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  2. Happy birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday!!!

  4. Justme

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. moxie

    Happy Birthday Ken... hope you have a great day :) :bday1:

  7. Terrie

    Happy  Birthday from Deep and me

  8. Happy Birthday   Goo

  9. sciencefriction

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    Whoops. I'm so confused.
  10. I finally finished the Americans and, wow, I am blown away. This show has to be one of the best I've ever seen.

    The care that was put into every aspect is insane. Such well-realized, written, and portrayed characters are rare even in the age of Peak TV and this show's ultra-realistic and subversive approach to storytelling is just amazing. I'm so glad FX supported it all of these years--they deserve some major props for keeping it going.

    Though it's definitely a slow-and often brutal-burn, I can't recommend it enough to those that are interested.

    I kept up with the Jennings for six years and I feel proud to call myself a fan. I'm really going to miss this one, guys.

  11. Looking for help with the Tangled set buying Rapunzel, Cassandra, Queen Arianna, Eugene, Pascal, VRs, CRs please let me know if you can help 

  12. Disney Sat May prizes have all gone out :) 

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      Thank you, Champ!

  13. Sharktibolt

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    I suppose there is a need to clarify, but you guys are NOT supposed to actually buy the Mystery Toon in the CTC Shop.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Moana of Motunui

    Disney Saturdays!!

    OH DUHHH why didnt I think of that this shall be thrown out shortly literally
  16. Sharktibolt

    Disney Saturdays!!

    They're all in the first post you know. Added 50 for a nice round number and to have extras.
  17. dbzeee

    June 2018 Releases

    The new ed edd eddy toons in the shop are so awesome.
  18. Moana of Motunui

    Disney Saturdays!!

    @Sharktibolt Would you be able to add 46 of last months plaque to Disney Sat can't remember what it was off the top of my head
  19. Moana of Motunui

    Disney Saturdays!!

    I have added in the Star Wars group already onto last months and its all good to go just needs the toons added weird some reason I cant tag anyone
  20. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    @Moana of Motunui please add Star Wars night to Disney Saturday may group when you have a chance! I don't think I was there that night, but I know you've been busy. For everyone else, for the final time I am not counting people who enter chat and do not yak about Disney. Even if you only have time for raffles, if you do not engage in DISNEY conversation, I am thinking you want basic chat. If you say "Hi how are you" and "congrats" that's nice but you must also engage in DISNEY chat. (Wood told us he was obsessed with Dumbo as a child, etc). And as Xavi has said, if you are rude or disrespectful to anyone during Disney Saturday, you will not be counted. So you can chat about Tinkerbell all you want, if you said something rude to me or, say, Sith, *whistles*. It's different if it's friendly banter, but if you are mad at someone, please ignore them or forfeit the paque. I will not put up with it. Thank you, and hope to see you next Saturday! I'd like to plan a game sometime soon for Disney Saturday. PS if I wasn't obvious about the above rule before, I am sorry. But I'm sticking by it. The disney plaques are NOT a necessity, it's something Champ thought of last year, and without him, there'd be no Disney Saturday. It is a wonderful ADDITION to CT, not a required part or they'd be Code Onlys. So if you can't show up and can't engage in fun conversation about crows smoking, maybe you don't want the plaque badly enough.
  21. Sharktibolt

    CTPD Press Conferences

    CTPD Press Conference Bonkers storms out of the building Bonkers: OK, this guy's gone TOO FAR this time! I was JUST about to have the points at long last for that Ivysaur that's been in the CTContests shop, and this guy goes and pulls something like this! The others apparently all had stuff they wanted from the shop too, and now instead of trying to find who's responsible, they're checking Owner's Lists to see who else might sell them the stuff they wanted. Well I for one have had enough! With or without the help of the rest of them, you've been doing a real good job with all these incidents, so tell you what, I'm coming with you this time! Let's go see if there's any clues in the CTContests shop first.
  22. Harry Kane you god 91st min winner for England closer than I thought tbh

  23. woodstock24

    Anime Sunday

    That's fine, I probably will not be able to host July 8th though as I am going to be out of town.
  24. Sister Love

    Anime Sunday

    I would like to host on the 24th though. Was going to show every single Pokémon theme song, plus the Gorebyss versus Huntail episode.
  25. Sharktibolt

    Professor Oak's Lab

    Added one Fennekin and one Ultra Ball into your account.
  26. Xavianangel

    Anime Sunday

    So, wood did an awesome job hosting anime sunday tonight. He will be one of the perm hosts from now on, so we have more coverage for the event
  27. woodstock24

    Anime Sunday

    Attendance for 6/17/2018 Woodstock24 Futuramaguy Blossom Champ Terrie Deep Kitty Shark Wanted Screeching Ken Jazzy Xavianangel Dab_Marino Dragonwolf
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