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  2. Everything in my shop is now 999 points!! I will try to keep it as up to date as I can!! Enjoy
  3. Sora

    HR Giveaway!!

    Screechingweasel96 won!! Prize has been offlined.
  4. Happy birthday!!

  5. Last week
  6. I still can´t believe the site soon is shutting down. It´s so sad
  7. Oodles of noodles dont turn into stew.
  8. After it shuts down, how about sending us our ctoon collection in their raw graphic files?
  9. But how is anyone suppose to know what you do and don’t need based off of that list lol...?
  10. buying 1 of each toon since can't leisurely do it now lol
  11. LOL I don't remember saying this, though its been awhile! Really surprised to hear the news! I just logged on today for the first time in awhile and I am really bummed to see CT go. =/ Thanks to everyone who put in the time, effort, and energy keeping the game alive for as long as it has! I remember joining when i was just 19 (and I'm turning 30 in a few months). yikes! Even though I haven't been active for the past few years, CT had definitely made an impression on my life, as the same for many of you I'm sure! Thank you for all the tags guys, It's nice to still be remembered! I enjoyed all the fun times and laughs with you all! ='( $500 monthly is alot to keep the site going so its an understandable cost burden for someone to maintain if the donations were not being met. Thanks Toon for giving Orbit another life in the form of Collectoons, I appreciate you and all the memories I've had here. I'm also still salty y'all never used my layout concept! I think the biggest missed opportunity was the lack of mobile support for the site. I think if CT had an app companioned with a responsive mobile site, it would have had more playability and growth. Though I loved CT for what it was! #foreverCT
  12. That would take me months to set up. Lol. Like toon said, its impossible to do it without manually putting in each toon one by 1. And reactivating each expired toon too.
  13. The staff at Orbit didnt do that. It was hacked in to and irate players who were pissed it was closing did it. Im pretty sure I made it so 1 code couldnt cause that kind of chaos again without having to attach each ctoon 1 by 1 to it.
  14. Archived in case you want to revisit this list again after Dec. 31. What exactly is this list by the way?
  15. Whoa, whoa, whoa, there's still plenty of meat on that noodle. Now you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you got a stew going.
  16. buying 1 of each toon NOT owned. 101 Dalmatians (71) Dalmatians Originals, Dalmatians Promos 6teen (12) 6teen Originals, 6teen Promos Aaahh!! Real Monsters (10) Real Monsters Originals, Real Monsters Promos Accel World (32) Accel World Originals Addams Family (70's) (7) Addams Family Originals Adventure Time with Finn & Jake (113) Finn & Jake Originals, Finn & Jake Promos Ah! My Goddess (32) Ah! My Originals, Ah! My Promos Aladdin (67) Aladdin Originals, Aladdin Promos All Grown Up (31) All Grown Up Originals, All Grown Up Promos Almost Naked Animals (16) Almost Naked Animals Originals, Almost Naked Animals Promos Alvin and the Chipmunks (27) Chipmunks Holidays, Chipmunks Originals, Chipmunks Promos Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks (1) Alvinnn Promos American Dad (15) American Originals, American Promos American Dragon: Jake Long (17) American Dragon Originals, American Dragon Promos Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps (12) Next Steps Originals Angry Beavers (30) Angry Beavers Originals, Angry Beavers Promos Animal Crossing (25) Animal Crossing Originals, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Animal Crossing Promos Animaniacs (60) Animaniacs Originals, Animaniacs Promos, Turkey Jerky Aqua Teen Hunger Force (14) ATHF Originals, ATHF Promos, Space Invaders Ark: Survival Evolved (21) Ark: Survival Evolved Originals Around the World in 80 Days (7) Around the World Originals Arthur (52) Arthur and Friends, Arthur's Promos, The Grown-Ups Assassin's Creed (28) Assassin's Creed Originals, Assassin's Creed Promos Astro Boy (44) Astro Boy Originals, Astro Boy Promos Atlantis: The Lost Empire (31) Atlantis Originals, Atlantis Promos Atom Ant (4) Atom Ant Originals Attack on Titan (42) Attack on Titan Originals, Attack on Titan Promos Avatar: The Last Airbender (115) Allies and Foes, Avatar Action Poses, Avatar Creatures, Avatar Originals, Avatar Promos Azure Striker Gunvolt (1) Gunvolt Promos Back to the Future (15) Back to the Future Originals, Back to the Future Promos Balto (26) Balto Originals, Balto Promos Bambi (14) Bambi Originals, Bambi Promos Barbie (29) Life in the Dreamhouse, Magic of the Rainbow Batman Arkham Asylum (26) Arkham Asylum Originals, Arkham City Originals Batman Beyond (55) Batman Beyond Originals, Batman Beyond Promos Batman: The Animated Series (77) Batman TAS Originals, Batman TAS Promos, Batman TAS Stickers, Batman's Rivals, Batman's Holidays, Christmas with the Joker Battleborn (31) Battleborn Originals Beany & Cecil (22) Beany & Cecil Originals, Beany & Cecil Promos Bear in the Big Blue House (9) Big Blue House Originals Beast Wars (26) Beast Machines, Beast Wars Originals, Beast Wars Promos Beauty & the Beast (54) Beauty & the Beast Holidays, Beauty & the Beast Originals, Beauty & the Beast Promos Beavis and Butt-head (23) Beavis and Butt-head Originals, Beavis and Butt-head Promos Beetle Bailey (16) Beetle Bailey Originals, Beetle Bailey Promos Ben 10 (81) Ben 10 Originals, Ben 10 Promos Ben 10 (2016) (30) Ben 10 (2016) Originals, Ben 10 (2016) Promos Berenstain Bears (13) Berenstain Originals, Berenstain Promos Betty Boop (9) Betty Boop Originals, Betty Boop Promos Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures (12) Bill and Ted Originals, Bill and Ted Promos Black Cat (35) Black Cat Originals Bleach (76) Bleach Originals, Bleach Promos, Fade to Black Blood Blockade Battlefront (27) BBB Originals Blood+ (21) Blood+ Originals Blue Exorcist (23) Blue Exorcist Originals, Blue Exorcist Promos Blue's Room (8) Blue's Room Originals, Blue's Room Promos Bob's Burgers (16) Bob's Holidays, Bob's Originals, Bob's Promos Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (15) Bobo-promos, Bobobo-riginals Bolt (37) Bolt Originals, Bolt Promos Borderlands (37) Borderlands 2, Borderlands Promos Brave (17) Brave Originals, Brave Promos Buffy the Vampire Slayer (26) Buffy Originals Burger King Kids Club (12) BKKC Originals Caillou (14) Caillou Original, Caillou Promos Call of Duty (47) Black Ops Series, Black Ops Zombies, Modern Warfare 2 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (18) Captain Planet Originals, Captain Planet Promos Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys (13) Captain Simian Originals Captain Underpants (12) Captain Underpants Originals Care Bears Adventures (7) New Care-a-lot Originals Case Closed (32) Case Closed Originals, Case Closed Promos Casper the Friendly Ghost (29) Casper's Holidays, Casper's Originals, Casper's Promos, The Spooktacular New Adventures Castlevania (20) Castlevania Judgement Originals, Castlevania Promos Chaotic (36) Chaotic Originals, Chaotic Promos, M'arillian Invasion Chicken Little (15) Chicken Little Originals, Chicken Little Promos Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos (12) Chuck Norris Originals, Chuck Norris Promos Clash Cards (485) Clash of the Holidays, Pack Season 1, Pack Season 2, Pack Season 3, Pack Season 4, Pack Season 5, Pack Season 6, Pack Season 7, Pack Season 8, Promos, Spectrals Clash of Clans (37) Builder Base, Clash of Clans Originals, Clash of Clans Promos Classic Games (87) BioShock, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, Dragon Ball Budokai 2, Freddi Fish, Gaming Favorites, Gaming Originals, Gaming Promos, God of War, GTA V, Hungry Shark, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Mega Man Legends, Pac-Man, Playstation All-Stars, Rayman, Star Wars: Battlefront, Super Mario 3D World, Super Monkey Ball, Yoshi's Wooly World Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (42) Cloudy Originals Code Geass (35) Code Geass Originals, Code Geass Promos, Knightmare Frames Codename: Kids Next Door (63) KND Holidays, KND Originals, KND Promos CollecToons (617) A Disney Christmas, All-Occasion Gifts, Anime Group Shots, Arcade Trophies, Back to School 2009, Back to School 2018, Beach Towels 2010, Birthday Surprises, Candy Hearts 2009, Cartoon Network Cereal Boxes, Christmas Carol Records, Christmas Gifts, CollecToons Promos, Commitment Rings 2012, CT Ice Pops, CT Refrigerators, CT Suicide Squad, CT Tops, CT's Disney Avengers, Disney Valentine's Couples, Easter Surprises, Easter Transformations, Halloween Tricks & Treats, Ice Sculptures, LE Summer Gift Boxes, Lucky Lotto, Pot of Gold Coins, Signs of the Times, Smackdown Show-Offs, St. Patty's Day 2015, Summer Olympics 2012, Super Bowl 2011, Super Bowl 2012, Super Bowl 2013, TV Toons, Valentines Cards 2011, Valentines Cards 2013, Valentines Cards 2015, Valentines Hearts 2018 Commercial Characters (37) Captn Crunch Originals, Commercial Originals, Commercial Promos, Thankful for Hostess Courage the Cowardly Dog (105) Courage Originals, Courage Promos, Nowhere Beasties Cow and Chicken (35) Cow and Chicken Holidays, Cow and Chicken Originals, Cow and Chicken Promos, Red Guy's Game, Voting Day Cowboy Bebop (34) Cowboy Bebop Originals, Cowboy Bebop Promos Crash Bandicoot (76) Crash Bandicoot Originals, Crash Bandicoot Promos Crazy Claws (6) Crazy Claws Originals Crusader Rabbit (2) Crusader Rabbit Originals Cuphead (3) Cuphead Promos Curious George (22) Curious George Originals, Curious George Promos D.Gray-man (2) D.Gray-promos Danny Phantom (75) Danny Phantom Originals, Danny Phantom Promos Daria (39) Daria Identities, Daria Originals, Daria Promos Darker than Black (0) Darker than Black Originals Promos Darkwing Duck (34) Darkwing Holidays, Darkwing Originals, Darkwing Promos DC Universe (20) DC Universe Holidays, DC Universe Originals, DC Universe Promos Dead Island (27) Dead Island Originals Deadman Wonderland (16) Deadman Originals, Deadman Promos Death Note (20) Death Note Originals, Death Note Promos Deko Boko (12) Deko Boko Originals Despicable Me Series (47) Despicable Me Originals, Despicable Me Promos Detention (9) Detention Originals Devil May Cry (8) Devil May Cry Originals, Devil May Cry Promos Dexter's Laboratory (196) Beard to be Feared, Camping Dexter, Dee Dee's Big Game, Dexter's Holidays, Dexter's Lab Originals, Dexter's Lab Promos, Dial M for Monkey, Ego Trip, Justice Friends, Lab Doohickeys, Mardi Gras Dexter, Poolside Dexter, The Muffin King, Voting Day Di-Gata Defenders (9) Di-Gata Defenders Originals Digimon (229) Cameramon's Halloween Scandal!, Data Squad, Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Adversaries, Digimon Creatures, Digimon Frontier, Digimon Promos, Digimon Tamers Dilbert (10) Dilbert Originals Dinosaur (1) Dinosaur Promos Dinosaur King (20) Dinosaur King Originals, Dinosaur King Promos Dinosaur Train (1) Dinosaur Train Promos Dinosaurs (9) Dinosaurs Originals, Dinosaurs Promos DinoSquad (8) DinoSquad Originals Disgaea (22) Disgaea Originals, Disgaea Promos Disney Classics (1) The Legend of Johnny Appleseed Disney Infinity (72) Disney Infinity Originals Disney Tsum Tsum (45) Tsum Tsum Originals Disney's Frozen (48) Frozen Fever, Frozen Originals, Frozen Promos Doctor Who (4) Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, Doctor Who Promos, Dreamland Promos Dog & Scissors (1) Dog & Scissors Promos Dog Days (20) Dog Days Originals Donkey Kong Country (114) Diddy Kong Racing, Diddy Kong's Quest, Dixie Kong's Double Trouble, Donkey Kong 64, Donkey Kong Country Originals, Donkey Kong Country Promos Donkey Kong Jr. (4) DK Jr. Promos Dora the Explorer (42) Dora's Originals, Dora's Promos Doraemon (2) Doraemon Promos Double Dragon (18) Double Dragon Originals, Double Dragon Promos Doug (31) Doug Originals, Doug Promos Dr. Seuss Classics (1) Dr. Seuss Originals Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! (12) Horton Originals, Horton Promos Dr. Slump (37) Dr. Slump Originals, Dr. Slump Promos Dragon Ball (71) Dragon Ball Originals, Dragon Ball Promos Dragon Ball GT (47) Dragon Ball GT Originals, Dragon Ball GT Promos Dragon Ball Super (3) DB Super Originals, DB Super Promos Dragon Ball Z (313) Battle of Gods, Buu Saga, Cell Saga, DBZ Movies, DBZ Pogs, DBZ Promos, DBZ Trading Cards, Flashback, Frieza Saga, Garlic Jr. Saga, Ginyu Saga, Namek Saga, Other World Tournament, Saiyan Saga, Trunks Saga Dragon Tales (8) Dragon Tales Originals, Dragon Tales Promos Dragon's Lair (21) Dragon's Lair Originals, Dragon's Lair Promos Dragonaut: The Resonance (26) Dragonaut Originals Drak Pack (7) Drak Pack Originals Drawn Together (10) Drawn Together Originals, Drawn Together Promos Dream Eater Merry (8) Dream Eater Originals Droopy (8) Droopy Holidays, Droopy Originals, Droopy Promos Duck Dodgers (18) Duck Dodgers Originals, Duck Dodgers Promos DuckTales (32) DuckTales Originals, DuckTales Promos DuckTales (2017) (20) DuckTales (2017) Originals Dudley Do-Right and Friends (12) Dudley Do-Right Originals Duel Masters (2) Duel Masters Promos Dumb and Dumber: The Animated Series (1) DnD Promos Dumbo (37) Dumbo Originals, Dumbo Promos Dungeon Defenders (23) Dungeon Defenders Originals Dungeons and Dragons (9) D & D Originals Durarara (15) Durarara Originals Dynasty Warriors (15) Dynasty Warriors Originals Dynomutt (23) Dynomutt Nemeses, Dynomutt Originals, Dynomutt Promos Earthworm Jim (35) EWJ Originals, EWJ Promos Ed, Edd n Eddy (227) Boo Haw Haw, Cul-de-Sac Collectibles, Ed, Edd n Eddy Originals, Ed, Edd n Eddy Promos, Fa La La La Eds, Summer Eds, Thanksgiving Eds Edgar & Ellen (4) Edgar & Ellen Originals Eek the Cat (11) Eek the Cat Originals, Terrible Thunderlizards El Tigre (13) El Tigre Orginals, El Tigre Promos El-Hazard (1) El-Hazard Promos Elemental Gelade (15) Elemental Gelade Originals Elena of Avalor (13) Elena of Avalor Originals Elfen Lied (1) Elfen Lied Promos Emoji Movie (33) Emoji Movie Originals Epic (27) Epic Originals Epic Mickey (1) Epic Mickey Promos Eureka Seven (1) Eureka Seven Promos Ever After High (25) EAH Originals Evil Con Carne (14) Evil Con Carne Originals, Evil Con Carne Promos Evolve (29) Evolve Originals, Evolve Promos Exchange Student Zero (15) ESZ Originals Eyeshield 21 (1) Eyeshield 21 Promos F-Zero GX (27) F-Zero GX Originals Fairly Oddparents (87) Crimson Chin Originals, Fairly Odd-Promos, Fairly Odd-riginals, Scary Godparents Fairy Musketeers (22) Fairy Musketeers Originals Fairy Tail (79) Fairy Tail Originals, Fairy Tail Promos, Zodiac Keys Fallout (23) Fallout 4 Originals, Fallout Promos Family Guy (109) Family Guy Cameos, Family Guy Originals, Family Guy Promos, FG Star Wars Trilogy, FG: Quahog's Creepiest Fanboy and Chum Chum (14) Fanboy and Chum Chum Originals, Fanboy and Chum Chum Promos Fangbone! (1) Fangbone! Promos Fangface (9) Fangface Originals Fantasia (2) Fantasia Originals, Fantasia Promos Fantastic 4 (27) Fantastic 4 Originals Fat Albert (12) Fat Albert Originals, The Brown Hornet Fate/stay night (22) Fate Originals, Fate Promos Father of the Pride (7) Pride Originals Felix the Cat (2) Felix Originals FernGully: The Last Rainforest (21) FernGully Originals Fievel's American Tales (1) Fievel's Promos Fighting Foodons (37) Foodon Originals, Foodon Promos Fillmore! (1) Fillmore! Originals Filmation's He-Man (15) Classic He-Man Originals Final Fantasy Series (29) Final Fantasy Originals, Final Fantasy Promos, Unlimited Originals, Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2) Advent Children Originals Final Fantasy X-2 (17) Final Fantasy X-2 Originals Finding Dory (15) Finding Dory Originals Finding Nemo (24) Finding Nemo Originals, Finding Nemo Promos Fire Emblem (120) Awakening Originals, Blazing Sword Originals, Fire Emblem Heroes, Fire Emblem Originals, Fire Emblem Promos, Radiant Dawn Originals Fish Hooks (16) Fish Hooks Originals Five Nights at Freddy's (17) Five Nights at Freddy's Originals, Five Nights at Freddy's Promos Flint the Time Detective (1) Flint's Promos Flintstone Kids (30) Flintstone Kids Originals Flintstones (117) Bedrock Celebrities, Flintstones WWE, Flintstones on the Rocks, Flintstones Originals, Flintstones Promos, Flintstones Rocksessories, Mardi Gras Flintstones, The Gruesomes, Voting Day Fluppy Dogs (7) Fluppy Dogs Originals, Fluppy Dogs Promos Flushed Away (2) Flushed Away Originals Fonz & the Happy Days Gang (5) Fonz Originals Food Wars (18) Food Wars Originals Fooly Cooly (15) FLCL Originals, FLCL Promos Fortnite (33) Fortnite Originals Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (62) Foster's All Stars, Foster's Originals, Foster's Promos Fraggle Rock (10) Fraggle Rock Originals Frankenstein Jr. (4) Frankenstein Jr. Originals, Frankenstein Jr. Promos Frankenweenie (17) Frankenweenie Originals Franklin (2) Franklin's Promos Franklin and Friends (12) Franklin and Friends Originals Freakazoid (16) Freakazoid Originals Frisky Dingo (5) Frisky Dingo Originals Frosty the Snowman (15) Frosty Promos, Frosty the Snowman Fruits Basket (20) Fruits Basket Originals Full Metal Panic (1) Full Metal Panic Promos Fullmetal Alchemist (42) FMA Originals, FMA Promos Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (55) Brotherhood Originals, Brotherhood Promos Funky Phantom (7) Funky Phantom Originals Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera (11) Funtastic Originals, Funtastic Promos Fushigi Yuugi (18) Fushigi Yuugi Originals, Fushigi Yuugi Promos Fusionfall (25) Fusionfall Originals Futurama (52) Celebrity Heads, Futurama Originals, Futurama Promos Future Diary (35) Future Diary Originals, Future Diary Promos G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (4) G.I. Joe Originals, G.I. Joe Promos G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 (16) Sigma 6 Originals, Sigma 6 Promos Gadget and the Gadgetinis (1) Gadgetinis Promos Game of Thrones (1) GoT Originals Gamers (23) Gamers Originals Gangsta (1) Gangsta Originals Garfield and Friends (36) Garfield Holidays, Garfield Originals, Garfield Promos, U.S. Acres Originals Gargoyles (13) Gargoyles Originals, Gargoyles Promos Gate (21) Gate Originals, Gate Promos Gay Purr-ee (1) Purr-ee Originals Gear Fighter Dendoh (16) Dendoh Mechs, Dendoh Originals Gears of War (1) Gears of War Promos Generator Rex (18) Generator Rex Originals, Generator Rex Promos George of the Jungle 07 (9) George Originals Geronimo Stilton (10) Geronimo Stilton Originals Get Along Gang (18) Get Along Originals GetBackers (11) GetBackers Originals Ghost in the Shell (22) Ghost in the Shell Arise, Ghost Promos Gilligan's Planet (1) Gilligan Promos Giniro no Olynssis (1) Olynssis Promos Gintama (3) Gintama Holidays, Gintama Promos Glass Fleet (23) Glass Fleet Originals Go Diego, Go! (14) Go Diego Originals Goblin Slayer (9) Goblin Slayer Originals, Goblin Slayer Promos God,the Devil and Bob (7) God,the Devil and Bob Originals Godzilla (3) Godzilla Originals Godzilla (1998) (28) Godzilla Originals Gogoriki (9) Gogoriki Originals Golden Bat (1) Golden Bat Originals Golden Sun (19) Golden Sun Originals Goober and the Ghost Chasers (8) Goober Originals Goof Troop (9) Goof Troop Originals, Goof Troop Promos Goosebumps (10) Goosebumps Originals Gordon the Garden Gnome (8) Gordon's Originals, Gordon's Promos Gorillaz (10) Gorillaz Originals, Gorillaz Promos Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return! (20) Gormiti Originals Grandia (2) Grandia Originals Grave of the Fireflies (1) Grave of the Fireflies Promos Gravity Falls (72) Gravity Falls Originals, Gravity Falls Promos Green Lantern: First Flight (8) Green Lantern Originals Green Lantern: The Animated Series (7) Green Lantern TAS Originals Groovie Goolies (14) Groovie Goolies Originals, Groovie Goolies Promos Grossology (11) Grossology Originals, Grossology Promos Growing Up Creepie (13) Creepie Originals, Creepie Promos gToon Flashbacks (65) gToon Flashbacks Originals Guardians of the Galaxy (9) Guardians Originals, Guardians Promos Guitar Hero (16) Guitar Hero Originals Gumby (2) Gumby Originals, Gumby Promos Gummi Bears (19) Gummi Bears Originals, Gummi Bears Promos Gun X Sword (19) Gun x Originals, Gun x Promos Gurren Lagann (37) Gurren Lagann Mechs, Gurren Lagann Originals, Gurren Lagann Promos Haganai (1) I Don't Have Many Promos Hair Bear Bunch (6) Hair Bear Bunch Originals Halo (59) Halo 3, Halo 5 Originals, Halo Legends Promos Hamtaro (54) Ham-Ham Halloween!, Hamtaro Originals, Hamtaro Promos Hanaukyo Maid Team (8) Maid Team Originals Happy Feet (1) Happy Feet Promos Harlock Saga (1) Harlock Saga Originals Harry & His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (11) Harry's Originals, Harry's Promos Harry Potter (59) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law (12) Harvey Birdman Originals He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (54) He-Man Originals, He-Man Promos Hearthstone (31) Hearthstone Originals Heathcliff (3) Heathcliff Originals, Heathcliff Promos Hellboy Animated (8) Hellboy Originals, Hellboy Promos Hello Kitty (35) Hello Kitty Originals, Hello Kitty Promos, Hello Kitty's Halloween Hellsing (1) Hellsing Promos Hercules (52) Hercules Originals, Hercules Promos Herculoids (8) Herculoids Originals Here Comes Peter Cottontail (11) Peter Cottontail Originals Hero 108 (11) Hero 108 Originals Hero Tales (1) Hero Tales Promos Heroes of the Storm (34) Heroes of the Storm Originals Hetalia Axis Powers (1) Hetalia Axis Powers Promos Hey Arnold (54) Hey Arnold Originals, Hey Arnold Promos Heyyy, It’s the King (8) It's the King Originals Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (24) Hi Hi Promos, Hi Hi Puffy Originals High School DXD (25) High School DXD Holidays, High School DXD Originals, High School DXD Promos High School of the Dead (1) HSOTD Promos Hillbilly Bears (5) Hillbilly Bears Originals, Hillbilly Promos Histeria (2) Histeria Originals Hokey Wolf (1) Hokey Promos Home (22) Home Originals, Home Promos Home Adventures with Tip & Oh (27) Tip & Oh Originals Home Movies (8) Home Movies Originals Hong Kong Phooey (13) H K Phooey Originals, H K Phooey Promos Hoodwinked (3) Hoodwinked Originals, Hoodwinked Promos Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (2) Middle of Nowhere Originals Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (17) Battle Force 5 Originals Hotel Transylvania (30) Hotel Transylvania Originals, Hotel Transylvania Promos How the Grinch Stole Christmas (11) Grinch Originals, Grinch Promos How to Train your Dragon (40) How to Train your Originals, How to Train your Promos Howl's Moving Castle (2) Moving Castle Promos, Moving Castle Originals Huckleberry Hound (3) Huck's Originals, Huck's Promos Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (10) S.M.A.S.H. Originals Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling (21) Hulk Hogan's Originals, Hulk's Promos Hunter x Hunter (46) Hunter x Hunter Originals, Hunter x Hunter Promos Huntik: Secrets & Seekers (16) Huntik Humans, Huntik Titans Hyrule Warriors (28) Hyrule Warriors Originals, Hyrule Warriors Promos I Am Weasel (12) I Am Weasel Originals, I Am Weasel Promos, I Am Holidays Ice Age Series (25) Ice Age Originals, Ice Age Promos IGPX (26) Team Black Egg, Team Satomi, IGPX Originals Inazuma Eleven (1) Inazuma Eleven Promos Inazuma Eleven Go (16) Inazuma Eleven Go Originals Incredible Hulk (12) Incredible Hulk Originals Inhumanoids (12) Inhumanoids Originals Injustice: Gods Among Us (21) Injustice Originals, Injustice Promos Inside Out (22) Inside Out Originals, Inside Out Promos Inspector Gadget (15) Gadget Originals, Gadget Promos Interstella 5555 (1) Interstella Promos Inuyasha (81) Inuyasha Originals, Inuyasha Promos, The Secret of the Cursed Mask Invader Zim (44) Invader Zim Originals, Invader Zim Promos, Irken Invaders, The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever Iria (1) Iria Originals Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (17) Iron Maiden Originals Iron Man: Armored Adventures (12) Iron Man: AA Originals Irregular at Magic High School (31) Irregular at Magic High School Originals Is This a Zombie? (1) Is This a Zombie? Originals It's a Big Big World (10) Big World Originals It's Punky Brewster (8) Punky Brewster Originals It's the Wolf! (1) It's the Wolf! Promos Jabberjaw (8) Jabberjaw Originals, Jabberjaw Promos Jack Frost (1979) (1) Jack Frost Promos Jackie Chan Adventures (57) Jackie Chan Originals, Jackie Chan Promos, The Demon Sorcerers, The Oni Masks, The Talismans of Shendu Jak and Daxter (1) Jak and Daxter Promos Jake and the Never Land Pirates (18) Jake's Originals, Jake's Promos James Bond Jr. (1) Bond Jr. Promos Jetsons (28) Holiday Jetsons, Jetsons Originals, Jetsons Promos, The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones Jim Henson's Muppet Babies (11) Muppet Babies Originals Jimmy Neutron (21) Jimmy Neutron Originals, Jimmy Neutron Promos Johnny Bravo (56) Bravo's Big Game, Goes to Bollywood, Greatest American Zero, Hunka Hunka Holidays, Johnny Bravo Originals, Johnny Bravo Promos, Summertime Johnny, Westward Ho, Bravo! Johnny Test (20) Johnny Test Originals, Test Promos Jojo's Circus (10) Jojo's Circus Originals Jonny Quest (12) Jonny Quest Originals, Jonny Quest Promos Josie and the acorncats (21) In Outer Space, Josie's Originals, Josie's Promos Jungle Book (27) Jungle Book Originals, Jungle Book Promos Jushin Liger (1) Jushin Liger Promos Justice League Action (36) Justice League Action Originals Justice League Unlimited (101) Justice League Heroes, Justice League Promos, Justice League Villains, Old West KaBLaM! (23) KaBLaM! Originals, KaBLaM! Promos Kampfer (14) Kampfer Originals Kappa Mikey (9) Kappa Mikey Originals, Kappa Mikey Promos Karin: Chibi Vampire (1) Karin Promos Katanagatari (1) Katanagatari Promos Kaze no Yojimbo (1) Yojimbo Originals Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple (9) Kenichi Originals Keroro Gunso (10) Keroro Gunso Originals, Keroro Gunso Promos Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (10) Kick Buttowski Originals, Kick Buttowski Promos Kid vs. Kat (9) Kid vs. Kat Originals Kiki's Delivery Service (1) Kiki's Originals Kill La Kill (21) KLK Originals, KLK Promos Kim Possible (79) Kim Possible Originals, Kim Possible Promos King of the Hill (24) King of the Hill Originals, King of the Hill Promos Kingdom Hearts (178) KH Halloweentown, Kingdom Hearts Originals, Kingdom Hearts Promos Kirby Right Back at Ya! 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Mystery Incorporated (1) Mystery Inc. 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(17) Skunk Fu Originals, Skunk Fu Promos Sky-Girls (14) Sky-Girls Originals Skylanders (25) Skylanders Academy Originals, Skylanders Promos Slayers (11) Slayers Originals, Slayers Promos Sleeping Beauty (16) Sleeping Beauty Originals Slugterra (21) Slugterra Originals Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (15) Sly Cooper Originals Small Soldiers (16) Small Soldiers Originals Smallfoot (9) Smallfoot Originals Smurfs (24) Smurfs Originals, Smurfs Promos Smurfs: The Movie (10) Smurfs Movie Originals Snorks (11) Snorks Originals, Snorks Promos Snow White (48) Snow White Originals, Snow White Promos Snowboard Kids (10) Snowboard Kids Originals Sofia The First (26) Sofia The First Originals Sonic Battle (32) Running Skill Cards, Sonic Battle Originals Sonic the Hedgehog (8) Sonic Boom, Sonic Holidays, Sonic Movie OVA Promo, Sonic Promos, Sonic Unleashed Sonic the Hedgehog SATAM (38) Sonic SATAM Originals, Sonic SATAM Promos Sonic Underground (12) Sonic Underground Originals, Sonic Underground Promos Sonic X (51) Sonic X Originals, Sonic X Promos Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (1) Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Promos Soreike! Anpanman (14) Anpanman Originals, Anpanman Promos Soul Eater (30) Soul Eater Originals, Soul Eater Promos South Park (124) South Park Originals, South Park Promos, South Park RPG Cards Space Dandy (17) Space Dandy Originals Space Ghost (13) Space Ghost Originals, Space Ghost Promos Space Ghost: Coast to Coast (14) SGC2C Originals, SGC2C Promos Space Jam (22) Space Jam Originals, Space Jam Promos Space Kidettes (7) Space Kidettes Originals Space Race (20) Space Race Originals Spawn: The Animated Series (13) Spawn Originals Spectacular Spider-Man (23) Spider-Man Originals, Spider-Man's Foes Speed Buggy (5) Buggy Originals, Buggy Promos Speed Racer (10) Speed Racer Originals Spice and Wolf (2) Spice and Wolf Originals Spider Riders (18) Spider Riders Originals Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends (8) Spidey's Amazing Originals Spider-Man Animated (3) Spider-Man TAS Promos Spider-Man Unlimited (21) Spider-Man Unlimited Originals Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (24) Spider-Verse Originals, Spider-Verse Promos Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (28) Spirit Originals Spirited Away (12) Spirited Originals, Spirited Promos Splatoon (19) Splatoon Originals SpongeBob SquarePants (182) Bikini Bottom Massacre, Dunces and Dragons, Sponge Out of Water, Spongebob Holidaze, SpongeBob Originals, SpongeBob Promos, SpongeBob's Alphabet Spyro The Dragon (20) Spyro The Dragon Originals, Spyro The Dragon Promos Squid Girl (15) Squid Girl Originals Squidbillies (19) Squidbillies Originals, Squidbillies Promos Stanley (9) Stanley Originals, Stanley Promos Star Fox (17) Star Fox Originals, Star Fox Promos Star Ocean (4) Star Ocean Originals Star Trek: The Animated Series (2) Star Trek Promos, Star Trek Holidays Star Vs. The Forces of Evil (11) Star Vs. Originals Star Wars (8) Star Wars Originals, Star Wars Promos Star Wars Rebels (28) Star Wars Rebels Originals Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (1) SW: KotOR Promos Star Wars: Clone Wars (64) Clone Wars Originals, Clone Wars Promos, Clone Wars Holidays Star Wars: Clone Wars (CGI) (52) CGI Clone Wars Originals, CGI Clone Wars Promos Static Shock (23) Static Shock Originals, Static Shock Promos Steamboy (2) Steamboy Originals Steins;Gate (20) Steins;Gate Originals, Steins;Gate Promos Steven Universe (37) Steven Originals, Steven Promos Stop That Pigeon (6) Stop That Pigeon Originals Street Fighter II (36) Action Street Fighters, Street Fighter II Originals Street Sharks (13) Street Sharks Originals, Street Sharks Promos Summer Wars (16) Summer Wars Originals Super Chicken (1) Super Chicken Promos Super Friends (38) Legion of Doom, Super Friends Originals, Super Friends Promos Super Globetrotters (8) Super Globetrotters Originals Super Hero Squad Show (60) Super Hero Squad Originals, Super Hero Squad Promos Super Mario Bros. 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