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  2. Sharktibolt

    December 2018 Releases

    Clash of Clans (12 toons) Over The Garden Wall (43 toons/42 Shop + 1 Morph) ALSO, we have some new morphs in the new sets! For Over The Garden Wall: Beatrice's Dog + The Lantern + 50 BP = ??? + = ??? For 101 Dalmatians: Alert Colonel + Reprimanded Sgt. Tibbs + 50 BP = ??? + = ??? Leaping Pongo + Condescending Cruella + 50 BP = ??? + = ???
  3. Sharktibolt

    December 2018 Releases

    101 Dalmatians HR - Spotted Family (Shop 4)
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  5. Sharktibolt

    December 2018 Releases

    Arkham City HR - The Cat and the Bat (Shop 1)
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  7. Sharktibolt

    Time Machine Raffles!

    The Phineas & Ferb's Time Machine winner has been picked! Congrats to Lannisteryen!
  8. hows discord coming along?

    1. oasisx


      (Person working on it here)
      We're waiting for someone to write the rules for the Discord. Seeing it's much more powerful compared to our current chat room, we need a new set of rules to go along with it. I'll be checking with them later this week, due to finals and holidays at work things have been moving slow a little bit on my end.

    2. Xavianangel


      I'm gonna try to work on the rules. I've been too busy with work and helping people with final papers. This time of year I just cant spare the time for CT as much. 

    3. kaigeta


      Nice. Looking forward to it. Would be cool to see something like Discord-Only toons given away during chat events. 

  9. Paul

    Total referral points...?

    Referral points were reset after the referral Program was remade.
  10. Josh123

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    tooned, I see what you did their.
  11. Sharktibolt

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    You hop on your ride and take off into the Wormhole, and eventually enter another wormhole and find................ WHOA! That's an Ultra Beast! Luckily you brought some Beast Balls just in case. Guzzlord joins your Collection!
  12. Put up this months auctions, check 'em out.

  13. Last week
  14. Sora

    Shiny Mew

    The VERY LAST ONE is up in auctions NOW!!
  15. Xavianangel

    Changing CT birth date

    Any admin can change it for you. But it would be nice if people could do it themselves.
  16. lannisteryen

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Lannisteryen going back in again! Thanks!
  17. Xavianangel

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    Beta testers sold for 16 mil. Stay tooned for what's next
  18. mikes101

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    That’s unfortunate
  19. Happy birthday!!

  20. RollingStoned

    Total referral points...?

    I'm not the most active user, and I'm not the best about checking my referral points. When I last checked, I remember having 43 total referral points, but the total today shows I have 0. Granted, almost every one of those referrals were for the former owner of the account I hold, but why have those referral points been stripped? Is there a limit on referral points now? Do they clear out after a given time? I'm out of the loop here.
  21. RollingStoned

    Changing CT birth date

    In the user account page, I think there should be an option to change the user account birth date. Maybe I'm a minority, but as it stands, my CT birth date is inaccurate due to the merging process way back when. If this feature were editable, it would have to account for users who might try to cheat the system. My idea is to make it so that when a user changes his/her CT birthday, birthday gifts can only be given after 365 days from the change date.
  22. RollingStoned

    Time zones in CT

    Under the user account page, there should be an option to change the user's current time zone. Changing the time zone would not have any effect on release times, auction times, or any other times in-game. It would simply be a feature to accommodate those users who do not live in the CollecToons time zone to make the CT clock more accurate.
  23. This message should be changed to, "Sorry, that code does not exist or has expired." Had-->has to keep tense.
  24. RollingStoned

    CTF codes after Friday

    Entering an active CTF code after the day it is released will result in the user receiving a message like "This code is no longer active!" as well as a picture of the remaining active CTF cToon, which has been added to the user's account. I know this is just the best way it has been coded so far in dealing with one toon expiring and the other not, but still, the results page is contradictory.
  25. When looking through my inbox, apart from reading or hovering the mouse over the sender link, I don't have any indication of what is an official CollecToons message and what is just any other PM. It would be helpful if mass PMs from "CollecToons Staff" (or other mass-PM'ing accounts, if there are any) could have a special sender icon, rather than looking like every other message in my inbox. This suggestion would let users know immediately with visual context which messages are from CollecToons Staff and which are from active users. I believe I acknowledged this flaw in the past by making an account with the username "CollecToons Staff" ...but I can't remember.
  26. RollingStoned

    Multi-buying in User Shops

    I think it would benefit CT users if there were a way users could buy multiple quantities of a cToon from user shops. Maybe a popup when buying a cToon in a user shop with quantity>1 could ask the user what quantity they wish to purchase? In CT Plaza shops, this feature would make the game unbalanced, but having it in user shops would not pose a danger as far as I can see.
  27. RollingStoned

    CC for Outgoing Messages

    I'd like to have the option added in the inbox to send a carbon copy (CC) to users other than the single intended recipient when writing a PM, sort of like your run-of-the-mill email server would do. This would be beneficial for users who want to send the same message to multiple users, but it strictly would not give any user the authority to send a mass-PM (message to everybody). The case I'm thinking of would involve a user who wants a particular cToon but doesn't know which users on the owner's list will reply. Instead of manually sending the same "wanna trade/sell?"-type message to each user's inbox individually, the buying user could send one message to many recipient owners. Of course, I see the potential for abuse here, so I'd suggest an upper limit of, say, ten recipients in the CC box per PM. Another example would be a user who has a group of friends whom the user wants to talk with in a group-chat type of discussion. To look at a popular example, Facebook conversations enable the message starter to add members to messages and thereby create group discussions. This suggestion, if added, would save potential buyers time and effort by reducing the time it takes to send PMs. In the second example, this feature could also further branch communications among less-active users who would otherwise miss out on chatrooms, due to chat logs for individuals only being available from the moment of chat login.
  28. RollingStoned

    Google Translate your music

    Type the lyrics of a song you know into Google Translate. After a few cycles through languages, cycle back to English, and see if the user below can tell you what song you tried to translate!
  29. RollingStoned


    Lying is the name of the game. List one truth and one falsehood about yourself, and see if the user below can guess which is which! Try not to make it too detailed or too vague so as to make the lie harder to guess. To begin... 1) My grandfather fought in the Korean Conflict. 2) I'm deathly allergic to peanuts. I haven't touched peanut butter since 2004.
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