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  2. Couldn't reproduce this error. Hilarious math though.
  3. Samurai Jack expansion (27 toons) WWE (Smackdown Vs. Raw) (21 toons)
  4. Noticed something with the trade board: Offered 300,000 points on a Trade Board listing. Points: 1,175,012 Available Points: -4,524,988 | Locked Points: 5,700,000 Just wanted to give a heads up
  5. not sure what to tell you about this. the database I copied over was literally from the moment I locked the doors at the old server. Im sure some of the data will flush out in the next week or so, so th ebest thing to do is just keep making sales and adding new records to replenish recent data
  6. I just got back from a local Savers in my city, where I managed to pick up a rare original VHS, black diamond-back collection, hard cover copy of 'Beauty and the Beast' for only $1.99 , and it's in near perfect condition, too! XD

    Collectors value that particular copy of this movie anywhere between 5 - 20 THOUSAND dollars today! This is beyond my lucky day, I was straight up, purely blessed!^^

    I also picked a copy of 'Mulan' because Mulan is just awesome, man!

    1. Sharktibolt


      I know we still have a bunch of old Disney VHS that look exactly like what those look like (I googled 'black diamond-back collection' for an idea). I'm actually curious now if we're sitting on some expensive VHS tapes or something. XD


      Not that we'd sell them because that was our childhood. But I mean it would be cool to know.

    2. XxGothsCanSmile2xX


      @SharktiboltI was actually looking it up the other day, and pretty much all of the original VHS copies of the entire Disney Princesses films are worth a couple thousand dollars, each! Just 'Aladdin' alone can be around $2k. Also, I found out 'The Fox and the Hound' is worth a pretty penny as well. So yeah, your childhood is pretty much worth a goldmine now.:bulge:

    3. Fuzzywuzzykin


      I wish that Disney vhs fad was true lol. I acquired mine when my parents were cleaning house, for the memories, and my brothers argued I was taking valuable money. When things seem too good to be true, then they usually aren't true. But geez, wouldn't it be awesome if they were worth a lot lol.

  7. jk.. a lot of my newer sales in shop are missing and it’s showing ones from back in 2017.
  8. Last week
  9. New server is fast, impressed.

    1. Tooner58



  10. Bumped up and updated! Help me out folks
  11. i cant wait to see the dumbo movie . it looks very good and i was a big fan of the original . plus shazam and the avengers are on the way . plus aladdin . 

  12. i want to thank people for the happy birthday wishes . i had a great time . i saw captain marvel and i saw 5 feet apart . i enjoyed great food . thank you 

  13. They were LE's last week. They expired on Sunday
  14. I bought something from a user right after I posted on here, so I didnt get any errors. Let me know if anyone else does
  15. Where are the Golden Mario toons located?
  16. has anyone tried this recently? I found that a few of the tables didnt originally carry over and I rebuilt them this morning after catching it
  17. We were doing a data migration. Hopefully everything should be good now. Let us know if theres more issues @The Grand Poobah
  18. Im going to assume we've entered the dark age of server migration on the site?

  19. @The Grand Poobah heres a screen shot for you
  20. can you send me a pm with a screen grab of what you see. thanks
  21. I am unable to shop in user shops because of this error: Invalid Query: delete from tbl_offline_trading where trade_id in (select trade_id from user_offline_trading_toons where other_user_ctoon_id in (3703626)) or trade_id in (select trade_id from my_offline_trading_toons where user_ctoon_id in (3703626)) - Table 'collectoons.user_offline_trading_toons' doesn't exist
  22. can't access the manage my shop. Says invalid query
  23. My account is showing that I have Locked Points: 33,000,000.
  24. Ok, I dont even know what to say. It looks like it is running normal um, if anyone finds anything screwy please let me know. thanks
  25. ok, since the only site remaining is CT I am going to turn it off tonight. create a dump of whatever is going on in there once it is off, upload it to the new server, and redirect the URL to the new server. if there is an act of Dog everything will run smoothly once I turn it back on. LOLOLOLOL. I mean, we'll see.
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