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  2. CTC 1 - Aristocats - Scattin' Cats - 15k CTC 2 - Bear in the Big Blue House - Ojo - 5k CTC 2 - Bear in the Big Blue House - Pip and Pop - 5k CTC 2 - Bear in the Big Blue House - Treelo - 5k CTC 2 - Bear in the Big Blue House - Tutter - 5k CTC 1 - Brandy & Mr. Whiskers - Arturo - 10k CTC 1 - Brandy & Mr. Whiskers - Cheryl Toucan - 7k CTC 1 - Brandy & Mr. Whiskers - Ed the Giant Otter - 7k CTC 1 - Brandy & Mr. Whiskers - Gaspar le Gecko - 10k CTC 1 - Brandy & Mr. Whiskers - Lorenzo Jaguar - 10k Total: 79k
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  4. i love animal crossing so much. would be awesome for this set to happen.
  5. Had an awesome week. Got to see both Tool and System of a Down live in concert. It was just amazing!

    1. RubixCube


      glad you had an amazing week . this past week was good for me too . i saw john wick 3 it was awesome and i grabbed soft served ice cream and i did some yard work again . 

    2. sciencefriction


      That's awesome! Great bands. Enjoy the holiday weekend. :)

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  7. New request format. Not following it may result in me not finding it right away / giving up. So please make sure you post correctly 6. Posting Format CTC (1 or 2)- Set Name- cToon - ??k (offer) Make sure you let me know which CTC the cToons are in.
  8. Toradora Back Strike 150K
  9. narengoku Thanks for the contest!
  10. Bump / updated We now have CTC and CTC_Two So both collections should load fine for everyone to see what they can offer on.
  11. Friendly reminder bump! Please follow the rules everyone! You can not start buying more than 1 copy (if you do not already own one) until THURSDAY MIDNIGHT CT TIME EACH WEEK.
  12. updated my shop to now selling morphs ,arcade toons and smack down prizes 

  13. For those who didn't notice, newsletter has been updated.

  14. Buying All for One (New HR Shop 1) Buying for points or trading toons for them. Message me to make a deal!

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