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  2. save hang ten
  3. Thundercats & Woody Woodpecker n Friends
  4. Sorry if I havent been on really homies. Getting my gym started is a pain. Fun but a pain. Almost done, most of my equipment is in and my turf is here as well. All i need to do is put it in and im all good. Training starts with my camp next week. Freakn all jacked up.

    1. captainjack


      Awesome. Hope all goes well for you my friend. I've been trying to start exercising again. Not trying to get jacked per se, just fit. Trying to keep the diabetes in check is rough.

  5. Today
  6. Okay seriously, what is this?! Still not as bad as last weeks pull, though.
  7. The Time Machine has reset, time for another Time Machine Raffle! You have at least 24 hours to offer 1 point for a chance to win the toon. The TM toon CTC got this week is Also continuing Mewtwo raffles, so this guy is on TB too
  8. - were my two for the week
  9. Both are bad pulls. XD C'mon time machine
  10. Like, kenrmcha the name and there's no better place to hold the best party evar then the beach. I mean, like it's free, fun, and word is that Kirby and the Dream Machine are doing a concert. And that dreamboat Johnny is suppose to be there. He's like, such a rebel with his mothercycle and being a ghost "swoons*. Like, we should totally stop by kagaminecat's cWorld and get Lucca to come. That poor girl has been LARPing too much and I think this will good for her to have some fun in the sun!
  11. Woot woot Lemme know how these prices work
  12. - Joe Kido - Drake Mallard
  13. Save Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
  14. Save Performing Gazelle
  15. Save Anna's Sacrifice
  16. Happy Birthday Professor! :)


    1. xaviersxmen


      Awesome thanks.:)

  17. Mhm, it's just under two hours in total-- It's short and sweet (and dark ) OTGW is so unique and so well done, it's definitely one of the best tv shows out there. A cool set for a cool show I'll keep slowly cutting images out whenever I have free time (I've just about covered all the characters in the show that I've been able to get full-body screenshots of, just missing a few now) Mr. Langtree + Miss Langtree: Jimmy Brown (Gorilla) + potatoes and molasses + Raccoon + Jeffery (Opossum) + the chase scene: Pumpkin-foot Wirt + pumpkin-foot Greg + Lary:
  18. Save Rin's Sacrifice
  19. Snuggly Grim
  20. Save Elemental Master Avatar Aang
  21. PPG Radio
  22. Tumbleweed
  23. From the man who introduced you guys to Hurt/Heal, I bring you a brand new forum game; the save contest! Personally it's on of my favorites and I hope you guys enjoy and have fun with it as much as Hurt and Heal. Rules: 1. Every 4 hours you may save an AO from the list of unsafe AOs. 2. When only one AO is left, the round ends and that AO is eliminated from the contest. 2a: Rules will change throughout the contest (ie more saves needed, trading, maybe the amount of time between saves) so always look for a the newest round. 3. For now, only I can start a new round. Jazzy knows how to run these type of contest so depending on her interest I will let her as well and once you guys get a grasp on things I will prob. let others as well =p. 4. Have fun. There's no prizes, this is just intended to give you a new game to play around here ;D. Here we go! Round 1! Al's Sacrifice Anna's Sacrifice Arceus Attacking Mewtwo Attacking SS4 Gogeta Baby's End Bat-Mushu Battle-Ready Sango Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Butt-Head Valentine College Roomies Cupid Scooby Daddy's Little Monster Dancing Skull Kid Eclipsed Luna Elemental Master Avatar Aang Enticing Erza Exo-Jock 4000 Fight for the Future Freddy Krueger Goku's First Kamehameha Golden Bijou Golden Hamtaro Golden Pilgrim Goofy Goobers Hang-Ten Scooby Hollow Ichigo Injured Spider-Man Jason Voorhees Jessica's Presents KH2 Cloud KH2 Sephiroth Kyuubi Naruto Love for Apples Mecha Frieza Mega Rayquaza Money Drop Night's Watch Jon Snow No Strings on Me Performing Gazelle Posed Deathstroke Powered-Up Garlic Jr. PPG Radio PPG Sleighride Primate Power Rin's Sacrifice Sez You Sith Lords Snowboarding Maka Snuggly Grim Super Saiyan God Goku Tattered Supergirl The Koos Tumbleweed Winged Tabuu
  24. 10 days until the obsession returns



    1. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      Did you hear Britain is banning all new Gasoline and Diesel cars starting 2040? 

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