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      SmackDown is back up and running. Stop in for a few games as the quarterly contest has been extended till the end of April. 

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  2. Sword Art Online Sibling Sky Dance 250k Thanks!
  3. It's all for trade @Joshfarias16 - getting to bed now but will look over tomorrow!
  4. Hey Flash- Teen Titans Red X - 80k Amazing Mumbo - 5k Digimon Digimon Emperor - 7k Yaamon - 5k Adventure Time The Lich - 10k Total: 107k Thank you!
  5. Justice League Unlimited Green Lantern - 10k Kingdom Hearts Wayfinder - 3k Sword Art Online Heathcliff - 5k Kirito - 3k Yu-Gi-Oh! Slyfer the Sky Dragon - 20k Total: 41k Thank you, Flash!
  6. Today
  7. I love the sword art pieces..that are already out
  8. Hey! You can be the President and Vice President k buddy? YOU GOT THIS!!!! :)

  9. Dang, it's not a poll it's a massacre. SAO is killing it.
  10. Yesterday
  11. try again in 3 hours. and 24 hr rule applies still
  12. Sword Art Online Sibling Sky Dance 250k Thanks!
  13. Ah i figured it out
  14. youll want to name the toon and show.
  15. I didnt know what size to down-scale too. If u want i can down-scale them if u give me a size Magi: Adventure Of Sinbad Originals Magi: The Adventures Of Sinbad Netflix series Sinbad Yunan Dragul Serendine Jafar Hinahoho Badr Esra Sinbad Sword (Needs Down-Scale)
  16. I re-verified your account, you should be set to log back in.
  17. all of these 08 case closed would be 15k each. for a total of 75k let me know thanks. That's fine
  18. Yusuke monster would be 125k , Applepiethon 5k, Barry 2k, Barb 3k Bedtime Caillou 5k, if these are fine total 140k
  19. could you name these please
  20. mind giving us names?
  21. The Time Machine has had a bit of a toon update, so look out for some new toons with today's reset! You may even find the machine can go a little bit the other way through time. Anyways, my pulls: - Canti - George Liquor
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