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  2. I don't  miss the site. I feel  have been set  free.  Truth  is i didnt  have much friends  on here because besides  making morphs for people it was always  about smack down. I nevee viewed this  much  as a commuinty because  i always felt people  all ran in there own circles kinda like high school. Like high school  i always  stayed away from that.  I ran as my own person and always  felt being who i  am was more  important  than running in a group. 

    1. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

        Kliq kliq kliq. You're very correct, myself included. I miss the site for nostalgia, that's about it

    2. RubixCube


      Exactly  why i didnt think the ct discord was gonna be a sucess when i got there  it  was more  of the  same . People do talk but it's  only separate  individuals who  talk to one another.  So instead of having  a conversation  we're  every one joined in it was not that. community  feeling at all. It was  more of what took  place for years. Its why i dont think many joined or when i was there not many contributed at all . It was but a few people  who talked on a daily bais no different  then ct chat . Same names kept  popping  up to talk and  i felt it was the same with discord.

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  4. It's been real fam. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors <3
  5. I think so, mobile support could help. Wider advertising, such as using Facebook ads and etc. Have a check-in system, people love that. Like toonami and cartoon cartoon Friday did, but like if you put so and so code in, that they were sent via email previously, during the new episode of so and so show, you get a new ctoon. (I.E. SpongeBob's next special, they would of sent out the codes... IDK say SpongeBob, Patty, and Patrick, a week before, if the player remembered & entered them during that hour special's premier, they get 3 exclusive toons.) If a system like that would be too hard to do, It could even just be something as simple as checking into the Facebook group/page during that time and sending them the toon later on, plus it would encourage chat. Using video ads once in awhile for supplemental income. You could even offer points for said video watching. More backgrounds for czones, bigger czones... And an option to have like a screen cap for just your czone. I would of loved a command center or power chamber background.
  6. I keep hoping it's back up. XD ugh.
  7. I miss the site... :( 

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    2. narengoku


      We all do :(

    3. PhotonCyberStar


      You’re not the only one who misses the site.

    4. deepcanyon1


      I agree..i miss it so much..i have so much stuff on neopets and trying to get use to it again..but its not like this site :(  and i did get a friend request on neopets from shocked me..i am wondering how many people have their neopet sites still?? I have the same name there as here my lupe is 6022 days old so been a member there forever too :) 

  8. I am a little bit late, but I still liked to check in from time to time and try buy a few plqs. Really sad to see collectoons go and wanted to stop in and say thank you for all the hard work you guys did.
  9. Heck @Xavianangel and myself haven’t even been sent any sort of message thanking us for all of our years here. So I wouldn’t hold my breathe guys
  10. What she said. Doesn’t matter to me either way, just personally don’t see the point. But yes toon would be the one doing it all
  11. Honestly that's cool and all but actually saving this all would be up to toon. Hed have to move it. And the man hasnt logged in here to reply to anyone in well over a month....sooo.....yeah
  12. The BBC didn't see the point of keeping old tapes of Doctor Who; Metromedia didn't see the point of keeping kinescopes of DuMont programs. You can't know what the future will want till the future arives. Archiving is easy today; if you can move the forums to a free host there's no real reason not to. It would show respect to the people who've contributed over a period of 11 years.
  13. I am still failing to seeing the point to any of that. Or this staying... But most likely this will disappear once Toons "lease" is up on it
  14. People still search for Cartoon Orbit and there was the whole archive project im pretty sure Czone Central still exists out there
  15. Who would be looking the internet for what a game was about that doesn’t exist anymore? Discord is a free thing that everyone can use... so would be your own fault if you didn’t want to partake there
  16. To keep the content archived, so someone could look back & see what it was about. Besides, not everyone uses Discord, FaceBook, etc.
  17. For what reason though? We have discord. Why have a forum for a game that is no more..
  18. Some Forums are free now and days so just transfer this to a fre one and bam it stays up.
  19. this is what toon had posted. So looks like march "The auto-renew for the forums has been turned off, but it was paid up until March of next year since it is on a 6 month cycle. So they won't be going anywhere until then. That being said, after March I dont know if the forums become unusable, or if I just dont get updates & upgrades and they are still functioning indefinitely. The only thing I know will truly shutdown is the flash server, which runs Smackdown and Card Clash. They need that server to run. The arcade will still be fine, since they are standalone games and are housed on the main server."
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