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  2. DuckTales (2017) (20 toons) Eeveelution Eggs LE set (Pokemon) (9 toons)
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  4. You open your box and inside you find........... Congrats! You open your box and inside you find........... Congrats! You open your box and inside you find........... NOTHING! The other box in this set contained: You open your box and inside you find........... Congrats!
  5. Set 3, Box 1 please. Thanks for the contest!
  6. DOUBLE OR NOTHING 5: Attack of the Doubles So it had been quite some time since the last Double or Nothing contest. Last one was August of last year as far as I can find. So it's time to bring back this 'fan favorite' for a 5th installment! Of course do make sure to read the rules before entering. RULES 1. The gift box selection is just the image for the box. The gift box does not represent what will be inside if you get the prize box. 2. Each box set has one box with a prize, and one box with nothing. There are no box sets with two empty boxes. 3. When selecting a box, please make sure to say what set the box you're picking is for. For example, 'I pick Box 1' is not good, because we don't know WHICH Box 1 you're picking. 'I want to pick Box 1 in Set 5' is good, because then we know. 4. You may only pick a box once every 24 hours. So please wait 24 hours from your previous selection to post again, so that other people get a chance to pick something. 5. You cannot pick a set of boxes someone else has selected. Even if someone picked the non-winning box of a set, that set is no longer available to pick. 6. We will be trying to remove box sets from this post as they are selected, but we obviously cannot be on 24/7 to do that, so just try to make sure the set of boxes you're selecting has not already been selected! Because then you miss out on your pick and will more than likely have less to choose from as others make their picks. 7. This contest ends only when all the sets have been picked. Prizes will be passed out as soon as possible once the contest is over. Box 1 Box 2 Set 2. Set 4. Set 5. Set 6. Set 7. Set 8. Set 9. Set 10. Set 11. Set 12. Set 13. Set 14. Set 15. Set 16. Set 17. Set 18. Set 19. Set 20. Set 21. Set 22. Set 23. Set 24. Set 25. Set 26. Set 27. Set 28. Set 29. Set 30. Set 31. Set 32. Set 34. Set 35. Set 36. Set 37. Set 38. Set 39. Set 40. Set 41. Set 42. Set 43. Set 44. Set 45. Set 46. Set 47. Set 48. Set 49.
  7. There are no morphs, the set was mainly a set for the various 'other' Digimon characters that were in the original series. We were missing quite a few.
  8. How dare you bring such shame to the DigiUniverse! Lol jk! But now the $64,000 question... do any of them morph?
  9. Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy Earth Day! Happy Wormhole Reset Day! Screechingweasel96, ready to dive back in!
  10. So congrats to Dab_marino for being the first to pull one of the new Lotto Onlys! I suppose now would be a good time to share what they all are, huh? I've included their series of origin, but they're all under the CollecToons set. - Gold Cucco (Hyrule Warriors) - Golden Pants (Ed, Edd n Eddy) - Gold Sudowoodo (Pokemon)
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  12. 1.a star is born 2018

    2.Bumblebee 2018

    3.stan and ollie 2018

    4.alita battle angel 2019 to train your dragon 3  the hidden world 2019

    6.the grinch 2018

    7.fantastic beasts 2 crimes of grinwald 2018

    8.Vice 2018

    9.Bohiem rapsody 2018

    10.bird box 2018

    11.bad times at the el royale 2018

    12.Miracle season 2018

    13.winchester 2018

    14.Mama mia 2 2018

    15.Unfriended 2 2018

    16.Traffic 2018

    17.Polar 2018

    18.Ruthless 2019

    19.the Mule 2018

    20.Highwaymen 2019

    21.julet ,naked 2018

    22.acrimony 2018 

    1. RubixCube


      i saw every one of those this weekend and for a total, I saw 35 movies that came out last year and some this year but overall i saw over 40 movies. movies i saw that were black and white I hadn't seen plus movies I already saw from the 80s and 90s, plus 2000s. let's just say i took over weeks off from CT and just had a huge movie weekend.


      plus still had time to go out to eat with people and do some work on the side .

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