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  3. It's just a server move to a faster server. The owner is working on it right now.
  4. the are moving everything to new servers...they have been working on it since wednesday it will be better than ever as soon as they have the transfers of everything please be patient we are all waiting...
  5. what has happened to collectoons?
  6. I'm bored and finding all this so bump
  7. Bump
  8. I be on it everyday bro XD I'm level 29 I think.
  9. Just no erzas, however it might be a smart idea to make it a ghost toon possibly.... POSSIBLY
  10. I guess I'll try to think of something cool to do. Maybe another one day code or something
  11. Oh, I don't think anything could be cooler than a free Enticing Erza. lol
  12. Not sure if actual question. Because if it is, then damn lol
  13. Yesterday
  14. What if CT isn't back up until Monday evening (or Wednesday!)? Will there still be a Week 5?
  15. Oh I've got something better for week 5. You'll love it
  16. It's only been down since Wednesday night. It is server upgrades though. From the Facebook post: We are in the process of doing some server upgrades and it may cause some outages over the next few days. Updates will be posted here if things take longer than expected. Thank you for your patience! As of now the forums are all done and are obviously back up, but Toon's got some work left on getting the site back up.
  17. Collectoons, the normal site, is glitching for me.

    I can't get in! :'(

    Anyone else having this problem?


    1. deepcanyon1


      Hi smileygirl..they are changing servers for the whole site..its been down since wed. nite..they are working hard to get things changed over to the new server..things should be up before to much longer we are all hoping..

      so just hang in and it will be back up and running soon :)

    2. smileygirl
  18. So free Enticing Erzas for everyone since the sites been down for a week?$)$)! so is it an update or just crashed?
  19. I caught em all?
  20. Naruto Shippuden Kakashi's Ninja Hounds - 5k Lion King Series Hakuna Matata Trio 10k Ghost Mufasa 10k Total 25k
  21. Naruto Kiba and Akamaru - 5k x 2 - 10k Kimimaro - 5k x 3 - 15k Total: 25k
  22. This will be taking place TONIGHT at the normal time it should of been on Thurs..... we will be watching Aladdin
  23. Join chat tonight for Saturday Night Disney we will be watching Aladdin

  24. Scooby Doo Elf Scrappy-10k Elf Scooby-10k Snow Angel Daphne-10k The Great Mouse Detective Toby-10k Thomas and Friends Toby-5k Total-45k
  25. You have a Switch
  26. Thank you for all the hard work Toon + Mods!!!
  27. Sounds fantastic guess my theory of it being missing DB tables/fields or the server using a newer PHP version was wrong
  28. Great storm killed by tv and broadband service... please come on soon FA Cup Final is today 

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    2. IGPXCHAMP66


      That poor storm lol. 

    3. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      It came on just before the cup final.... didnt expect Arsenal to be winning thou

    4. smileygirl


      RIP TV and Broadband thing 


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