smell it, maul impeachment incoming gg everyone
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    I just lost one 2 hour game of Duck Hunt trying to get the trophy and I crave death
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    Mods, can we get a HybridTheory Code? Linkin Park Soldier?
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    Working on a Fanfiction Pokemon Journey of myself with Collectoons members! I only have a little bit so far on my "About Me" but I plan on filling that sucker up!
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    New exclusive Po out. New week long Cos. And some very cool preparations for saturday. I cannot wait....I need a nap xD Passing out a toon manually to 80 different accounts is not fun lol
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    Because bribing people is wrong, I will not do the raffle if the bear loses. However, Because I like doing raffles, I'll still do a big raffle with HRs from every year so you guys can win some awesome prizes this week!!! Now, you can only join in if you participate in hurt/heal, so go and participate!!
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    I'm gonna be going through suggest a toon today. Let me know if there's any sets you REALLY want. Also, if anyone has sets that they want to cut or have cut and want to turn them in, even if you arent part of the gfx team, I'll be making a topic soon. i might pay non-gfx members for their stuff, but only if it's really good.
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    You know what...I'm feeling generous (it is MY month, after all). Whoever the winner is of this contest will get all 28 of the new ones, and 1 each of all the previous Arcade trophies. I count 77 ctoons in that Golden collection, including the new ones. http://db.collectowne.com/categories.php?cat_id=386
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    Had surgery today, it was a success! Things will start looking up hopefully
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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought I would even win one. Thanks so much!
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    The results are in! Check out the spoiler below to see who won! Winners put up a ctoon on the trade board, so I can offer you your points.
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    Welcome to Disney Saturdays following on from the blueprint of CCW and Anime Sunday we bring the magic of Disney in a brand new weekly event where we will watch a Disney film/tv series and marvel in the magic together.. If you come into chat and disrespect anyone, you will NOT get a copy of the contest only for the month. If you are banned and somehow make your way in, you still will also not get the contest only toon. The event will take place every Saturday at 8PM CT and this week we shall be watching Pocahontas Every month there will be a contest only for taking part in the event this will be signified by the first film/series of that month, following weeks viewings that months shall be voted by participents So I give you July's toon for taking part August's Contest only toon September's Contest only toon October's Contest only toon November's Contest only toon December's Contest only toon To take part join us in chat at around 7:30PM CT for a pre-event riddle
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    New Hey Arnold?
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    Sorry to hijack your thread, me bucko. I got bored, so... I made this I like bluebacks and all... but... I'm much up there with Mongooses splatoon ones. It's nice to have things different from your average. No clue on what size toons should be btw, so I did that as 100x100
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    Had to share.. wanted to share this halloween picture at a party..Mom dressed as an old lady ready for bed..and me as luigi so many great memories of a great mom ! Shes been gone 2 yrs today..another really sad day for me..i cant wait for August to get here !!
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    Will pass out the toons I hit your wish-lists with tonight, gonna take a break. Not too late for those of you who want to get in on it. Just update your wish-lists and bump them!
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    A very generous and amazing member of the community just got me more premium time. You know who you are, and you are truly amazing, and the CT community is truly blessed to have you <3
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    I've been saving it for so long just wanted to use it.
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    Ichigo has Fallen....Ghost town has completed their task.
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    I actually posted at the same time as Tam. So it is done!! Good job everyone =) @Tameran @dewdrop @Ike @Crimmypants @Masoonite
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    My face going in to Small Soldiers Weekend
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    Heal Blue Falcon Hurt Bunny Love Me at the chaos right now:
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    So I'm still gonna be looking through suggestion topics. If I tag you on a topic you started or really liked, pls reply when possible. I wanna get as many sets out as possible
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    Ahh This is pretty cool. No doubt what my favorite are!
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    It's nice to give once in a while. That being said, it's also important to give thanks once in a while too. Especially if someone has given you something. And especially if that something is their time - they can't get that back.
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    Darth Maul has won Hurt/Heal Holy Rares 2016 Edition! Maximum = 30 10 KO
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    HOLY SHNIKEYS!!! My eyes got as big as 50 cent pieces when this thing popped up!
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    Quick Ball is still in shop, but you're probably just referring to the creatures. Quick Ball: HEY! I'm a Common too! Just because I don't have a face doesn't mean I don't feel left out!
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    Updated my shop! It will disappear on 7/13. So buy up all you can now before its too late! It has a lot of cheap toons, Pokémon, Zelda, Rare toons (AOs/Contest Onlys)
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    I've got 7 unread pms. But I'm so sick I lost my voice. Sorry ya'll.
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    Task completed by: @dragonwolf@Cutzzman@thelastsith@narengoku@matt98cust@Kuroyukihime@BROKEN raven123@Suspense92 For Lonely Town
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    I finally jumped on the fidget spinner train! It just came in the mail today, here is a pic of what it looks like...
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    3-7=-4 we did it !!! @mkw19 @CRS @IGPXCHAMP66 @ken
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    I'll be looking at the hurt-heal raffle tomorrow. If all the spots aren't taken, I'm raffling off the remaining hrs to those that participated.
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    Sorry for the late update. One of my mom's dogs jumped on my computer messing it up badly and making it hard to type. I will be posting up Task 6 later after I get a few hours of sleep. For now, here are the results from Task 5 Funkytown = 6 (5 out o 6 completed this task. ) @Tameran@dewdrop@Ike@Crimmypants@PurpleHaze @Masoonite (1 out of 6 did not complete this task. ) Crazy Town = 6 (4 out of 6 completed this task. ) @deepcanyon1@CRS@IGPXCHAMP66@ken @mkw19@OrphanMaker (2 out of 6 did not complete this task. ) London Town = 8 (7 out of 8 completed this task. ) @TheWolfandtheRose@Joshfarias16@Coolguy@Sister Love@Terrie@Dark@Jumptheshark @Moana of Motunui (1 out of 8 did not complete this task. ) Ghost Town = 15 (8 out of 15) @lannisteryen@Mitch O'Neil@Tooner58@zeldasbox@muppetgeek@Abdizur87@Aerial@BeardedBear @XxGothsCanSmile2xX (1 out of 15 completed this task. But late so does not get anything but also does not lose anything from this task. ) @indieman19@BTVKIDS@Hokey@BigWords@captainjack@theflash999d (6 out of 15 did not complete this task. ) Lonely Town = 11 (8 out of 11 completed this task. ) @dragonwolf@Cutzzman@thelastsith@narengoku@matt98cust@Kuroyukihime@Suspense92@BROKEN raven123 @four@AnimeAddict_96@marky_mark (3 out of 11 did not complete this task. ) New Town = 9 (6 out of 9 completed this task. ) @LegitArtifact@birdman_drawhead@baywatch7@FredTheFish@Buzzcut@notlindsayyy @asrow@Timewarp@Blue Ridley 64 (3 out of 9 did not complete this task. )
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    Time to give up on humanity LOL, today someone asked me if I was politically correct so I answered truthfully saying yes definitely more of a PC person myself to an extent of course when all of a sudden this dude behind me says, "i'm white too, am I PC?" *Sigh*