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  2. So this is Englands path to the World Cup Final should no more upsets... it looks so easy

    Spain vs Russia/Croatia vs Denmark - Mexico vs Switzerland/Senegal vs England :lol: 

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Where is everyone today.... so quiet

  6. Happy birthday!!

  7. Happy birthday!!


  9. Tooner58

    Left Center Right

    Thanks Shark! So close to being the middle winner (:
  10. baywatch7

    Left Center Right

    Thanks for the contest shark! Wish I could've been in chat for it
  11. deepcanyon1

    Left Center Right

    thanks Shark for doing this and cant wait for the next one..
  12. Sharktibolt

    Left Center Right

    Ok, we just wrapped this up in chat! Below are the final toon placements for everyone! Baywatch7 LoverOfDisney Josh123 Moxie Zip Deepcanyon1 Terrie Logannaruto Thelastsith Tooner58 So Baywatch ended up being the big winner, managing to end with 5 toons. And a whopping 15 toons ended up in the Center! Which are these 15 below: And as promised, all the toons that ended up in the Center were raffled to one player. And that player was................. LoverOfDisney! Congrats! I'll try to pass everything out right now, so stay tooned for an offline! Thanks to everyone who signed up, and keep an eye out for our next contest!
  13. Moana of Motunui

    Pokemon Go friend codes

    Here is mine 2463 5645 9700
  14. Yesterday
  15. A reminder for participants that the Left Center Right contest will be starting in chat in less than 2 hours at 8 PM CT! Hope to see a lot of you there that are in it!

  16. Sharktibolt

    Pokemon Go friend codes

    Looks like they've lowered it to Level 10 I think? Either way I finally have mine. 8297 1760 1161
  17. Sharktibolt

    Time Machine

    Link URL changing isn't something we have access to anyway so far as I can see. So it is truly a 'Toon only' thing.
  18. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    One's like find waldo, another is kinda picking combinations, and the third is a set of questions you can answer in a fun/goofy way (as they aren't like trivia). I'm going to give out prizes but if you enter them all that's just be for fun as there'd only be one prize for each person.
  19. Abdazar Slytherin

    Disney Saturdays!!

    What u have in mind Rowena? Or is it a mystery?
  20. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Tomorrow I'll be having Aristocats games. Participation of any of them gets you counted for Disney Saturday (unless you disrespect anyone in chat).
  21. Happy Birthday!  :bday1::bday2:

  22. Xavianangel

    Time Machine

    Yeah but I'm not allowed to touch that. That's toon
  23. AMARIS! Happy Birthday! Hope it's been an Awesome one!


  24. Happy Birthday, 'Maris!!!


    Hope it's a really awesome one :)

  25. South American sides are so depressing this World Cup amazing to see how far they have declined 

  26. Moana of Motunui

    Time Machine

    It would be a simple HTML edit on the button changing pretty much 1 line where the forwarding link is
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