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  2. Everything in my shop is now 999 points!! I will try to keep it as up to date as I can!! Enjoy
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  4. If anyone needs Cartoon Cartoon Fridays type toons, I'm going to try to do one more event this month to give everything away. In the meantime, if you need any toon in CCW's collection that you don't have, offline for it. 

  5. my man, way to tug at the heart strings brother, thank you so much for those kind words! Truly means a lot man!
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  7. Dang guys, idk where to start here. Obviously a lot of old heads are gone and maybe forgotten. With me being one of them. I was pretty young when I joined, (14 years old now I'm turning 25 next month) I read through a lot of these posts and I recognize a lot of old friends here. I'll tag you guys down low but I'd just like to say this was the very first community that I fell in love with and actually enjoyed. I learned so much from so many people. Especially when it came to GFX. After I left CT I joined a One Piece forum called Oro Jackson which had just recently shut down 4 months ago due to inactivity. Back when I first joined however, I worked on my GFX and a year later became one of the most prominent graphic designers on their website. I even won several GFX contests. Boy let me tell you, the graphic designers and color artists on that site were amazing. With that being said, I owe it all to CT for teaching me, specifically @Bunny21 @oasisx and maybe @Hokey even though you were so damn lazy at it if I'm being honest xD Some of my favorite memories involved some of my favorite people: @Bunny21 Remember when we would always butt heads in chat and get into arguments over who Tobi was in Naruto? I would always say it was Izuna and you'd always argue that it was Kagami. We both looked and felt dumb after it was revealed to be Obito. Then for the next 6 months you posted that Obito meme every time someone joined the chat room due to the shock it had on you lmao Also that one time I PM'ed Raven and told him that I wanted to prank you by putting up a prince Eric on the Trade Board and threatening to delete it just because you said that I wouldn't do it. I didn't actually delete it but just gave it back to Raven. I never even owned a Prince Eric ctoon out of the 10 years that I've been on the site. Just thought I'd let you know about this so you could stop being so depressed over that prank haha Taco even linked my threatening delete post on the TB of Prince Eric as the main topic in chat room xD The third and final hilarious memory I had was when I was talking in chat and you thought I misspelled a word and then you corrected me by saying "it's not spelled that way. Go leap off a loading dock" then Champ actually corrected you and said that I originally spelled it correctly. We all shared a laugh together and that was one of the funniest times in chat that I had with you. I love you and all the fun times we had in that crazy chat room @XavianangelHi Cyn, it's nice to see that you never changed and became the sole reason that this site lasted. Even @The Grand Poobah will admit that without you he'd have shut this whole operation down a long time ago. I have so much respect and love for you and cherish the fact that you and I were so upfront with each other even on the things that we didn't agree with. You were definitely one of the few people I could never be mad at and without mentioning Tails too much I'm glad that I got to meet him only because it ultimately led to being your friend in the end Also ty for not banning me even when I broke so many chat rules with my obnoxious attitude hehe @oasisx What the heck are we still doing here lingering around like this lmao?! Thanks for making so many cool sigs for everyone. I mentioned above how I joined a One Piece forum and became a prominent figure in their GFX community. Well a big reason for that is because I opened up a GFX shop and took free requests to improve my own Photoshop skills. The amount of obnoxious kids demanding that I make sigs, profile covers and avatars for them drove me up the wall. Believe it or not I was very patient and never lost my cool but I did eventually get tired of the requests and just closed down the shop. However at some point I asked myself "is this what we put Oasis from CT through?" I always thought of you when making GFX requests for people. I'd love to make you a sig or profile picture just to return the favor You were definitely one of the most if not the most level headed person on this site and rarely lost your temper despite the amount of garbage that you had to deal with. I have a lot more to say to you man but I've already dragged this post too long. I love ya and the fun times I recall from this website you were always part of those fond memories. @Josh123 This guy was my very first friend on the website. Previously known as Naruto12 because he was 12 years old at the time and now a married man and a loving father. One of the few people from this website whom I follow on social media. You're a good man, always have been too. Keep killing it in life and I'll always be in touch brother. @Masoonite We joined at around the same time and we had a cool little rivalry in Smackdown in the beginning. I actually logged back onto League a few days ago. If you still play that game I'd be down to link back up and play but I'm so bad at that game I'd probably drag you down lmao you were definitely one of my favorite people here man. I can see how much you cherished this place and wanted it to grow. Which is why I can completely understand your frustrations with some of the staff and Toon himself. But if I'm being honest here man, what oasis said about the sites code being choppy and botched is not far from the truth. The website was made in 2008 and hasn't changed much. Which means that the code is just as old as the inception of this place. Do you know how bad that is? There's no saving this place and letting it die is the best decision. As sad as that sounds, Toon would have better luck making a brand new, more modern website with a small team of professionals rather than a bunch of college kids and post grads who played this game in their teenage-hood. Either way, the community, both negative and positive in my eyes is quite legendary. I'm glad I could meet you here man. Keep those girls off you with that guitar strapped around your shoulder bro @Paul I don't have too much to say to you but I wanted to apologize about that time you got perma banned because of Tails and I think Raven. I was on good terms with Tails but only because he liked to talk to me about all his problems for some reason. Including that time they tried framing you for whatever reason. blaming you for "hacking Tails account" when we all know that was a lie fabricated by certain staff members to get rid of people they hated. Long story short, they didn't like you and wanted you gone. It wasn't just you but it was a lot of other players as well. They were corrupt and this site flourished for several years after their departure if I'm being honest. Glad to see that we have a more honest and capable team who care about other players rather than themselves. @Hokey Sup man. We had a lot of fun in chat and in the GFX forum. I remember how much you taught me and how amazing I thought your gfx was because it was all so new to me. Later to find out through my own experience that it was just a bunch of saturated solid colored images pasted onto one another xD!!!! You were the original GFX GOAT in my eyes to be honest though man. I looked up to you for edits on images and you always helped me without losing your patience. A lot of fun times involved you and I trying to provoke Bunny into flipping out on us because we used to troll her hard lmao She always used to say you smelled like grease because of the product you put in your hair haha @kenrmcha You know i didn't forget about you Ken. Like most people I enjoyed our time in chat. Back when I was quite the immature teenager you'd ban me multiple times in the chat room just for getting under your skin lol One time you gave me the golden hammer and I perma banned you and you immediately got back in and perma banned me back xD you were quite the reserved mod back in the day if I remember correctly and you rarely spoke out whereas Jazzy was super active. Opposites really do attract and you guys were so nice to everyone. Even as some of the OG staff you never changed @Ike I still remember recommending this guy to become a hench mod back in the day then he rose to Admin! I remember thinking I was good at smash bros and then I played you and got wiped out haha I'm actually much better at smash ultimate and I can take you on though 0.0 @MarvelfanAlso one of the few guys I follow on social media. This man is an og chat member and was so fun to be around. Always had the coolest room with wall posters and DVD collections. @RollingStoned This freaking guy xD Still hacking your way into CT bro? One of the smartest and most innovative members this site has ever had. If even half of your ideas got approved this website could've flourish years ago. I remember the last time we talked you were telling me that you were getting married. Hope everything worked out dude. You're a legend here in these parts.
  8. I could move the gallery under a different URL, so any ctoons listed in there would still be accessible to everyone
  9. I think people just dont get how little access even admin have to anything past game and forums. Lol. Anything involving files or code is all the owner.
  10. We do have a discord chat if you want the link.
  11. You would have to ask @The Grand Poobah about that data download stuff *shrug* we don’t have access to the files like that
  12. I just logged on after a couple of months. I can't say i'm surprised but this is definitely very bittersweet. I joined back in early 2009 as one of the early and longest-lasting players on here. The countless hours I spent on here... @Sora any way we can get a data download of our toons? They won't be usable, but I'd love the ability to scroll through my collection for nostalgic purposes. I think if nothing else, if we can document as much of this game as possible to reflect back on, that will be a satisfying end... at least for me. I think the peak of my satisfaction of this game was during a time where there was a tightly-knit group of friends in the chat group playing together. I recall @Ike (hunting partner) @ChelseaOrgana21 (I still watch IT Crowd, Peep Show and the other shows you introduced me to) @Gamascottie @Zman21 (I hope you're doing well buddy) @sciencefriction @Bunny21 @punz @champ and a few others I'm sure. I touched base with a lot of players here over the years as someone that was fairly consistent with playing and never away for longer than a few months. I do agree strongly with @Masoonite's first post in this thread. It would be great to keep in touch with as many of as possible in the future. Perhaps there are other games we can migrate to together as a community to play. At any rate, if anyone wishes to exchange contact details to keep in touch, I'd be happy to. The shifts in life that have occurred over the lifespan of this game have been rather significant for me. From completing school, to touring internationally, completing my degree, going corporate, running my own businesses, creating wealth and becoming an influencer. If anyone ever needs any help, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you to the following people: @Sora @Ike @Zman21 @Bunny21 @punz @Gamascottie @ChelseaOrgana21 @sciencefriction @Masoonite @Xavianangel @woodstock24 @cube @BROKEN raven123 @DarthEZ1 @Raven @Josh123 @Jwoolman1993 @Moana of Motunui @Jazzy @LovingGoddess @Sharktibolt @FredTheFish @RollingStoned @ThePokeman92 @Coolguy @oasisx @randaaroo @ChiTheWarrior666
  13. Sadly thats not how its set up. We have to pick the toon and type inn the code word each time. Also the toon needs to be active, which also has to be manually changed.
  14. I mean, yeah, you just posted a bunch of cat/subcat names with numbers beside them. I have no clue which toons you need from those sets or what the numbers mean. @FUTURAMA GUY
  15. You were always my favorite guy to bull sugar around with. Hope your acting career took off after you played an extra in that one movie I haven't seen. You had a really great layout idea. It would've been very reminiscent of Orbit, but with a modern twist. Yeah, CT would have done a lot better if there were a mobile app. Way to keep the game in the 2000s and never move it into the 2010s (or, more literally, the 2020s).
  16. My prices are so low, even I'm upset with it! Everything is 1 point! Count 'em Count 'em One ONE 1 Point 1 Point cToons! Hurry, this sale won't last (past December 31, 2019).
  17. Surely you could shimmy sham a whole list of cToons into a code using cToon ID number ranges...hmm.
  18. I am giving away a bunch of Mew Sprite toons on the TB, so go check them out and enjoy!^^ Rules are in the want sections of the listings.

  19. If we could, we would but thats just on the hard code side so only the owner can
  20. I wont be doing it but you should open it up to all and not just donators.
  21. Just finished my Last Superman CWORLD in Remembrance of my Son, Thank you to all who sent me pieces to be able to make it look nice. I appreciate it. I am going to miss the site that was my escape !

  22. User Shop Update. Shops can now go all the way to 1000 toons each!! Sell and enjoy stuff while we still have time
  23. I miss you man!! hope all's been well, haven't talked to you in a very long time. You got Discord by chance?
  24. Form a perfectly aligned circle and sob endlessly until the day of reckoning dawns upon us
  25. Everything in my shop is now 999 points!! I will try to keep it as up to date as I can!! Enjoy
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