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  2. Edition 2 - First 20 people entered for 20 toons!

    XxGothsCanSmile2xX Thanks!
  3. I've finally decided to update my logo, yet I can't decide which way I like the finished product the best. So I thought I'd ask all of you what you think.

    RdZ5A9o.png or 4YhIMpH.png

                      *Like* for the watermark behind me                                          *Trophy* for watermark in front of me

  4. Today
  5. Gift Boxes

    CollecToons Puppy Gift Box Opens with Baby Lady inside Either: or
  6. Edition 2 - First 20 people entered for 20 toons!

  7. It's the same, but a little different. Mainly it's the '2' 20 toons below First 20 people will be entered into a raffle for one toon above. The 20 names will be randomized, and the order of the randomized names determines what prize you get. First name receives Flying Astro Boy Ed. 2, second name gets Lololo Ed. 2, etc. So everyone wins something! Good luck 2 you!
  8. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

    *Takes a wild guess* (Sorry, Flash) Suspect Moana murdered Tom with the Hotline Phone cord.
  9. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

    The CT's Greatest Detective Contest is still going (sorry for the delay). NEW RULE = Everyone can take one guess at the Killer + Weapon Used combination for free. Guessing incorrectly on this free guess will not disqualify you from using your "final" guess. Players have until September 29th to use this. Also Note, you can use your free guess, be told you are wrong, then use your actual guess within this time. So if you're just one clue away, now's your chance. Be sure to guess before someone beats you to the prize!!! === Players who have made their final guess (Kitty) may also use the free guess. === If a player is wrong, I will give them a "Sad" Emoji
  10. What's the wildest thing I could auction right now?

  11. Volcom'S Selling And Trading Center.

    They are up for you!
  12. Volcom'S Selling And Trading Center.

    That's fine.
  13. Time Machine Raffles!

    Congrats Zip!!!
  14. Volcom'S Selling And Trading Center.

    Hmmmmm I would like to keep Mr. Bean Dancing Bean Light-UP Bean Because I love Mr. Bean Buuuuut how about 175k for the rest?
  15. Yesterday
  16. First 20 people entered for 18 toons

    Woohoo! Thank you Shark! Congrats to the other 8!
  17. First 20 people entered for 18 toons

    Congrats Peeps!
  18. Time Machine Raffles!

    Much appreciated, thank you!!
  19. Time Machine Raffles!

    This week's winner has been selected. Congrats to Zip!
  20. Weekly NFL contest

    Little late there gents. Game Ended about 18 hours ago >> lol
  21. I'll be hosting Disney Saturday tomorrow, and we'll be watching Lady & the Tramp.

  22. First 20 people entered for 18 toons

    I'm as shocked as anyone. Thanks Shark!!
  23. First 20 people entered for 18 toons

    Alright, I'm home, here are the winners! 1. Abdizur87 - Courage 2. Josh123 - Butt-gun Astro Boy 3. Moxie - Monkey 4. Titanicforce - Rocketing Jim 5. Xero_hybrid - Megatron 6. Nimby - Meta Knight 7. Theflash999d - Torque 8. Tameran - MAD Cat 9. Terrie - Jack-O-Lantern Congrats to those 9! Your prizes will be offlined later tonight.
  24. Putting up auctions that'll end in 3-5 hrs from ctc_jr

    1. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      I will join you in throwing some up in an hour 

    2. Xavianangel


      Sweet. I'm not doing too many tonight but there will be a ton tomorrow

    3. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Actually thinking that the toons are not mine so probably not :lol: still need to get off my butt and offline them

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