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  3. mrinterpreter's EEE & Despicable Me Flavoured Want List

    Hey, I've got BBQ Kevin. Would you like for 2k?
  4. I feel so tired. I hate black Friday lol

  5. Captainjacks want list

  6. OK, at risk of sounding old, I really miss shopping malls. Shopping online is great and all, but I miss social interaction with human employees. I used to enjoy going to the mall and talking to employees and learning about new comics or anime to watch. Going to the arcade was awesome, the games were all fun then, not gimmicks like they are now. You could find comic books, toys, video game and everything. Now, most of the malls near me are full of clothing and shoes and no name discount stores. It's sad for me. :(

  7. Would somebody please sell me a Lego Falcon? That's the last one that I'm missing from the set.

  8. You know what it's like to listen to headphones that only work in one ear? I feel completely off-balanced.:blink:

  9. Yesterday
  10. My new Moana mug :o it may be my fave Disney mug now



  11. Sora's Wishlist!

    Thanks everyone!! List has been updated according! Please help
  12. The Pj's Set

    would still love to see this set.can't seem to find anymore though..
  13. Olaf's Frozen Adventure is amazing! As of course it was going to be.

    1. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Can’t wait for my private viewing booked for tomorrow morning with Frozen after 

  14. Sora's Wishlist!

    I just put some stuff up for you as well, Sora!
  15. Went to the shops for “black Friday” I was litreally the only one there... UK does it right we shop online 

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    2. TheWolfandtheRose


      I'd be worried a lazy worker would damage packaging because they have 5 mil other packages...also it seems to me whenever Amazon has their "big sales" they're generally not much different from everyday pricing...that said, Black Friday doesn't exist for me. I'm all about Cyber Monday.

    3. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Although Amazon have decent customer service 

    4. TheWolfandtheRose


      Can't argue with you there. I'm a happy Amazon customer myself...I just know I'm not the only one.

  16. Sora's Wishlist!

    More up for you.
  17. I've got stories to tell for Sunday lol. @Sharktibolt and I've still got today and tomorrow to work through haha.

  18. Favorite cToons?

    There are many other favorites of mine (particularly the ones I used to hoard), but this is easily the coolest one that I know of.
  19. Investment Strategies

    well best tip for reselling is if you have time to spend in shops getting toons is ask players in chat if any are hording toons and buy those for those players if your dedicated you can sell some players hundreds of toons for good profit. i myself buy all flash/erza/iroh/raven toons so if you see those snag em for me and ill buy them lol. otherwise there are also players who arent in chat who also horde so check wishlists to see what they are buying and buy those for them and sell. otherwise general profit toons are crazy rares, holy rares, omega rares, sometimes auction onlys, contest awards, and by sets things like dbz, pokemon, disney stuff. so id start with that.
  20. Investment Strategies

    This should help and this too Welcome back to CT where all of your collecting dreams can come true!! I know you are probably overwhelmed by the entire game since there is so much going on at once, but don't worry ill try to make things a bit easier for you. CT is a great place to collect toons and meet new friends! If you have any questions feel free to PM myself or any other Mod on the forums for assistance with anything. I will also personally be in the chat room as much as I can to help players. But send me a PM in the chat room or else I may not notice right away. Need help starting out and have no idea where to start? Come into the chat room and we can talk about it! Here are a ton of useful links, some of them you can find inside the newbie guide itself but posted anyway due to importance. Game Rules- Rule Reminder- Newbie Guide- How to be a successful CT Player- Become a Premium Member!- Active Codes- Free pokemon- Morphing Guide- FAQs- Forum Rules- Chat Rules- Chatroom- write your username after the question mark Need help figuring out what is within a set on CT. Look at the CTC set and figure out what you are missing and want to collect! Or the Database-
  21. Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    I've verified Curlz's accout. Should be good to go
  22. Last week
  23. Investment Strategies

    So I am back after almost a year on hiatus and I am doing two things in parallel: 1) After successfully completing my set of all gtoons last year, I am now trying to get all the Ed, Edd & Eddy Originals and to get the full Despicable Me set. Crazy, I know. 2) I am trying to find a good strategy for finding and reselling "investment ctoons", that is ones that I am not interested in collecting but can make some points out of. On 2), the best I have done so far is to look for rares and better in the shops and to try to buy multi-ctoon lots on the trade board that might have a rare or better in them, with the ideal of splitting up the lot and making a little bit. If you were just here to multiply your points through trades and sales, what would your strategy be? Do you have one already? Is it just a case of checking the appraisals board all the time and looking for differences between their appraisal price and what they are going for?
  24. So I am a bit naive but I do wonder if anyone still has a stash of Ed, Edd & Eddy Originals they want to trade/sell. Specifically: Angel Edd Angel Eddy Barbecue Kevin Bed time Ed Bob Camera Edds Clothes Swapped Eds Disco Jimmy Ed Edd Eddy That'll do for now.
  25. Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    Callmecurlz is having trouble signing up, said in chat I would post in there for them since they havent received a confirmation email
  26. "Happy thanksgiving pilgrims!" 

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      You meant Patriots, don't you?

    2. deepcanyon1


      I be Injun..but we all sat down and ate together Happy Thanksgiving pale face ;)  

  27. How many points do you have?

    It took me FOREVER to get this many points:
  28. Everyone who is stuck working today instead of being with your family, we can get through it! Just nod and smile all day and it'll be okay. We'll get through it!

  29. dn95tZk.jpg

    And remember all the thing we all have to be thankful for today and everyday..!

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